A Twitter Story Anthology

god these are so old. hopefully enjoyable, though!
TF mind control bimbofication

Latex Panda

Latex self-transformation, MTF, reader insert.

Written for Myuphrid and based off of P01D's artwork.

Original tweet on 17th November 2015.


Oh. That was quick. Usually you’d be a little freaked out by a package arriving within seconds of ordering it, but being around Anna a lot, you’ve kinda gotten used to it by this point.

You get up from your computer and open your door, revealing an unmarked cardboard package waiting for you. Assuming it’s actually what you think it is and not something completely unrelated, you grab it and rush back indoors.

“From Anna!” Yup, a little piece of paper inside reveals that it is indeed one of Anna’s odd little reality-warping tricks. Cozied up within a layer of thick bubble-wrap are the two spray-cans you were expecting, one marked black and one marked white. The paper has a few instructions, “White first, then black! Mixing it up gets kinda icky and gooey! Try to ignore the tingles!”

You pull the white can from the packaging and shake it up before giving it an experimental spray onto the note you were holding. As you expected, a brilliant white latex coating instantly forms on it. You should probably get naked for this, as you imagine your clothing won’t survive all that well.

After taking off all your clothes and making sure you are indeed alone, you stand in the middle of your room and take a deep breath before spraying the white can’s contents onto your arm.

You instantly feel the tingling she mentioned, the sensation of your arm rubberising making itself very obvious. It doesn’t take much work to completely coat your arm up to the shoulder, and it seemed even easier the further you went, as if the latex was spreading itself across your body at the same time, which wouldn’t be surprising considering Anna. Pausing for a second to switch hands your suspicions are confirmed as the glossy cool whiteness flows up your neck and over your head, more flowing down your legs and soon leaving you fully coated. Strangely, besides the latexification you haven’t noticed a single change, you simply look like a shiny pure-white version of your usual self. You suspect the black coating will fix that.

You put down the white can and pick up the black one, giving it another shake before applying it over your latex arm. Instantly, you feel it remoulding your hands and fingers to be slimmer, the slimness spreading up your arm as you continue to apply it. As it gets to your chest you feel a tingling far stronger and more pleasurable than any before it as you begin to grow a pair of shiny latex breasts, the pleasure continuing until they’re large and rounded.

Taking a moment to recover from the only slightly expected onslaught of pleasure, you immediately go back to applying your second coating, switching the spray-can in your hands again as you go onto coating and changing your other arm, the same effects applying themselves and leaving you symmetrical again. Even for parts of your body you know aren’t going to be black once youre finished, you continue to spray onto. Your waist slims as you spray onto it, the blackness fading to a transparent form-changing coating.

You have a good picture of where this is all going to go now, so you pull back from changing your lower half just for now and bring the can back up to your neck. You want to save that particular bit for later.

The whole being-made-out-of-rubber leaves your cock permanently soft, but its not hard to guess how you feel about this whole situation. You give your new breasts a squeeze as you run the spray up your neck, your moans becoming significantly higher pitched as the black latex moulds away your Adam's apple before making itself transparent. You grin as you coat your face, all your facial features becoming a lot cuter and flattening out a little into that of a female panda. You’re gonna have to check a mirror after this.

You finish coating your head, the latex forming a fitting black hairstyle and your ears shrinking and becoming a lot rounder before you finally bring your attention back to your groin. It feels strange looking down at your body and the distinct divide between your new panda self and your old body’s shape, but luckily it won’t take you long to fix that.

You let out a girly moan as you coat your crotch, your cock flattening out before reforming into a squeaky latex cunt. God, that feels good, you kinda want to take a break to finger yourself but you decide to finish your body first.

Your hips squeak as they expand out, completing your hourglass figure and, you suspect, leaving it pretty hard for you to walk in a manner that didn’t look seductive. At this part of your body the black latex is free to spread all by itself, helping coat your legs and reform them to be a lot curvier. It doesn’t take long before its made its way down to your toes, and before you know it your body is entirely reformed into that of a latex female panda.

You put the empty spray-can back in its packaging before stepping back and admiring your body, running your hands up your sides and up to your tits, giving them both a squeeze and rolling your head back a bit as you moan. You don’t even bother finding a mirror, sitting on your bed and lying back as you bring one of your hands down to your nether lips, unable to wait as you dig a pair of fingers into your needy rubber cunt, squeaking and moaning loudly.

You’ll have to thank Anna for this later, but first, you'll need to be doing a bit more “exploring” of your new body.


Bimbo transformation and cock addiction.

Original tweet on 14th December 2015.

“Come on… Just one more hour…”

Her ex made her a slut. She couldn’t remember who she used to be, and neither could anyone else. The curse had stolen her old life from her, everything she used to be, and had edited the world accordingly. Everyone thought she had always been Jessica the slutty accountant, a big-titted girl that always needed a fuck. Was she a guy before? She didn’t even know.

