Bimbo Skunktoy

oh dear, looks like my client wants to make some changes before taking you home
bimbo TGTF toy latex hypnosis

“Whoa.” The skunk didn’t know who she was, and she definitely wasn’t a regular with that outfit, but the pink bird he saw sitting at the bar was stunning. Unfortunately for him, his appreciation of her appearance was a lot less subtle than he thought, and with his jaw hanging open and his eyes transfixed, the bird winked at him. “Oh god, oh god.”

The bird’s all-black cocktail dress looked fit for a gala, not the dinky old watering hole Nox called his hangout, but something about her made her seem perfect anywhere she stood. Sitting on a bar stool, or, as she now was, walking towards him. “Hello, stranger. I couldn’t help but see you admiring me. Maybe you’d like a closer look?”

As she sat on the other side of the table to Nox, he gulped. Jeez, he was supposed to be some big tough shot, not the kind of loser who sweats with anxiety at the sight of some hottie. “I uh, hey.”

“Aw, not much for words? That’s alright, dear. In fact, I had my hopes to single you out, tonight…” The pink bird leaned over towards Nox with her hands between her legs, her pose only serving to amplify the tits that were already almost spilling out of her dress. This was far too weird, but something about her soothed his fears. Her perfume smelled amazing, and whatever it was, he couldn’t help but get a good whiff of it. “Mmm… Enjoying my lovely aroma? How about you say we abandon this dump, and I bring you home with me?”

No, that wasn’t right, that wasn’t right at all. He shouldn’t just leave with some stranger he just met, he… “Y-yeah, let’s go…”

The bird simply smiled as she got out from behind the table, and the skunk followed close behind. She didn’t even check to see how close behind he was, seemingly having all the faith in the world that he would follow her.

The walk was brisk, and they soon made their way to a higher-class part of the city, one with countless high-rise apartments towering into the sky. Nox quietly followed the bird into the lobby of an apartment block, and joined her in the elevator. He was starting to get worried, and was almost to the point of freaking out over how he just obediently followed behind a complete stranger, but in the confined space of the lift, every breath filled his mind with her intense scent once more. In the minute-long elevator ride, he was back to his peaceful and fearless state.

With an almost business-like attitude, the bird opened up a door, and stepped into what must have been her apartment. It was definitely high-end and expensive, at least judging from the view over the city, but it looked like nobody even lived there, as if it was rented for the occasion.

“Ah, that’s better,” The pink bird unzipped her tight pencil dress, letting it drop to the floor, and leaving her entirely naked but for her bra, “Now, how about some introductions. Hello Nox, I’m Anna, and I’m afraid to tell you that someone close to you has requested my services for you. See, it seems that you’ve attracted some attention, maybe by being cute, maybe by being a pain in the ass, but whatever it is, someone wants to make you their bitch. Of course, I can’t force an unwitting participant into changes that extensive, so please sign the form I have laid out on the table.”

Nox walked over to the table and found the form Anna mentioned. There was too much fine print to read, but skimming through it he found language that talked about relinquishing his bodily autonomy, along with abandoing his status as a person. Amidst the fine text, some large red letters read ‘Upon acceptance of this contract, the signer irrevocably erases their status in society as a person. All public amenities and rights associated with person-hood are henceforth terminated.’

The form was terrifying. Every word felt like a hot iron to his guts, but instead of running as fast as he could, he picked up the pen next to the form, and hovered it over the signature area. “W-what am I doing?! I can’t sign this, I—No, I can’t!”

Anna strolled up behind the paralysed skunk and held her hands on his shoulders, giving them a firm massage, “C’mon, you know you want to. Think of how much fun you’ll be for your new owner! Just breathe in, and out, and I know you’ll make the right choice…”

The smell was saturating his senses once more, and Nox realised something terrifying. It wasn’t perfume, it was her. She was releasing some kind of pheromone, or hypnotic, or something, but whatever it was, he just couldn’t disobey her commands. The pen went down, signed the contract, and in a flash of light, the paper vanished.

“Excellent! It’s always annoying when there’s loose ends to deal with, but that should make sure nobody remembers you as a person. Now, let’s get to the real fun. Join me in the bedroom, dear!” Anna climbed up the fancy open-plan and entirely unsafe stars next to the apartment’s entrance and up to its second floor, knowing that Nox would automatically follow. The two of them entered the bedroom, and Anna pointed to something on the bed.

It was a suit, folded up in a neat pile. Not a business suit, a bodysuit, one made entirely out of pink latex, apart from the few white stripes running down it. Nox walked over to the bed and picked it up, getting a look at how it was made. With a little bit of horror, he realised it was the skunk’s exact proportions, even down to his head.

“I think you know what to do with that, dear~”

The bird was right. He turned it around in his hands and got a look at its back, seeing the pair of deflated latex tubes his two bushy tails were supposed to fit in, along with the long open seam running down its back. He stepped one foot inside, and then the other, sitting down on the bed and wiggling his legs around a little to make sure they were properly in place before sliding his arms inside. With both of them in, he pulled the hood over his face. It was tight enough that if it wasn’t for the seam that ran all the way up to its top, he wouldn’t have been able to squeeze it on. As if on cue, the seam began to seal itself shut.

Nox could do little more than whimper as he looked back at the suit’s only exit merging itself shut. As if pulled by an invisible zipper from both ends, the suit grew tighter as the gap in the back was closed, and before long, all that was left was a blank surface of pink latex, just like everywhere else.

