A Cute Gooey Cheerleader

some people deserve everything you have
cumgirl tf earfucking cumbrain

“You’ve been so relentlessly good to me ever since the moment you graced my life, my wonderful cheerleader.” I whisper into your ear, my hands curling around your chest as I embrace you from behind.

“A-ah! Anna?!” It’s a shock, but you’re clever. It doesn’t take it long to figure it out. “Oh… I’m in one of your tales, aren’t I?” The blush comes on fast. You both know exactly what that entails. “But… Why? All I’ve done is say my honest feelings about your work. It’s you who’s been giving me all the stuff I’ve been loving reading.”

“You can’t even begin to imagine how much I appreciate every last word of your praise, how much it means to me, and how much it’s already changed my life.” My beak is on your shoulder, its squeaky texture nuzzling at your skin as I sing my praises, “You’re the best cheerleader a bird could hope for, and thus, I felt it only right to give you something in return.”

“What do you…” You pause, “N-no, don’t spoil it. I trust you, Anna, and I can’t wait.”

You can hear her grinning. “Good, neither can I.”

My breath is warm on your ear, and without another word, I lap my tongue against it. It’s cold enough to send a shiver down your spine, but its a temperature that’s easy to get comfortable with. You can’t help but gasp. My intrinsically gooey nature reveals itself to you here, my solid squeaky exterior merely a facade to prevent the fun from starting too soon.

The intimacy of my dripping tongue twisting its way around your earlobe is sensuous enough, but the tingling you feel as my gooey saliva soaks into your skin reveals that this is far more than mere foreplay. It’s the telltale sign of something changing, something warping, and as the pointed tip of my tentacle-like tongue worms its way into your ear canal, you begin to understand what.

You stretch beyond the bounds of biology. The narrow channel has become a tight cavity, one my tongue is expertly stretching out with its ever increasing girth. Your eardrum would’ve blocked it at some point, but you highly doubt your altered biology had need for one of those any more. The corrupting influence of my saliva left little resistance in your abating flesh. The rules of nature had no power against my desires, and crumbled against my will like wet tissue paper.

The chorous of moans I had been eliciting you made me hold you ever tighter, wrapping my arms tight around you as I slowly, teasingly, retreated my slender tongue out from your still-dripping ear.

“Nnngh… A-Anna?” You whisper.

“Shhh… This was just the warmup…” I relucantly release you from my embrace, turn you around, and place my claws on your chin. With the gentlest of guidance, I lower your face down to my spread legs. I grin as I see your reaction to my soft plump girlcock, already dripping with pre. “Mmm… You’re salivating already? That’s cute, but that’s not the hole I was hoping for…”

You’re dazed, but it clicks, and your blush gets turned up another notch. “O-oh!…” You tilt your head.

I need no words of encouragement, and with one hand placed on your neck, I push you down against my cocktip. It’s still not hard, and it’s still plumper than it has any right to be, but the amount its lubricated by both her precum and the goop already in your ear, it quickly finds purchase against its entrance. Now I’m the one starting to gasp. Not to say that you’re not doing plenty of that, too.

“Nnnh… M-more…” You whisper, panting. I need no encouragement. I push your head further down, and my length slides its way deeper into your head.

The thought of how my squishy length was almost the size of your head lingered just long enough to realise what the consequences of that would be, and then all of a sudden, ‘thought’ became a misnomer. You let out a soft whine as my girldick begins to scramble your brain, in a way only my reality-bending wiles could admit. A soft gasp lulls from your drooling maw as your cognitive world turned to mush.

“Mmm… So delightfully tight… Not that I’m surprised how fuckable your mind is, of course!” I giggled, stifling my gasps.

You’re hilted to the base of my cock, and I sigh in satisfaction. I hold onto your hair and grip it tight as I bob your head up and down, my moans growing ever louder as I use your brain as my own personal fleshlight. “Nngh… Getting close, now…” I tease.

Your thoughts are as much a soup as the formless mass your corrupted brain has become. The concept of thinking seems so far-fetched to you in this blissful state, and were you even capable of registering the biological impossibility of what you were going through right now, you wouldn’t have cared in the slighest.

My soft gasps build up to an elongated moan, until finally, with one last push, I cum, and a whole new level of sensation erupts both into and out of your head. Thick white globules of cum droop from every available hole, an entire rope of it spurting out from your other ear as it dribbles from your mouth and nostrils, with even a little making its way from your tearducts.

The swirly soup your mind was before was nothing like the cumbrain you had now. My load had replaced your higher faculties, overwhelmed your brain, and sent you into a state of pure lustful ecstasy. In that moment, it felt like my cum was your entire existence.

But it wasn’t. Yet.

With a prolonged squelch, I pull your head off of my cock, and smile at the sight of your cum-dazed expression, at least what little of it I could see with all the white it was under. I pulled you up to me, your body offering no resistance, mind vacant as I laid us side-by-side. Were you still capable of deduction, you might have realised that the amount of cum that was now constantly dripping from your head’s holes had already surpassed the size of the load that had stuffed it, but a cumbrain like you had more pressing issues to ‘think’ about. Like how utterly blissful every figment of your experience felt.

“Oh, delightful! Looks like your body is quickly figuring out what to do with all that mass, I see.” I brush my hand against your chest, and as I slide the waterfall of cum aside, no sign of there being anything resembling skin lies beneath. I tentatively push a claw into your chest, and it sinks its way right in. “Mmm… You’ll be finished in no time with a little help!”

I assist the process along by spreading out the cum wherever gravity doesn’t already bring it, making sure that a thick coating of spoo encases any and all signs of skin. The more I work, the more cum seems to form, its endless downpour not just coming from your head, but from everywhere the goo has taken purchase. I grab dollops of the liquid and spread them down your thighs, working it into the flesh of your legs. Even from your pose alone I can tell your body’s viscosity is changing. For one, you have a viscosity now. Not a term commonly associated with organic creatures, but definitely one befitting of your becoming form.

A few minutes later, and it’s done. Your mouth is no longer a torrential downpour of cum, but it hasn’t exactly stopped dribbling fresh spoo down your gooey chin either. You’d think the experience would be messier, but the cum’s ability to self-generate doesn’t seem to want to outpace its requirements. Your side of the bed is one giant cum-stain, but it’s not spilling out of control.

I grab your chin, and sit you upright next to me. “Oh, my wonderful cumgirl, you’ve turned out amazing.” I wrap my hands around your head, fingers squelching as they sink into your white goo, and kiss you on the forehead. The moment of intimacy has a double-effect, as a tiny zap of electricity worms its way into your brain, and quickly unscrambles things. You’re not exactly back to full capacity, but at least now you only have to worry about a permanent cumbrain.

“A-ah!” You gasp. “I… Oh my gosh… Anna…” You can’t help but run your arms down your body, feeling the bizarre sensations of your cumgirl form, and delighting in those alien feelings. “I don’t know what to say, I’m—”

“Shh.” I place my finger on your lips, “You don’t have to say anything. Just… Enjoy yourself. Enjoy me. Enjoy this. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.” I kiss your forehead again, “Thank you for being such a shining light in my life, my wonderful cheerleader.”

It turns out you can still blush as a cumgirl.