There was one and only one way to turn back, to undo what the curse had done; Spend 24 hours without a single drop of cum touching her body. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not quite that simple when you have an insatiable lust for cock, and an unending urge to be cummed into. Gah, fuck, she was already gushing, her cunt dripping with need. Trying to stop her urges had been torture, and time just seemed to tick slower and slower. Was that the second hand? Surely that had to be the minute hand. Tick tick tick.

Fuck, she needed it. She needed it so bad. She needed to be fucked, to be used, oh god she needed it so badly. Her fingers moved down her belly, sliding into her soaked panties and digging into her desperate folds. She cummed instantly, her mind melting under the built-up orgasm. Her phone rang.

“Oh no…”

The one thing she couldn’t control was her voice. She had an influence over it, but she was totally incapable of declining a fuck, even if she had the willpower at the time to otherwise do so. She picked up the phone, barely registering who the callee was. Probably one of the countless people she got knocked up by in some bar somewhere. She always made sure to keep in touch, even though it was pretty detrimental for the whole ‘getting rid of the curse’ thing, she needed cock so badly.

“Hey babe, wanna fuck?”

She panted with need, unable to stop herself, “Omigosh, like, totally!”

“Great, coming up.”

Fuck. She was so close that time.

Gummed up

Cum, mouth sealing, reader insert.

Original tweet on 9th May 2015.

Ugh, again? Seriously? Every time, she promises she won't cum in your mouth, and every time you believe her. You should really stop offering to suck her off, but… Well, she can be pretty captivating. You’ve already figured out that trying to spit it all out makes a lot more mess than is worth dealing with, and it's not like her cum isn’t tasty, so you’ve gotten used to swallowing.

This load is weird, though. It's somehow… Stickier, than usual. As her cum pumps around your maw and mixes with your saliva it seems to thicken. Oh good, at least she’s finally pulling her cock out of your well-used mouth. Hmm… At this point you’d swallow, but it’s like having a mouth full of syrup. You just can’t seem to swallow the stuff, no matter how hard you try, and its viscosity makes spitting it out impossible. Jeez, it’s completely gummed up your mouth, you can barely move your jaw.

It’s hard to complain, though; despite its very obviously cummy flavour, it’s extremely sweet. Your salivation only adds to the ever thickening sap, seemingly having the opposite effect of what dilution should. You look up at Anna, who, as she often does, smirks as she looks down at your confused self.

It's so thick, you can no longer even slightly move your jaw, and it… Seems to have glued your lips shut? Hmm… You bring a hand up to investigate, only to feel the rapidly fading outline of your mouth’s entrance.


Latex Mistress

Mind control and forced latex transformation, reader insert.

Original tweet on 3rd November 2015.

Oh god, what happened to me?! I can’t talk! I can’t breathe!

You hear a giggle from within your mind, and a voice following it, “Hehee, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!~”

Ah!! What is that voice??

“Silly, it’s me! The Latex taking over your body! Don’t you remember?”

Oh god… Yes, you remember. Some strange black puddle, you were trying to avoid it but as you stepped around it something tripped you, and you fell face-first into it. Is that the latex it’s talking about?

“Yup, that’s me!~ And don’t worry, I’ll make you feel aaaall better~”

You feel something in your mind being altered, and all of a sudden you don’t mind not breathing. And wow does it feel weird… You feel like you should be suffocating, but nothing of the sort is happening, and what’s weirder, you now realise you no longer have a heart beat.

“Hehee, that’s right!~ Only silly organics need some dumb liquid circulating throughout their body! But don’t worry, I fixed that all up for you~”

Fixed?! Wait… Organics? Are you… No longer organic?

“Yup! You're just like me now, a fun happy liquid latex free to do whatever you want! Or rather, whatever I want!” You felt another giggle.

You wonder what she’s talking about, but before you can get far something in your brain is overwritten, and you no longer know what you were thinking about. Hm… What were you thinking about?

“I'll help you out! Hehee, what’s your name, dear?”

You think… Your memories feel a little strange, but it's not long until you find the answer. Your name is Slave.

“That’s right! And who do you obey?”

You obey Mistress. You live to serve her, and anything besides her is meaningless to you. All you care about is obeying Mistress.

“There we go! That wasn’t so hard, was it?~ Now, stand up for me~”

You rise from the puddle, forming a shiny black feminine body from the previously-formless latex goop, massive tits bouncing on your chest as they form. This is right. This is the correct form for you.

“Good girl! Now, you know what we need to do now, don’t you?”

Memories are unlocked in your mind, not much, but just enough to find the locations and identities of everyone you must save from organicness. Everyone you used to know. You obey your Mistress. You are a good slave.

Synthetic Enthusiast

Sex doll transformation.

