A Strange Flower

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Hi Liri! Bought you these because they made me think of you! Just plant them and watch them grow!

An unusual thing to receive in the mail from a friend you hadn’t talked to in decades, sure, but Liri didn’t mind it too much. A gift’s a gift, so what’s the point in wasting it? She emptied out the letter onto the table and sifted through the contents. A small instruction manual that said little more than “plant these, water them, and wait” and a packet of seeds.

“Eh, why not?” She got up and went to her balcony, filling an empty flower pot with soil and plopping a few seeds in. Once she had it lightly watered, she thought nothing else of it for the rest of the day and went about her business.

The next day she was on her balcony maintaining her other plants, and to her surprise the seeds had already grown into a plant that looked much more grown than it had any right to be. Somehow, there was already a small flower bud growing out of the tip of the plant, with leaves growing around the stem.

“Huh… That’s unusual.”

Liri once again went along her business, spending most of the day away from home while at work and hanging out with friends. Once she got home, she decided to check on the unusual little plant’s progress to discover that it was already starting to bloom in the sunset. She could see the petals of the flower, and their pink and white-spotted colouration. For a plant only a day old, the flower was a remarkable size, almost making it the largest of the ones she had grown in the past. When she leaned in to get a closer look at the blooming flower, it let out a puff of yellow pollen right into her face.

“Blah!” She yelped and reeled back, sneezing from the load of pollen she just inhaled, and needing a moment to regain her composure, “Gah… What a strange little plant…”

Seeing as it had no more excitement to offer for the night, she decided to end her day and go to sleep. Unknown to her, the pollen of the plant had rooted itself deep within her nose and started to seep through its roof and into her brain. Liri’s dreams were unsettled as her subconscious tried to warn her of the changes happening inside her head, but soon her nightmares had been replaced.

In her dream, she was standing in her room. Everything was silent, everything was dark. She saw a light coming from the other room, and went towards it. The light was coming from further away, and she followed it down the corridor and to her balcony. The light was coming from the flower, and the longer she looked at it, the more beautiful it became. Its radiance filled her mind, and in her dream state she was unable to do anything but pick the flower up, hold it in her hands, and lift it into her hair. The moment it touched her head, she was filled with bliss. She let out a moan and dropped to her knees. She couldn’t see it, and she wasn’t sure how she knew what it was, but there was a cock in front of her face. She wanted to suck it. She needed to suck it. Her mouth dropped open, and she made no move to resist as the invisible cock fucked her mouth, filling her with orgasmic pleasure. She was pushed onto her back by the force of the cock stuffing her maw, and without thinking about it she spread her legs. Another invisible cock took advantage of the opportunity, and forced its way into her cunt without hesitation. She couldn’t help but scream from the pleasure of the twin cocks stuffing her, and soon there were more. Her ass was stretched as the tip of another slid its way in, and she squeezed her tits together as yet another fucked her cleavage. She was in unimaginable bliss and being fucked in every way possible, and it was all because of the flower she had put in her hair.

This was the last thought Liri had before she woke. She shot up in her bed, and found that even more embarrassing than having some bizarre sex dream, she had definitely wet her bed with liquids that were very much not urine.

She didn’t check the flower today. She just had breakfast, had a shower, got dressed, and left for the day. She was hoping this would help her avoid distractions, but as the day went by she couldn’t help but think about the dream she had, how hot it made her feel, and about that flower. She was absent throughout the day, and her friends helped make note of that, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about the flower.

Eventually, she got home. The balcony was almost calling for her. She had to see it, she didn’t even care any more. As she got to the balcony, she stopped. The flower looked exactly how it looked in her dream, but without the dreamlike glow. As she looked at it, memories of getting passionately fucked filled her mind, and without thinking about she moaned. That was enough to get her blushing heavily and practically running away.

She couldn’t sleep. She wasn’t even sure why she couldn’t sleep. Why did she have to see the flower again? It couldn’t possibly do anything. There was no way it could give her the unimaginable pleasure she was craving.

All I have to do,” thought Liri, “is to stop thinking about this dumb flower.

As with every other time you try your hardest not to think about something, it worked perfectly. She got up, and went to her balcony.

The flower was glowing. Not as brightly in her dream, but once again it was glowing. It seemed to be an effect of the moonlight, but still, it was definitely producing its own light. Liri gulped as she approached the flower. She knew what she had to do, even though it made no sense, she had to take the flower.

