a bit of crittery fun
TF diapercritters

The doorbell rang.

Kaz didn’t take his eyes off the TV. His paws rested against a foot stool, his hand was in a bag of crisps, and his tail-maw happily dug through a bucket of popcorn. “Go get it,” He said.

“What? No, you go get it, you lazy butt!” Sigma replied, lifting her head off of his shoulder.

Kaz’s tail-maw poked out from the sea of popcorn it was swimming in and growled in Sigma’s direction. “Now now, Sig, you don’t want to piss off the ol’ skunk tail, do you?”

“Hmph, fine.” Sigma got up off the couch and went to check the door. When she opened it, nobody was there. The dimly lit street was devoid of life, and the only sign that anyone was at her door was the cardboard box at her feet. “Huh, what’s this?”

She carried the box into the living room, “Hey Kaz, got any idea what this might be?”

“I ’unno.” He shrugged, “Didn’t order anything. Did you?”

“I don’t think so.” Grabbing a pair of scissors, Sigma sliced her way through the tape and opened up the cardboard box. “Whoa, what?!” She laughed, “Sure you didn’t order anything, Kaz?”

Flipping the box around, she revealed to him that the only thing inside was a thick-padded diaper sitting in a pile of packing peanuts.

“What?! I’m not into diapers!” He huffed.

“Oh yeah? I dare you to prove it! If you really don’t like them, you shouldn’t have any problem wearing them, right?” Sigma giggled.

“That doesn’t even make sense, but fine!” Kaz got up off the sofa, much to the dismay of his tail-maw, and grabbed the diaper out of the box. He pulled down his skirt, and put the diaper into place between his legs.

Before he had a chance to tape it in place, the diaper came to life. The tapes immediately pulled themselves shut, and the entire thing gained more and more padding to the point where Kaz could barely hold his legs together. A hole opened itself up around the back, the diaper tailoring itself for the skunk’s thick bushy tail and sealing itself around it.

“What is this??” Kaz tried to tug the diaper off, but the tape wouldn’t budge. “I can’t get it off!”

Even his tail-maw tried to tear it off. Its maw clamped down onto it, but it couldn’t even damage it. The maw looked visibly frustrated that this one article of clothing was the only thing it couldn’t control.

Even amidst all of Kaz’s frustration, Sigma couldn’t help but find his predicament hilarious. She doubled over with laughter, “Oh my god, you can’t take it off! That’s just amazing!”

“Shut up! It’s cursed or something, help me out here!” He whined.

“Aww, but it’s so cute on you!” Sigma skipped her way around him, seeing the diaper from all angles, “You look adorable with a nice thick padded tush!”

Kaz growled, but upon seeing where she was going to end up, a grin grew across his face.

His tail-maw suddenly slammed itself down onto Sigma and lifted her into the air. With her upper body firmly in the dripping maw, the tail leaned itself back and let gravity do the work of dragging the rest of her within.

Sitting back down on the sofa, Kaz gave his swollen tail a few gentle strokes. “Good boy. That should shut her up for a while!”

With the peace and quiet he needed, he leaned back and returned to watching TV. Or at least, he would’ve if it wasn’t for the sudden bout of indigestion his tail experienced.

“What’s wrong? This isn’t like you…” He watched behind him as his tail began to retch. Mere seconds later, Sigma spilled back out into the world, but not in her familiar form.

Sigma’s entire body had seams running down it, seams exactly resembling those of Kaz’s diaper, with the tape to match. All of her skin and fur was replaced by similarly-patterned padding, the thick absorbent padding of diapers. Looking down at her body, she realised with shock that she was now a living diaper.

“W-what?! How did this happen?!”

“Oh my…” Kaz grinned once more, “This is even more fun than I thought. What should we do with you now, I wonder?”

“N-nothing! Just turn me back!” She stammered out. Even though she was made of crinkly padding, her face still turned red.

“What, like how you helped me get this diaper off? Deal with it, Sigma, a bunch of magic got mixed together from my tail and the diaper, and it resulted in what you are now. You’re not changing back any time soon!”

“B-but!” She whined, “I can’t be a diaper! I’m supposed to be a person!!”

Kaz got up off the sofa and walked over to Sigma, who was kneeling on the floor. He grabbed her padded chin and pulled her face up to meet his. “Don’t worry, dear, I’m sure you’ll get used to it. After all, isn’t being a person a little overrated? It’s much more fun to be a thing, I’m sure!” He chuckled, “Look at yourself. I’m sure a body like that has more than a few submissive urges to give…”

All the protests Sigma wanted to give were stuck in her throat. She looked down at her body, the familiar dark spots of her body looking cartoonish now that they were printed onto diaper-like material. She pushed a padded finger into her belly, and felt no signs that her original self was simply hiding beneath. Her body was crinkly padding through and through.

