Dealing With A Thief

what, they didn't tell you the sex shop you were stealing from was owned by a witch? oops
TF doll toy latex reprogramming

Eon gulped as he stepped back through the doors of the sex shop. Yesterday was bad enough, but now he had to do it all over again, and he wasn’t quite sure if he had the nerve to steal anything else without getting caught. Looking back into the outside world, the otter could see his friends silently cheering him on, and he knew that there was no way out of this. He screwed up his courage and did his best to act like he didn’t already steal $200 of stuff from this place.

One by one he stepped through the small isles of the cramped sex shop, browsing for anything he could find that looked small enough for him to hide in his jumper. His friends wouldn’t accept any of the tiny stuff he took last time, so this time he had to think bigger. He made his way into an isle he hadn’t checked before, one that had walls lined with hefty boxes. Each one of them had vibrant packaging, all marketing for what he could see through their plastic windows: Sex dolls, of all shapes and sizes. He had to admit that they were all pretty hot, if a little low quality at times. There was clearly not much paid attention to anything that couldn’t be fucked. He kept going, but before he made it to the end of the isle, one box caught his eye.

On the bottom shelf, stacked under a few more sex doll boxes, was an empty box. The clamshell packaging that would usually hold a sex doll in a displaying pose had nothing in it, and even more alarming was the name printed on the box in large bubbly letters: “EON THE EAGER OTTER”

Eon froze in place, but not out of fear. He was going to turn around and run out of the shop, but it was too late. Glowing red sparkly energy encased the otter on the spot, preventing him from moving a muscle.

“Oh you foolish little thing. Did nobody tell you who you were stealing from?” Spoke a feminine voice, “I’m afraid my security measures are a little less lax than you assumed, my little thief…”

Outside of his control, Eon turned around on the spot, still frozen like a statue as he was rotated towards the woman holding him in place. In his kneeling position, he could barely see above her waist, but he could tell it was the store’s owner he had seen once before.

“Now, I was just going to turn you into some free-use display model for a week or so for your transgressions, but learning of your plans to steal even more from me has made me a lot less forgiving than I was a minute ago. Instead, you get a more suitable punishment for a thief…”

Eon tried desperately to yell out, scream that this wasn’t his fault, but he couldn’t even move his jaw. The store owner lowered herself down to look into the otter’s terrified eyes before snapping her fingers, and suddenly, Eon was unconscious.

He woke with a start, attempting to get up the moment he regained consciousness, but he wasn’t on the floor. Instead, he was zip-tied into the very same plastic packaging he saw a moment ago, and he was trapped inside that once-empty box.

The first thing Eon tried to do was break the plastic packaging apart, because surely it couldn’t be that tough. Unfortunately, whatever knocked him out must’ve still been affecting him, because he could barely move at all. Weak and groggy, the otter could barely strain against the zip-ties holding him into that embarrassing position he saw on all those dolls before. Worse still, he was entirely naked. All he could do now was hope that nobody saw him before whatever weird drug she gave him wore off.

That hope didn’t come true. Leaning down, the owner looked through the thin plastic window of the box Eon was trapped in, and grinned. He struggled as hard as he could, but he still wasn’t strong enough to break free, and upon trying to speak, he realised another thing: There was a gag stuffed into his mouth. A ring-gag. How more embarrassing could this get?

Red energy flooded into the box, the same red energy that paralysed him before. This time he was hoping it was just paralysis, but judging from how he could still move as much as he could before, he could tell that it was going to be something worse this time. Most of the glowy magic hovered in the empty space of the surrounding box, but some of it started focusing in one specific place: His bellybutton. All he could do was look down and watch, but the glowing cloud of magical energy was so thick that the only sense he had to rely on for what was going on there was a ticklish tingling and what almost sounded like squeaking.

After a minute, the cloud of energy finally dissipated, and Eon could finally see what happened. Sitting where his bellybutton once was, there was now a pool-toy valve. A little plastic nozzle with its lid uncapped and sounding as if air was rushing out of it. Surely that couldn’t be the case though, because where could that air be coming from?

Oh no,” The paralysed otter said to himself.

A wave of shiny plastic was rushing out from his bellybutton nozzle, spreading out across his belly. He could tell it wasn’t a mere coating, not only because it kept the same cream colouration of his belly, but also because he could see beneath it. It was some kind of latex or vinyl surface to the inflatable material his belly was now becoming.

The otter struggled harder and harder, but escape remained out of reach, and now that a conversion into artificial material was spreading over his torso, he was sure that running away couldn’t help any more. Once again, all he could do was watch as it teasingly encircled his crotch, the creaking line of inflation spreading down his thighs before nearing his exposed dick. Eon was hopeful that maybe it might just avoid it, but that hope was crushed once it began its spread over it. It was already hard to be anything but flaccid in a situation like this, but the smooth rubber spreading over his crotch made things a whole lot harder. Before his eyes, he watched as his cock and his balls smoothed away into a single round surface, and then even that flattened out into nothing.