“There we go, wasn’t that easy? Don’t worry, now comes the fun part!”

His fear of what might come next didn’t last long, because it soon made itself abundantly obvious. All over his body, the suit was tightening, its creases and folds vanishing as it seemingly vacuum packed itself onto his body. It wasn’t stopping there, though, and soon it began tightening down into his very skin itself. He had no idea how, but he could feel the latex going further than just skin deep. The stuff was sinking into his very body, replacing his flesh with more of itself until the only thing beneath the surface of the latex was yet more latex. The changes didn’t stop there. Certain features around his body were being let through the surface of the featureless rubber, like his eyes and mouth, but… They were warped. As he looked around, he realised his eyes were practically just painted onto his face, and his mouth… It didn’t move like a mouth. He couldn’t even talk.

More features were pushing their way through. Between his legs he could see his length slipping through the surface tension of his body, but it wasn’t the same cock he so intimately knew. It looked like a dildo. It felt like a dildo. Nox desperately wrapped his paws around the silicone length, but it was useless. He couldn’t feel anything at all, despite how attached to him it was.

“Aw, so desperate,” Anna stopped leaning against the wall, and stepped up to the latex skunk. She ever so gently slid her finger down his dildocock’s rubbery length, and Nox moaned out in the intense sensitivity he realised he now had, “See, this isn’t for you to enjoy. This is for others to enjoy! It’s only logical that you should be incapable of pleasuring yourself, after all, what use is a toy that only needs itself for enjoyment?”

Toy. Toy, toy. The word filled his mind, soaking as deep as the latex, and crowding out his thoughts. Any part of his body the bird touched felt incredible, his latex skin lighting up with unimaginable pleasure from the slightest brush of her fingers, yet when he did it himself, he felt nothing. Was he a toy? That only made sense. He wasn’t a person, that’s for sure, but maybe…

Nox’s train of thought was rudely interrupted by the sensation of a pair of holes drilling their way into existence between his legs. One was round, puffy, and deep, sitting between his pink ass-cheeks and barely hiding beneath his bushy latex tails. The other was a slit, placed just underneath his dildo-cock, and just the sensation of it being made was enough to make him start dripping with need.

“Mmm… Don’t worry, toy, you’ll be in regular use soon enough… But, I can’t just keep you as a default skunkie-toy, as delightful as you look! Some very fun customisations have been requested of you…”

A gasp came out of Nox’s wide-open maw, and as he looked down, he saw something that should’ve terrified him. A pair of tits were swelling out from his chest, ones that wasted no time in blossoming out into silicone orbs that sloshed from side to side with every movement he made. Other changes were running down his already-pink body, ones that widened out his hips and pulled his waist taut, giving him a busty hourglass shape that he couldn’t help but be attracted to. As one last feature, what looked like wavy locks formed from his head, when in truth, it was a solid chunk of latex designed to complete his feminine appearance by giving him an attractive hairstyle.

Anna waved him over to the full-size mirror in the corner of the room, and he obediently headed over to it. Looking at himself for the first time, another gasp dribbled from his rounded maw, and he could see that it was clearly a fuckhole. It was even dripping lube, lube that drooled down his chin and landed on his head-sized tits.

“Gosh, look at you. You’re the perfect slutty toy, don’t you think? Well, actually, that there’s the big problem! You’re still thinking, buried all in that latex, and now that you don’t breathe, there’s nothing to keep you nice and obedient… Hmm, let’s see if there’s still enough of my musk lingering within you for one last thing.” Anna opened up a cupboard and pulled out a visor tinted as pink as his latex body, “Would you like to undergo proper training, toy?”

He tried to fight it, but there was no use. He nodded silently, and the bird slipped the visor onto his head. In an instant his vision was flooded with spirals and flashes, words intermingled with them in ways he couldn’t consciously understand. Hypnotic patterns, fractals, swirls, bubbling pools of pure subconscious embeddery, he couldn’t look away. His eyes couldn’t even physically close any more, and it didn’t take long in his vulnerable state before his conscious mind simply shut off, handing the keys to his mind over to the visor.

Slut blinked a few times as the visor came off of her face. She was scared, almost freaking out, having no idea where she was, or even who she was. She looked down, and a wave of soothing relaxation rushed over here. She was still as hot as ever, thank god, and her lovely latex tits bounced ever so delightfully on her chest. She was still the perfect slutty skunk, as always! Oh hey, her wonderful manufacturer was standing right next to her, too! “Like, omigosh, hiya!” She said through the cutesy-speaking voicebox in her throat, “I was like, totally out of it for, like, ages!”

Anna giggled, “It’s okay, Slut! Don’t you worry, you’re nice and ready to be handed over to your new owner, and just in time too! I’m pretty sure they’re already downstairs!”

“Oh my gosh, like, really?! Ooh ooh, what are they like? Ummm… How big is their cock!” The bimbo toy bounced up and down on the spot.

“Don’t worry, Slut, there’ll be plenty for you to suck! They have friends, too, and you might even recognise them if any of your memories slip through!”

Slut tilted her head, “Like, Miss, you’re super not making sense right now! Omigosh I don’t care, I just like, totally wanna be stuffed with cock!”

“Well, come on, then, let’s go meet your new owner!” Anna headed out of the room, and Slut happily followed behind her.

“Yaaay! I wanna suck cocks like, yesterday!” The bimbo toy giggled.