based on a true story! except the googirl part sadly.
TF first person googirl

author note: this was previously a story exclusive to my Anthology of Lewd Vol 3, but i've decided to make it public! enjoy

“Holy crap this stuff smells good!”

Only now that you’ve squeezed a dollop of your new shampoo onto your hand can you truly appreciate how much it smells of caramel. You weren’t even expecting any smell, much less one this intense. Your mouth is watering, and it takes all your might not to lick the stuff in your hand.

“Okay, yeah, not real caramel, just shampoo, let’s use it properly,” You glide your shampoo-covered hand over your lustrous hair to introduce it, and then use both hands to help make sure it’s covering every inch of your hair. Even now that it’s diluted, the smell is just as strong, and for a second you almost wonder if it was caramel sauce and someone played a prank on you. That fear is alleviated by the fact that it feels pretty much the same as your old shampoo, and seems to be having the same effect.

After the first rinse, your hair’s back to just being wet, but it already feels better than before. Smooth and silky, it’s ready for the next load of shampoo, and you have no reason not to give it. After repeating the process and once again lathering your hair in delicious-smelling shampoo, you realise that you’re feeling some strange tingling feeling in your scalp. It’s not painful, or even annoying, so you just keep going along.

God, your hair feels so good now. You’re wondering if you’ll even need conditioner at this rate. Hmm, maybe… What if you just go ahead and do a third shampooing? You don’t really need it, but it smells so good that it’s hard to see a reason not to. You squeeze out a nice big load of the mouth-watering shampoo onto your hand, and spread it all onto your head.

Something feels different this time. The tingling’s back, stronger this time, and it’s somehow radiating deeper into your scalp. Worrying about allergic reactions, you hurry up and wash it off, only… Nothing’s coming out. You put a lot of shampoo in your hair, and it should all be circling the drain, but it’s like your hair simply absorbed it. You tilt your head forwards, drape your hair in front of your face, and gasp at what you see. The dusty blonde your hair once possessed is entirely gone, replaced by a vibrant brown, and somehow, an entirely different texture. Instead of feeling like individual strands of hair, it acts more as a liquid, yet somehow not runny at all. It’s maintaining its length, as hair would, but it feels like it’s made entirely out of… Caramel.

“Oh no.”

You rush out of the shower, not even taking the time to turn the water off, and look at yourself in the mirror just in time to watch as a wave of that very same caramel texture washes over your face, feminising your features as it goes. Again, it looks and feels like thick liquid caramel, but it’s acting just like everything it’s replacing. Drops of caramel drip from your button nose and land on your belly, joining a bunch more dripping coming off of all your caramel hair, and every one of those drops spread out across your skin. From your neck down, your entire body is quickly turning from flesh and blood into a gooey piece of liquid confectionary, and it smells amazing. Despite your nose, your mouth, your entire head being made out of caramel, the smell and taste has not diminished one bit. Instead of adapting to the constant stimuli and filtering it out, your gooey brain is instead deciding to amplify the sensations further and further, until you’re tasting the most beautifully delicious tastes you could’ve ever imagined.

The experience is overwhelming, and it takes all your power not to pass out in a haze of delicious bliss. Instead, you drop to your knees, and simply wait as your body undergoes its transformation. Looking down at your arms, you can already see that their new caramel consistency is shaped into a petite frame, similar to every other part of your changing body. You reach your hands down to your chest, and moan as they unexpectedly bump into two hefty mounds of caramel. Unable to even think of stopping yourself, you immediately begin groping at your sensitive gooey tits, and without realising, one of your hands is reaching down your toned belly and to the gap between your plump thighs. If you were asked, you could never explain how you knew what was down there, but right now all you cared about was digging your slender fingers deep into your caramel-dripping cunt.

A-aaahn!~” You cry out in your new girlish voice. Your back curls as you bury your fingers in your sensitive new hole, and a scream of pleasure echoes through the bathroom. Every inch of your caramel body feels like it’s ignited with pleasure, and blessed with a sensitivity that your old body could never possess. Your back against the cold tiles below, the humid shower air against your gooey surface, the sloshing of your body, all of it amplifies the sensations of your tits and in your cunt until the only possibility remaining occurs: A shattering orgasm rocks your very soul, and you scream out in pleasure, not caring who hears. You want someone to hear, you want someone to find you lying naked with your fingers buried in your cunt, and you so desperately want them to jump you.

Minutes pass. Your moans quieten to whimpering pants, the puddle of caramel that pooled out while you lost consistency reforms into your body, and the blissed-out fog over your mind returns to normal. It feels like you’ve just awoken from some dream, but looking down and seeing a girl with anime proportions made out of caramel, you realise that you’re going to have to accept that there’ll be a few differences in your life from now on.

“W-well, um, that was… Something…” You grab onto the sink and use it to help pull yourself back up. You’re wobbly on your new slender legs, and judging from how big everything feels, you’re pretty sure you lost almost 2 feet in height. “This is going to take a bit to get used to…”

After shutting off the water, you head back into the shower and reach up on your tiptoes for the bottle of shampoo on the once-convenient ledge. Struggling a bit, you eventually manage to knock it down, and take a closer look at the bottle. A few minutes of reading later, you find a tiny little message hidden at the bottom of the ingredients: “Warning: May cause profound physical alteration if used in excess. Limit use to two loads of shampoo at a time.

“Okay, maybe I should’ve read this earlier.”