“I… I-I don’t…”

“Shh,” Kaz placed a finger on her mouth. “You keep up such an intricate facade of dominance and uncaring when I’m around, dear, but look at yourself now. Maybe it’s time to let that go…”

The idea of submitting to Kaz, as nauseating as that would usually be, felt almost comfortable in her current predicament. She looked up at him, and gave a single solemn nod.

“C’mon, just say it, dear…”

“I submit,” She whimpered out. The blush on her face only grew stronger upon realising what she just said, but it was too late. She already felt herself slipping into submission, her disobedience melting away in front of him.

Kaz idly grabbed handfuls of her padded flesh and crinkled it in his hands, feeling how her body responded to his touch. Her quiet moans told him he was on the right track, so he delved deeper. He pulled her up to her feet with ease, Sigma being a lot lighter now that she was mostly padding, and groped her crotch. Despite only having what looked like a regular diaper down there, one eerily similar to the one he was forced to wear, she let out a moan.

“Gosh, even diaper-critters are sensitive down there, huh?” He said.

Sigma was trapped in a world of embarrassment, but all of it felt incredible. Every crinkle of her sensitive body provided reinforcement of her situation, telling her again and again that this is what she was now. She was a diaper-critter, a creature made out of nothing but absorbent padding, and she loved it. Kaz’s hands squeezed around her breasts, and despite them being smoothed down and given the appearance of being hidden beneath padding, they were still as sensitive as ever. His hands continued their trek across her body, groping and squeezing in all sorts of delightful ways until they slid their way down to her rear. The tail sliding out from above her padded tush was also entirely crinkly, and feeling it wave between Kaz’s fingers was incredible. She couldn’t help but gasp when he squeezed her butt.

“Ooh, now what do we have here?” Kaz dropped what he was doing and followed his hands up Sigma’s back. Hidden amongst the padding that was once her back mane was a zipper. “Very interesting! I’m sure you wouldn’t object to me wearing you for a while, would you?”

Despite being so surprised by such a question, she shook her head anyway. Maybe it was the body she was in, maybe it was Kaz’s charms being stronger than usual, but his commands were irresistible. The sensation of her zipper being slid open sent shivers down her spine, which was fitting as that’s the path the zipper itself took too.

Kaz wasted no time in opening Sigma’s back up all the way, and upon peeking inside, he came to a realisation. “You’re entirely hollow! How useful.” The padding within looked comfy enough, and he saw no reason to wait, so he slid one of his legs inside. The other was quick to follow, and despite their slight differences in body shape, he fit perfectly inside. One arm slipped into the padding of Sigma’s body, and the other followed suit, until all that was left was his head.

“A-are you sure this is a good idea? I don’t know ifmmmmph!” Sigma’s protests became muffled the moment Kaz’s head pushed its way into hers. He gasped out, and his gasp came in the form of Sigma’s voice. “Ooh, now this is interesting!”

The only obvious differences to prove that she was now being worn was the extra-thick padding of the double-layered diaper crotch, and the tail-maw slipping out of the zipper hole in the suit’s back. Apart from that, Kaz was in complete control.

“Gosh, now what can I do with you?” He giggled in her voice, “Oh, I know!”

Jumping over to the couch his tail-maw swung around wildly. He picked up Sigma’s phone off the foot-rest, only to find that it was locked. “Hmm. Maybe I can just…” He pointed the phone at his face and winked, holding a V sign with his fingers, and the phone unlocked. “Ha!”

He opened up the camera and began posing on the couch, making sure to hide his tail as he took pictures of his body, or more fittingly, Sigma’s body. He could hear the quiet whining of Sigma within, but it didn’t matter. The suit followed his exact movements and facial expressions, and once he uploaded them to the most embarrassing social media profile of hers she could think of, nobody would be able to tell it wasn’t actually her in control.

“Ooh, you’re already getting a few new followers! Everyone’s very pleased with your new-found diaper-critter obsession, Sigma!” He giggled, feeling her embarrassment from within. He took photo after photo, showing off every inch of her crinkly form in all manner of lewd poses. By the time he was done, dozens were online, and he let out a yawn.

“Gosh, it’s getting kinda late, isn’t it? Hmm…” Kaz wiggled around on the sofa, “Y’know, you’re pretty comfy as a diaper-critter, Sigma. I’m not sure there’s really any reason to take you off at this point! Oh hush your whining, you know you love it.”

Kaz slowly drifted off to sleep on the couch, and Sigma had little choice but to follow.

A sleepy yawn pierced the quiet of the living room as Sigma slowly roused from her deep sleep. Her arms stretched out above her, and little by little, she managed to pull herself out of bed. Or rather, sofa.

“Ugh… Why did I sleep downstairs again?” She rubbed her head, paying no attention to the suspicious crinkling sound that followed, “How drunk did I get? Bah…”

With her eyes barely open, Sigma slumped her way over to the kitchen. Her padded paws squished on the ground below.