She reached her hand out to take it, shaking with apprehension as she discovered that the flower had almost no connection to the plant it was connected to. In fact, as she lifted the flower she discovered that the plant had almost entirely wilted away. It was as if the plant was simply a vessel for creating the flower, for this exact purpose. She had no choice, she had to do it. Liri lifted the flower over her head and placed it onto her hair.

The moment it made contact, tendrils sprouted from the base of the flower and took root into her hair. In a panic, she attempted to take it off, but quickly discovered that any attempt to remove it gave her intense pain, as if she was trying to remove her own scalp. Within seconds, it had become more a part of her than even her hair was. She could feel the tendrils entering her ears and painlessly drilling through her scalp, melting their way through her skull and embedding themselves into her brain from all angles.

Voices filled her head, loud and inescapable voices that drowned out any thoughts she could have. She clutched her head in pain and fell to the floor, silently screaming in agony. She just wanted it to stop, and with that single thought, everything did.

Her ears were ringing as she looked around. It felt like everything was back to normal, but when she brought her hands up to her head she could still feel the flower there, and more bizarrely, she could feel herself touching it. She got up and went over to the nearest mirror to examine the flower. It had positioned herself as if it were a simple decorative flower, near the front and off to the right, as if it were merely a parting. Again, she touched it, and again, she could feel the petals of the flower as if they were part of her body. None of its tendrils were immediately visible, but if she pulled back on various areas of her hair, she could see a network of green lines that had now made themselves a part of her skin, like blood vessels. The tendrils entering her ears were almost invisible unless you were looking for them, as they had made themselves the same colour as her skin. After all this examination, she had to ask herself a question that scared her:

“Why am I not freaking out about this?” No matter how hard Liri tried, she could make no attempt to be even mildly disturbed at this. It all felt normal to her, as if she always had it, even though its integration into her brain was making her scream in agony only 5 minutes earlier.

Psst, are you okay?

Even though a voice had suddenly appeared in her head, Liri still wasn’t freaking out about any of this, “I… I suppose I’m fine. I have a few questions, though. Am I allowed to ask what happened to me?”

Of course! That is, after all, why I’m here! By now you understand that I am in no way an ordinary flower, or even a flower at all for that matter! I guess from your perspective, I’m an alien, but don’t worry, I’m not one of the bad ones!

“An alien. Okay, that makes sense, you’re a lot different to all the other flowers I’ve seen before! So, what are you really?”

Humanity has no name for my species, but it’s one of the popular ones that have spread all throughout the galaxy, so don’t you worry! In the end we’re just very good at acting like we belong, and integrating into whatever ecosystem we need to!

Liri was now sitting down on her couch, feeling surprisingly relaxed after her ordeal, “So, what now?”

Now, you’re going to propagate my species by sending my ‘seeds’ to everyone you know! After your usefulness as a human host is expended, your consciousness will merge into mine as I take over your body and replace you in society! Nobody will notice, of course, we’ll just become an excellent vessel for use in spreading my kind!

“Hmm, I guess that all makes sense. Okay, let’s do it!” Liri was no longer capable of reasoning the alien’s desires as anything but good. To her, everything the alien had just told her sounded as normal as having a picnic.

Good girl! Here’s your reward!

Liri let out a moan as she instantly cummed, her panties getting wet as she almost passed out from the immediate afterglow.

“Mmf! T-thank you. Uh, what should I call you?”

Mistress is fine, but it doesn’t really matter as soon you won’t really exist!

“Thank you, Mistress. Can I ask, why don’t you just take over my mind now, and simply use my memories to infect my friends? I mean, the propagation of your species just seems so much more important than me having free will or being human or anything. I’m fine with sacrificing myself for you, Mistress!”

Oh! I’m not sure why I never thought about that before! Thank you for the suggestion, Liri, I hope you enjoy your extra-big reward!

Liri moaned just from the excitement alone, having no idea what kind of pleasure her owner would give her now. She quickly got the hint as her mouth started to water, and she opened wide for the imaginary cock that was about to fill it. She closed her eyes in bliss as the cock filled her mouth, the sensation of its taste filling her with pleasure as she sucked away. An impulse to unbutton her shirt and take off her bra filled her mind, and she quickly followed both. She leaned back on her couch and moaned as she experienced the sensation of the cock between her tits, along with the one in her mouth. Her reward.

Liri felt a unique kind of pleasure as she felt her consciousness pushed to the side; That of serving her Mistress. She realised she would be feeling this pleasure a lot, now, as soon she would simply be a part of her Mistress! The idea excited her, and soon she had lost control over her body. She was now in second place, and soon, would be completely absorbed into her infectious parasite.