A Realised Anubis

a nefarious gift leads to a happily converted customer. good end!
TF identity-play mind control

“Gosh, what a lovely day for a walk!”

Alexis put on a shirt and some trousers, grabbed her purse, and prepared to head out into the sunny world. She sighed happily as she opened her front door, so content with the thought of spending a while walking around the sunny neighbourhood that she almost tripped right over the large package on her doorstep.

“Huh? What’s this? I don’t remember ordering anything,” Leaning down to get a better look, the jackal couldn’t find any distinguishing marks on the cardboard box besides the label with her address and name on it, and a mysterious scribble saying ‘Enjoy -R’. Nothing else hinting at what it might contain, or who it was from. “Hmm… is this a gift?”

Shrugging, she decided to momentarily abandon her plans for a walk and head back inside with the package, only it turned out to be far too heavy to simply carry. Alexis strained with the weight of whatever was inside the box, but eventually resorted to dragging it inside.

“Huff, wow, what’s in this?” Grabbing a pair of scissors from her kitchen, she decided to find out. The sheer amount of tape keeping the box sealed was hard to get through, but a few minutes later, she finally managed to open it.

Inside, resting atop a sea of packing peanuts, was a very familiar helmet. With sharp contours across its blackened metal surface, and gold etchings highlighting the jackal-like design, Alexis could instantly tell that it was the helmet of her favourite Pharah skin in Overwatch.

“Whoa!” Huffing, she lifted it up into her hands to get a better look at it. The helmet was a perfect recreation of the Anubis armour design, and being a jackal herself, Alexis could easily identify the animalistic form it possessed, “Who do I know could afford something like this? I’m not even sure!”

She told herself that she would go on her walk after seeing what was in the package, but with the helmet in her hands, the choice was a little harder. With barely a moment’s thought, she said “Fuck it,” and put it on.

In an instant, the helmet came to life. The ‘jaw’ snapped down to strap itself firmly onto her head, and once in place, refused to budge. She tried to yell out, but a powerful jolt shot through her body, and made any movement nigh on impossible. The helmet paralysed her, and she was stuck sitting on the floor, entirely unable to move.

All Alexis could do was wait, but the longer she waited, the more she swore she could hear something nipping at the back of her mind. Whispers rushed into her ears, so quiet and jumbled that she couldn’t tell what they were saying, but she knew that they were affecting her. With the helmet’s snout-shaped visor covering her eyes, the only sensory input she could experience was the trickle of whispers that slowly but surely grew into a cacophony of voices. So many whispers, so many thoughts, and her conscious mind couldn’t perceive any of them. Was she seeing things now, too? Fuzz was filling the corners of her vision, but any time she tried to get a closer look, it disappeared, as if it was trying to hide from her.

The jackal’s head felt so heavy, and so slow. She felt like her brain was a bowling ball floating through a sea of molasses, and even the slightest thought felt like climbing a mountain. She… She couldn’t think, she needed to… She needed to…


She needed to obey. Wait, no! Something… Something was trying to control her! She couldn’t let herself be controlled! She needed to do something to escape… She needed to–

Put on the rest of the suit

She needed to put on the rest of the suit, yes, that had to help! Augh, no! She needed to take off the helmet! If only she could just… Resist her paralysis, she could…

With one last desperate struggle, she finally broke free of the paralysing force she was struck by. Without even having to think about it, she did what she had to do to escape: She reached into the sea of packing peanuts, pulled out the suit’s hefty metal breastplate, and secured it onto her chest. “W-wait, no–!”

It was too late to reverse her mistake. The chest-piece came to life much like the helmet, and began to extend itself around Alexis’ torso until it sealed her chest in a thick layer of futuristic metal armour, all black and sleek like the helmet.

Good girl

Another shock ran through her mind, one far less literal than the one before it. The words of whatever spoke into her mind dug deep and hit hard, and without thinking about it, she moaned out loud. It took a good few moments before the aphrodisiac-like properties of her Owner’s praise wore off enough for her to think– “Wait, owner?! I-I don’t have an Owner!”

Obey. Calm.

Sighing, she slumped back and relaxed. She… She had to keep calm, like her Owner said, she just had to stay calm and everything would be fine.

Unbeknownst to Alexis, the combined power of the suit’s chest-piece and helmet were slowly manufacturing some far more profound changes in her body. Her skin was quickly gaining a very different quality, one with far less fur and a natural dark-toned skin colour to replace the blue she had before. Even the structure of her face was changing, her muzzle shrinking down until it gained a shape that would’ve looked very familiar to her if she could see it, especially with this armour on. From her roots, a wave of black rushed down her hair, replacing the blonde she had before and finalising her physical modification into someone far more befitting of the Anubis armour.

Put on the rest of the suit, Pharah.

“Y-yes Owner…” She reached back into the box, and picked out another pair armour pieces. She strapped the hefty shoulder pads into place, barely noticing that her new musculature was strong enough to lift the heavy metal with ease. Once in place, they whirred into action, merging with the breastplate and sending strips of black armour down her fur-less arms until they were fully covered. With those in place, she grabbed the final pieces of the Anubis set, stood up, and attached them to her thighs. A few moments later, the suit was fully deployed, and she was the spitting image of Pharah in that oh-so-familiar Anubis set.

You are Pharah. You are my bodyguard. You obey me.

Pharah said nothing as her Owner’s orders seeped into her mind. The slow but powerful hypnosis seeping into her subconscious over the past hour was enough to make the complete replacement of her identity a breeze. Something nagged at the back of Pharah’s mind, something telling her to fight Owner’s control, but why should she? Obeying felt so delightful, and filled her body with all sorts of tingly feelings. She had always been Pharah, her Owner’s obedient bodyguard, so why should she fight it now?

Come find me.

Pharah stepped out through the open door of the unfamiliar house. Again, something burned at the back of her mind, but the whispers from her helmet did a good job of easing it. As if second nature, she activated the jet boosters on her suit, locked in her Owner as the target of her protection, and deployed.

Good girl… When scanning my surroundings for someone who might be willing enough to serve me, I never thought I might find a design as unique as the one buried inside your head… I knew I had to bring it to life and make it serve me… I can’t wait to make your acquaintance, Pharah.