drone birds. doing lewd things.
TF drone null merging

Riley’s shortcut through the abandoned industrial district of town was definitely a risky one, but for him, it was worth the time saved. Nothing had ever gone wrong before, so he never worried. All the wolf had to do was keep his guard up.

As he was walking past a derelict warehouse, he heard a strange noise. It almost sounded like a scream echoing through the building, but it didn’t quite sound like a person. He looked through one of the many holes in the walls, but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary inside.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Riley called out.

There was a few moments of silence, followed by another quieter noise. At this volume it was more obviously a beep, maybe the kind of thing some species of bird would use as a call.

With no way to investigate further, he decided to continue on with his trip, but to his surprise, he turned the corner to find that the double doors on the side of the building were wide open. In all the months Riley took this route, they were always locked shut. This piqued his interest.

A part of Riley was definitely telling him that exploring abandoned and possibly unstable buildings wasn’t the best use of his time or the smartest of ideas, but his curiosity got the better of him. He stepped inside the dark building, illuminated only by the beams of pale sunlight that dappled through the crumbling roof. There was enough light to see, but plenty of darkness to go around.

“Hello?” He called out again.

In response, he received a flurry of beeps. They were coming from overhead, but the source of the noises moved too quickly for him to see.

Huh… It must be some kind of bird, right?” Riley said to himself, a stammer in his voice proving that he was trying to assure himself more than anything else.

The source of the beeping moved directly overhead, and in that moment, his fight or flight response kicked in. He chose flight. Unfortunately, before he even had a chance to turn around, the double doors slammed shut, and by the time he ran up to them he found that they were firmly locked.

Uhh, that was just the wind, right?? Oh god,” He started to panic, running over to one of the larger holes in the wall in an attempt to squeeze out, but there was too much rebar and rubble in the way. The beeping was getting louder and louder, their source creeping up behind him. He didn’t want to turn around, he just wanted to escape, but it was too late.

Riley let out a resounding ‘oof’ as he was knocked forwards into the wall by the force of something wet slamming into his back. His fur was soaked in an instant, the coldness of the gooey material covering his legs and spine leaving him shivering.

He turned around, and what he saw terrified him. It was a creature of all-black latex, with a blank face that looked like it was a gas-mask shaped for an avian. Instead of eyes, it had a pair of rounded glass goggles, through which no emotions could be seen. Riley was in shock, but he could still notice the cold sensation rising up his body.

The rubber bird creature was melting onto him, covering his legs in its gooey mass and sealing them inside. “G-get off me!” He cried out, to no avail. In response, the bird drone resumed its beeping, and somehow he could tell that the beeps were ones of satisfaction.

Its legs were already melted down on top of his own, trapping them inside and giving him the appearance of having the same glossy latex legs that the beeping drone had just a second ago. More and more of its body was wrapping itself over his. His pelvis was the next to fall victim, vanishing inside the drone’s mass and, more worryingly, gaining a rounded bulge where his crotch was.

Conflicting emotions ran through his head as he realised that the drone’s intents might have been less outright sinister than he thought, but those thoughts were pushed out of the way as his torso fell inside the drone’s mass too. His arms were next to be assimilated, and soon enough, he felt the dull tip of its beak pushing against the back of his head.

He knew he should be panicking. He knew he should be screaming out for help, but he couldn’t. Feeling the latex dripping into his ears and changing things around, he knew that it was almost too late for him to resist, but… He felt good. In the full-body embrace of the beeping drone’s mass, he felt good. Almost… Comfortable.

The only thing said to him was “Beep beep beep beep beep!”, but what he heard was “Hello! I’m Spice, I’m enjoying meeting you!”

Something was translating the beeps directly in his mind, and it seemed little more than showing off how much of him was being changed. He could barely feel his body as everything was shifted around, and soon enough, the rubbery surface coating him felt like his very skin. He looked down at the blunted claws that now made up his hands, and the mere sight of them sent an indescribable emotion through his mind.

“Beep!” He said out loud. He didn’t have a snout for it to come out of, so instead it came from some kind of digital voice-box that now sat in his head. He didn’t intend to beep, either, it just sort of slipped out of him.