Written to tease a friend after reading the previous story at work.

Original tweet on 3rd November 2015.

Christ, why did she read that story… She was rock hard, and desperate to hide her erection under her desk. God, her meeting was just minutes away, how could she have let herself do this…

There was no way it was going to go down any time soon without an intervention. Maybe she had just enough time to paw one out before the meeting…? She had to try.

She looked around nervously, making sure nobody was watching before she lowered her hand under her skirt, almost instantly moaning before covering her mouth. God, was she blushing as much as she thought she was? She really hoped not, but at the same time it looked like there was still nobody looking her way. She was lucky.

She pressed forward, wrapping her hand around her unbelievably sensitive shaft. Nnf, why did that story get her so hot? She thought about it for a few moments, slowly rubbing her cock as she thought about being a creature of pure rubber, designed to obey a Mistress embedded within her mind. God, it turned her on so much, she was already spurting pre against the inner wall of her desk. She didnt even care at this point, full-on masturbating to her thoughts and moaning profusely. Somehow, she was still unseen as she brought herself closer and closer to cumming, her balls swelling in anticipation before…

Nothing. The pleasure suddenly ended. She looked down at her cock, only to find a black rubber patch rapidly spreading over her thighs and belly. She yelped out loud, almost falling back in her chair as latex converted her body. Somehow, her fantasies suddenly became very real, and had already taken over her legs and torso. She didn’t know what to think, on the one hand she needed to find a way to stop this, but on the other this is everything she ever wanted. As the latex spread up her neck and down her arms, the latex on her body took on a familiar green colouration, and even more familiar shape. She was becoming her oh so familiar persona, and she was doing so right in front of her colleagues.

But even stranger than suddenly becoming her online persona, she found that any part of her turned into rubber could no longer move. Oh no. Oh god, and it was well on its way up her neck, too. What was going to happen to her?? W-was she turning into an inanimate… fuck… toy…

Her mind went blank as the last of her body was converted. Sex-designed holes formed for her mouth, crotch, and ass. A faint whisper of consciousness persisted in the new fucktoy’s body, but she no longer had any control.

Her collegues finally looked over. “Haha, finally, I was wondering when that’d work. Good thing that slut finally has a good use. Wanna use her in the meeting?”

“Hell yeah, dude.”

Sleep Fuck

Unconscious sex, body control, reader insert.

Written to tease a friend who wanted to be used while they were asleep.

Original tweet on 20th December 2015.

Anna walks into the sleeping kitsune’s bedroom, making sure to be as quiet as possible as she lowers herself over you. She speaks under her breath as to not wake you, “Gosh, you're such a slut… Mmm, you’ll be fun…”

She moves faster as she notices you waking, pulling a metal collar out of her pocket and latching it shut around your neck. Your movements instantly stop, the collar keeping you in a state of deep sleep no matter what she does from now on.

“Mmm…” She lowers her naked body onto you, gasping as her tits rub with yours, “Ah, I could just play with you like this… But first, we need something!”

She walks out of your room, a lot less stealthy with you fast asleep as she returns with two cameras and a pair of tripods, quickly setting them up in optimal angles around you and setting them to record.

“Now, let’s have some fun with you…” She lowers herself back onto you, wasting no time as she begins to frot her already-erect cock against your belly, coating it in her pre. She moans softly, making sure to tilt her body in a way that gives the cameras the best view of her ass, “Mmmh, I could just fuck you like this… But we need to get you in a few poses first,”

She pulls a remote out of her pocket, pressing a button that causes the display on your collar to light up with a few measurements of body vitals and other similar data along with the words “MODE: LIMP”

Giggling, she plays with the remote, pressing a few buttons until suddenly your body moves all on its own, turning around and sitting on all fours with your ass facing Anna and her cameras.

“Heh, this’ll do,” She gives your ass a slap, grinning as it jiggles for a few moments. Pressing a few more buttons, your arms reach over behind you and spread your cunt wide open invitingly, giving the cameras full view.

“Oh, need it that badly? Heee~” She rubs her cock for a few seconds before moving forwards, her cock-tip pressing into your folds before suddenly plunging deep into your cunt, her length stretching you out and her swollen knot pounding at your entrance. She pulls back before slamming back down, repeating the process again and again and fucking your cunt raw before cumming hard, screaming in pleasure and gripping your ass tight as she fills your womb with her seed. She leans back and pants, pulling out of you.

“Haaah~ That was a good fuck,” She turns to face the cameras, giving a cute smile and blowing a kiss to each of them, “Hope you enjoyed, everyone!~ Just one last trick~” Pressing a button, you suddenly turn around, still on all fours with cum dripping out of your cunt as you lower your plump cocksucking lips over her cum-covered cock, licking and slurping it clean.

“Good girl. I’ll be sure to give you a copy of the tape when you wake up~”