where it all started. whoof this one's old, still fun though!
bubblegum TF

She looked down at the bubblegum wrapper in her hands, "Transformation Bubblegum?"

The packaging was near-identical to her usual bubblegum, she had only realised it wasn't the same one when she got home and caught the logo out of the corner of her eye.

She thought nothing much of it, hopefully it was still strawberry flavoured. Opening it up and taking a stick out, she noticed it was a more vibrant shade of pink than her regular gum. Going around her apartment doing the basic chores with the bubblegum in her mouth proved relaxing. The strawberry taste even seemed to get stronger over time.

After an hour of cleaning, she thought she deserved a shower. Preparing to jump in, she reached into her mouth to pull out the bubblegum only to notice there was a lot more than she had realised. She only managed to pull out a long thin strand of the bright pink goop, it trailing from her fingers.

She reached further in, only to get her fingers covered with the goo. Understandably shocked, she looked in the mirror to discover the insides of her mouth had been entirely coated with a thick layer of bright bubblegum-pink goop. Her tongue was shiny and smooth along with the rest of her mouth, with only her teeth remaining not-pink.

She tried to yell, only to discover the goo had gummed up her mouth, leaving her unable to speak, with only muffled noises making their way out. She panicked and brought her hand up to her face in an attempt to scrape the stuff out of her mouth, only to find that the goop had already entirely changed it, turning it pink and giving it long slender fingers with manicured nails. It shined in the light, the goo dripping further along her arm and continuing to spread along it.

She immediately went to wash it off, only to have the water gently bounce off of her bubblegum skin. Trying to pull it off with her other hand only made the goo spread to that as well, and even under the tap it wasn't washing away. She watched as it quickly coated her other hand, thinning the fingers out as it did before. The goo on her other arm continued to spread, now increasing its pace.

She stepped back, realising she couldn't stop the shiny bubblegum-pink goo from spreading. She watched her arms slowly reforming to look like those of a supermodel, albeit bright pink. Looking back up at the mirror, she noticed her lips turning the same shade of pink and plumping up generously, although keeping them shut tight seemed to prevent the goo from leaving her mouth.

Once the goo had gotten up to her shoulders, her arms started moving against her will, slowly at first. It didn't feel like there was a layer of something moving her arms, it felt more like her arms themselves were simply willing themselves. Slowly, they pulled up her t-shirt and lifted it over her head, leaving her standing bare-chested in the middle of the bathroom.

She shivered, partially from the panic and partially from the cold. The goo, with no fabric in the way, spread further across her bare torso, no longer feeling cold but tingly instead. Her arms continued to undress her, her trousers getting pulled down and left on the floor for her to step out of.

Now standing in front of the bathroom mirror wearing nothing but panties, her arms let themselves fall back to her own control. She wrapped her arms around her bare flat-chested self, not caring about spreading the goo as it had already entirely engulfed her entire torso. Slowly, the goo spread up her neck, sending shivers down her spine as it flowed into her hair and filled it with its gooey volume.

"It's going to be impossible to get that out," She thought jokingly to herself.

The goo spreaded thickly into her hair, enveloping it entirely, leaving a bubblegum fringe dripping goo onto her face. Her relatively short hair, now looking more like a shiny pink wig, started to slowly grow down her back. Somehow, even though it looked like a giant piece of bubblegum, it still seemed to act like hair would.

As her hair kept growing, it dripped goop down to her feet, the goop quickly pulling itself onto her feet and coating them, giving the same kind of makeover as her hands. A few minutes later the rest of her legs were covered too, leaving the only not-pink part of herself her face.

The hair started dripping onto her face and getting in her eyes. She tried to keep them shut, but as the goo covered her eyelids they were quickly forced to open up, making her gasp as the goo covered her eyeballs. Her vision was for a moment entirely pink, but eventually the colour faded to just a tint as the world went back into focus. Looking in the mirror, she saw that her eyes now looked cartoonishly perfect, with a bubblegum-pink iris surrounded by pure whites.

Once the goo finished with her eyes, it suddenly covered her face from all directions. For a moment, she was unable to breathe, but the goop quickly connected with her already bubblegummed lips and finished changing her noise to its liking, letting air pass through it again.

When she looked back in the mirror, she could see that her face was very obviously different, not only in that it was pink, but also in that it was somehow prettier. Her features were still recognisable, but daintier. Her lips were full and a shade darker than the rest of her, her nose was a bit smaller, and her eyes seemed to shine with how bright they were.

Trying again, she was still unable to make more than a few spluttering sounds, however the attempt seemed to invoke a response from the goo. She seemed to be salivating rapidly, but instead of saliva it was just more bubblegum. Her mouth quickly filled with it, the consistency changing to entirely gum it up. She tried to spit it all out, but her lips sealed themselves shut, temporarily merging together.

"Mmmmph!", She felt the ever increasing amount of goo force her cheeks to expand far greater than they usually could, making her entire mouth look like a giant bubblegum bubble. She brought her hands to her face, feeling her new bubblegum skin's stretchiness, how rubbery it felt and how squishy it was.

Eventually her cheeks started to go back down, all the goo compressing itself down to a smaller solid mass in her mouth. Once her cheeks went back down to their normal size, the mass started slowly moving back and forth within her mouth, it somehow controlling itself.

As the movements sped up, she realised how phallic it felt. It felt like a dildo, fucking her mouth whilst sealed inside it. As it got faster it also got longer and wider, forcing her jaw open wide and pumping at the back of her throat. Strangely, the goo had never gone further down, it seems as if it had been waiting until now. As it pumped, she could feel it rush down her throat along with the dildo.

At this point, she couldn't even stand up from the pleasure she felt. She had never liked oral before, why had it changed now? Falling backwards, she landed on her now-huge bubblegum butt, realising the goo must have inflated it. She didn't have much time to think about it though, as now even her throat was being fucked, the pumping of the dildo visibly moving her head back and forward, her own moans filling her mind.

After what felt like forever, the dildo somehow orgasmed straight down her throat, covering the walls completely and rushing all the way down inside her. The goo just kept going, the dick in her mouth seemingly liquefying down her throat. But even after that, the flow didn't stop. She could feel all the goo inside her, changing her and changing her body, rushing through her insides.

It quickly filled her lungs, suffocating her only until it had changed enough of her physiology as to not even need them. Bit by bit, she felt her insides liquefied and replaced with the durable goo. Now she could just be cut in half and she'd still be able to pull herself back together. Her body was infinitely more flexible, now that she was a being of pure bubblegum.

Slowly, the shock faded. She stood up, her body still dripping from the transformation. The goo helped with the unfamiliarity of being made out of bubblegum, feeding her all the information she needed to pleasure anyone and turn people into bubblegum like herself.

She looked down, seeing her still-flat chest, "Hm, that won't do." Mass suddenly shifted around in her body, excess goop being drawn from her belly and getting pumped straight to her breasts until they were the size of her head, "Much better! Now---"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the knock of the front door. She smirked.

Her flatmate called from outside, "I forgot my keys again! Can you pleeease let me in? I promise I won't forget them next time!"