...yeah you can tell this was my first ever commission, can't you

May looked down at her list of clients for the day, biting her lip as she eyed the various measurements of the female clients she catered to.

Ooh, yes, now she will do…

She circled the entry marked “Ane” before putting away her journal. Judging from the proportions that were written down in the client’s information, she could tell she was about to have some fun with her new pet-for-the-day. She picked up her office phone and dialed her secretary, “Jessica, please bring in client number 310.”

Now, what was she going to wear? Hmm… She idly browsed through her extensive wardrobe of various kinky outfits ranging from lace-y pantyhose to full-body skin-tight latex suits, before settling on her choice. She grinned.

She went upstairs to set up in her favourite room while she waited for the client to arrive. It was the largest room of the establishment, and various pieces of bondage gear were littered all around, including a massive faux-gold sarcophagus. It took her half an hour to set things as she wanted, drawing the curtains over the lewd equipment but leaving them backlit for a lovely shadowing of her tools on the curtains, just to tease anyone that might see them. She cleaned up the mess left from the previous client on her huge bed, sorting out bedsheets and placing down the heart-shaped pillows to their proper positions, along with removing the various hand-cuffs from the metal railings that were used. Once she was about ready, her secretary called her to inform that the client had arrived.

“Bring her up, dear.”

It was time for her to get dressed. One by one, she took off every last piece of her clothing and stored them safely in a chest. She laid, now entirely nude, on her silk-sheet bedding, posing attractively for the client that, as if on cue, entered through the large doors of the room.

“Why, hello there, slut. I believe you requested my services as a Dominatrix?”

“Oh my… Hello there, May! Quite the lovely room you have here!” The client stepped forwards, looking around the room as she approached.

“Mmm, that’s Lady May to you, girl. Like what you see?”

“Oh, definitely! You look quite stunning, and so does the room! My name’s Ane, by the way,” Ane was almost up to her, and in response May stood to “greet” her, in the way she usually did to her female clients.

“Your name is not important in this room: Here, you are only known as slut,” May’s head tingled a little as she spoke those last words, “A headache? Annoying,

“Hehe, okay!” Ane followed May’s lead and easily removed her clothing, her outfit far less extravagant than May’s.

“Do you resist me, slut? Gosh, it’ll be fun to break you… I will make you kneel before me and beg to suck my cock…” Her head was tingling a little more, and she wasn’t sure why. It didn’t really feel like a headache, but eh, this is what she was paid for, so she would persevere.

“You’re gonna be such a slut… Nngh… You’re going to need my cock, you’re gonna be my dumb bimbo slut too stupid to do anything but suck…” She felt dizzy, her head spinning. She sat back down on the bed and realised her mouth was watering.

“Hehee, gosh that sounds fun! Tell me more~” Ane’s own girlcock was hardening, her hand resting on it and ready for… Something.

“You… You’re gonna… Turn into a dumb busty bimbo slut forever… And love cock… And suck so many cocks, and… Dumb…” May’s eyes were drooping. Her mind was turning to mush under her own commands. She… Ane was turning her commands against her… She was… She needed… She needed to suck her cock so bad! A powerful wave of tingling washed over the domme’s mind rewiring her to the exact specifications she was trying to give to her ‘client’. Her panic quickly vanished as her thoughts were replaced with how good it felt to suck cock, and how she wanted to suck Ane’s cock so bad. She was drooling, staring at her cock. She needed to suck it.

Ane giggled, her spell complete, “Now, be a good little bimbo slut and suck my girlcock!~”

May barely needed encouragement. She threw herself onto it, her lips around her shaft and sucking with such desperate lust. She needed to taste her cum so bad, she was already addicted to it without a single drop touching her mouth. She felt Ane’s hands on her head, gently pushing her along as she sucked with an eager need. She was already too dumb to realise that Ane was also draining the IQ from her head and permanently leaving her a true bimbo: Not knowing anything but the amazingness of cock.

It only took a minute for the eager sucking and the plump lips of her new pet to take her over the edge, Ane letting out a cute moan as she cummed down the bimbo’s throat, “Ahh~ Good girl!” She tugged her head off of her girlcock as the last few sputs of cum shot out, leaving her with a nice little cum facial, “Now, what’s your name?”

“Like ummm, my name? Oh!” The bimbo sitting before Ane giggled dumbly, her face dripping with cum, “It’s like, totally Slut, Miss!~”