Eon closed his eyes and lamented the loss of his dick, but an extra tingling sensation he felt revealed that it wasn’t done just yet. Instead of remaining flat, a divot began to form between his spread thighs, one that quickly pushed itself down into a growing hole. On either side of it, the vinyl of his new body plumped out until it gave him the appearance it was going for this whole time: Gone was his cock, now he had a puffy fuckable toy-cunt.

Through the ring-gag there was little more he could do but weakly whine as the inflation continued its spread across his body. The process was thankfully slow across his chest, but the same couldn’t be said of the glossiness spreading down his legs. It rushed down like a waterfall, quickly converting their once-solid mass into a pair of inflatable legs that would always snap back to their spread-wide-and-accessible position even if he moved them. At their tips, Eon watched as his foot-paws became two almost featureless lumps of inflated plastic, his own body now taking on the neglect for detail that all the other dolls possessed.

Locked up so tight he couldn’t exactly see it, but he could definitely feel as the weight of his long slender tail dropped drastically. Coiled up behind him amidst the rest of the plastic packaging, his otter tail was now entirely inflatable, and apparently big enough that it warranted its own inflatable nozzle.

Eon’s eyes widened as he realised that the conversion had simply been focusing on his lower half for the time being, but now that everything below his inflatable waist was vinyl and latex, the process sped up significantly. He held his breath as he watched the spread of inflation rise up his chest, but even upon the relief that it wasn’t about to give him boobs, he couldn’t exhale.

His lungs were gone. His heart was gone. Most of what made him alive was gone, and those realisations helped alien thoughts seep into his mind undetected. As his arms began to undergo the same process his legs went through, leaving them tipped with mitten-like hands and permanently held in the most fuckable pose, thoughts were filling Eon’s mind, and they weren’t all his.

Maybe being a sex doll isn’t the worst… Sex is good, right?” Glossy rubber was slowly rising up his neck, “No! I can’t just accept this! There has to be some way to stop this, if I just fight, maybe I could stop it from taking my mind! I just have to wait until I’m sold to my lovely new owner, and they can tell me exactly what I should do–No, this isn’t right! These aren’t my thoughts! I’m a toy! Toys don’t have thoughts!

Latex, vinyl, whatever magical sex dolls are made out of, crept up his chin. As it reached his mouth, an extra change began to take place: The ring-gag filling his maw merged itself into the spread of inflation and combined with his maw to turn his once-mouth into a fuckhole. No teeth, no tongue, no gag reflex, nothing to get in the way of being used.

Toy isn’t… Toy is… No, Toy isn’t Toy! Toy is… Toy is… Toy is supposed to be used!” A shock of clarity rushed over the sex doll’s mind, one that coincidentally correlated perfectly with the wave of rubberization and inflation that caused it. “Toy needs to be used! Toy is desperate to be fucked! Smooth, rubbery, fuckable, use Toy!

An inflated vinyl fringe of its rubbery pool-toy hairdo bounced in the corner of its vision, signifying its completion as a brand-new mint-condition sex doll.

“Whoa, dude, I totally knew he’d fall for it!”

The three ‘friends’ that pressured Eon into shoplifting in the first place waited just a few more minutes before they decided to head into the shop and reap the spoils of their efforts.

“Oh man, just look at him. Haha, you can tell in his eyes that he’s loving this! I bet he wants me to use him right now, damn he looks horny.”

“Hey, let’s see how much he costs!”

The three of them walk over to the register, giggling to themselves. At least, they giggle, right up to the moment they all spontaneously freeze.

“You did WHAT?” The inanimate sex doll couldn’t really process what it was seeing as important. It wasn’t someone using it, after all, but it could tell that the woman it saw was very angry at these three potential owners. “You tricked me into turning an innocent otter into a doll?!”

Fear filled their eyes as they stared at the furious owner, but they didn’t have to stare long.

“Augh, I can’t even think straight enough to come up with a punishment fitting enough for something that pointlessly cruel! I’m just going to stick the three of you in stasis until I can come up with something!” The witch snapped her fingers, and the three of them popped out of existence.

Toy watched as the woman stepped over to its box and leaned down to look at it. She looked sad about something. “Please use Toy! Toy is designed to be fucked! Toy needs to be fucked!

“Well, I know you’re too far gone in there for me to turn you back, which is a shame. Even though you’ll never be a person again, I’ll make sure you end up in the hands of someone lustful enough to use you to your heart’s content.”

Please fuck Toy! Toy wants to be fucked!”

“Ah, what a shame. At least you make for a cute doll.”