“I feel like there’s something I need to be remembering… Ah, I’m too tired to think.”

She put some water in the coffeemaker along with a handful of grounds, and grabbed a granola bar as she waited for her morning brew. Still on autopilot, she didn’t think anything odd of the fact that the wrapping was harder to open than usual. Once she finally got it open, she stuffed it into her mouth, and…


Instead of crunching down, her mouth gently wrapped itself onto the bar without harming it at all. With the spell of waking up finally broken, she pulled the untouched bar back out of her maw and looked down at her body. The night’s festivities suddenly came crashing down on her as she realised her body consisted entirely of crinkly padding. The granola bar fell to the floor as she stumbled backwards.

“What the hell?! That wasn’t a dream??” She grabbed handfuls of her diaper-like surface in her paws, pushing down onto her body to try and feel if there was anything solid beneath. Running over to the hallway mirror, she opened up her maw, and only saw more tapes and padding inside. She pushed a finger inside and stretched apart her lips to get a feel for how flexible she was. Anywhere she touched, the padding of her body squished down to make room.

“Wait, if that wasn’t a dream… Oh no.” She ran back to the couch and grabbed her phone, and saw a cascade of notifications before she even unlocked it. The photos she took lead to most of her friends either ridiculing her, being jealous, or both, but they went far further than just her followers. Each one was shared thousands of times in all sorts of places. She had hundreds of new followers, all congratulating her for being so open with her crinkliness, and even a few invites to some parties with other diaper-critters. It was overwhelming.

“Gah, I need to find Kaz! Where did that jerk end up?”

Assuming he left while she was out cold, she scoured his profiles for any evidence of where he went, but surprisingly there was no activity. His phone was still on her table, too.

“Wait… Is he…” She slowly reached behind her, and pulled apart the fur-like padding of her mane to find the zipper hidden on her back. It was still pulled up shut. Kaz’s tail-maw was nowhere to be seen, either, despite being pushed out through a gap in the zipper when he wore her last night.

She tugged the zipper down, and wasted no time in pulling it all the way open. Something was definitely inside, maybe if she could just… Tug… “There!” She yanked it out of her body, and felt considerably more hollow afterwards.

It was Kaz. More specifically, it was Kaz at half his usual size, and now entirely a diaper-critter like her. Even his tail-maw was all crinkly now, packed tight with padding. What’s more, he was still asleep.

“Pfft, oh my god, you’re adorable!” She giggled.

“Wha—hey, what’s—gah!” Held up by the scruff of his neck, Kaz struggled against her grasp, “Why are you so big?! Wait, why am I so small?!” He looked down at his body, and gulped. “Oh. Oh no.”

“Oh yes.” Sigma grinned.

“I-I can’t be a diaper-critter! T-this is so wrong!!”

“What, afraid you’ll like it? Don’t worry, you look super cute!”

His tail-maw tried to bite at her hand in retaliation, but just like her own crinkly maw, it did little more than gently grab on.

“Ugh!” Kaz huffed, crossing his arms and wiggling his dangling legs, “Cursed diapers suck!!”

“Smile for the camera, dear!” Sigma quickly snapped a few photos of him with her phone, “Excellent!”

“Hey! Stop that!” He desperately grasped for her phone, but it was too late. She was already uploading the pictures.

“Oh my, it looks like that following you gave me is a fan of your new look, too! Everyone’s saying you’re so cute and adorable!” Happy with the embarrassment inflicted, Sigma finally let go of Kaz’s back, and dropped him onto the couch.

“Hmph!” He immediately crossed his arms and pouted.

“Well, despite how fun all of this is, we’re still kinda going to have to get used to it. I get the feeling that the diaper you put on was only like… Some small curse. It probably would’ve fallen off by itself after a day or something. I doubt whoever sent it was anticipating its magic mixing with your tail like this!”

Kaz, with his arms still crossed, gave a little whine. “I don’t wanna be a diaper-critter!”

“Well shush, we are! You should’ve thought about that before trying to nom me, jerk. Well, we can’t eat, that’s one thing. But I don’t think we have to either, which solves that problem I guess.”

“Does that mean we’re just like… Entirely diapers now? No organic stuff left at all?”

“What, you only just noticed? You wore me!”

“Yeah, but… Magic…” He pouted.

Sigma laughed. “Well, no matter what, I get the feeling we’re just going to have to get used to this. I saw on my phone that there’s a bunch of different places to get support as a new diaper-critter, so maybe we could check some of those out! There’s even one nearby. Want to go see what it’s all about?”

“Okay, fine, sure, let’s do it.” Kaz looked down at himself, “Uh, can you hide me in a backpack or something, maybe?”

She snorted. “Pfft, sure. C’mon then, let’s go.”