The voice in his head responded, “Beep beep beep beep beep!” “Oh, you’re already sounding cute! You were super easy to convert!”

“Beep beep beep beep!” It wasn’t exactly sure how it was responding to the voice in its head, but the voice seemed to understand. Less physical parts of him were beginning to change around, his personality falling into flux as it was twisted around.

Beep beep beep beep beep!” “I’m going to leave your body to you, now! I’m excited to meet you!” The voice said.

It wasn’t sure what was meant by those beeps, but it soon became obvious. Its body began to soften, almost as if it was sitting in an oven, and soon it was melting. It poked a dent into its chest and felt just how far down it could push, quickly realising that there wasn’t anything solid left beneath the surface. It wasn’t long before it felt the bizarre sensation of half of its mass being taken over by another consciousness and pulling apart from it, leaving a series of gooey tendrils connecting the two forms as they split apart.

“Beep beep beep!” It cried out as it wobbled on its melty legs.

“Beep beep beep beep beep!” “Don’t worry, you’ll be solid again soon!”

Sure enough, the other drone was right. Once they were fully separated, its body simply congealed back into a solid form in the exact same shape it had before. What’s more, it could see another drone bird that looked just like it standing in front of it, and it jumped up and down excitedly on the spot.

“Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!” It exclaimed, not saying any words in particular.

With the two now separated and their respective senses no longer intertwined, the once-wolf felt the full brunt of its new body’s sensitivity. The null bulge between its legs was somehow even more pleasurable than the cock it once had, and judging from how Spice was beeping at it, the other drone knew it. Without a word of warning, the drone leaped forwards onto it and pushed it to the floor, landing with a bounce before being pinned in place.

The new drone beeped in shock as Spice’s blunt rubber claws wrapped around its bulge. It couldn’t help but throw its head back in pleasure as the other drone began to squeeze, beeping wildly from the intense intimacy of the act.

So paralysed by pleasure, it was barely able to look down at Spice’s actions, but soon it was able to see the bizarre stretching of its bulge, pulled upwards like a thick piece of taffy in the drone’s grip before suddenly snapping back down like a rubber-band in a wave of pleasure.

“Beep beep beep beep beeeeep!” It cried out, its moans becoming ever louder with everything Spice was doing to it.

Beep beep beep…” The original drone shushed its recent convert with a few subdued beeps, “You don’t want to attract too much attention, do you?” It wasn’t long before Spice realised that the new drone was far too inexperienced to follow such an order, especially with the pleasure of their bodies squeaking together. It reached around under it, getting its claws to the small of its back, and pressing a tiny almost-hidden button.

All of a sudden, the bird drone was muted, and the only noises coming from it were the squeaks and creaks of its desperately squirming body.

The new drone now needed an entirely different way of sharing its gratitude with Spice, and with its hands sneaking down to the other’s crotch, it was pretty sure it found one.

Spice beeped out in pleasure as its own null bulge was cupped and squeezed by the same identical rubber claws, and with its stature interrupted for just a moment, the once-wolf took the opportunity to twist the two of them around until Spice was the one on the bottom.

With each other’s bulges so wildly stretched by the other’s hands, a thought rushed through the new drone’s squeaky brain. It brought its other hand down from teasingly caressing Spice’s stretchy beak, and used it to grab hold of its own bulge from Spice. With precise dexterity entirely unbefitting a creature made of latex, it tied the two drones’ stretched-out bulges into a knot.

Spice beeped wildly from the bizarre pleasure of the conjoined experience, entirely ignoring its own warnings about their volume, leaving the other drone bird to press its mute button. Suddenly, the empty hall fell silent but for the squeaky cacophony from the bulge-tied pair.

The two didn’t need beeps to tell each other that they wanted to keep their conjoined psuedo-fuck for more than a little longer. Both of them got the feeling that the sun would be down by the time they were done, but they were sure that they’d find ways to make their time interesting.

Who knows, maybe someone else might end up trespassing on their fun, and they can add a third drone bird to the squeaky mix!

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