Ghosts and Girlybois

damn, who knew poltergeists were so kinky?
sexuality-play cute dragon slut TF

He wasn’t really sure why he was tagging along with this group. Nothing good could come of exploring the “haunted” house at the middle of the night, but in the end he really just wanted to get into their good books.

“Dude, stop lagging behind!”

Dan hurried up. The rocky terrain wasn’t making it easy, “Yeah, yeah.”

“Oh hey, we’re here!”

The group reached the top of the hill, and could quickly see the abandoned mansion in all its glory. There were of course plenty of legends and ghost stories about the place, as there are with any good haunted house, but none of them phased him. He was more worried about the chance of homeless bums coming at them with a knife or something. Before long, they reached the front steps of the entrance.

“Oh man, this is gonna be so cool, I just know it!”

“Hey P, think we’ll find a ghost?”

“Naah. Maybe we’ll get to watch Dan freak the fuck out, though!”

The group laughed, mostly at him. He really should’ve listened to his instincts on this one; this group wasn’t worth it.

The house made the general creepy noises abandoned houses make, wind rushing through its many empty rooms to make that usual “ooOOooo” noise. A few of the group jokingly imitated it, and others laughed at their imitations. By the time they got to telling their shitty stories about the place, Dan really just wanted to get away from them.

Their din slowly got quieter as he left the group to explore the mansion, idly looking around for anything of interest. Surprisingly, there were still a few items that hadn’t been ransacked by thieves. The squeaking of mice could be heard in the walls, and possibly some larger vermin that made this place their home. Cobwebs littered the tall ceilings of the corridors he walked through, and the dim moonlight going through the windows gave the place the exact sort of atmosphere you'd expect from a haunted house. It was actually quite peaceful with the group gone.

Of course, that peace didn’t last long. A dusty painting on the wall next to him fell to the ground with a startling bang, and a giggle could be heard.

“Ugh, seriously guys? You’re trying to spook me with this crap?”

There was more giggling, all around him. He turned his head to look, but there was nobody there. Any which way he faced, he could see nothing, and the giggling was getting closer.

“Uhh, guys? You can drop the… act…”

A mist formed around him, white and glowing. Shapes took form in it, and soon he could see the form of the spectre quite clearly: It was humanoid, floating, and busty as hell.

“What the—”

His protests were halted as his body froze on the spot. The mist around him was forcing him to remain still, and only out of the corner of his eye could he see another ghost: Less busty, but still well endowed, seeing as it had a massive cock it was currently holding in its ghostly hands. Dan was starting to freak out.

Do you think this will make for a nice one?” The big-titted ghost spoke.

The one with the giant dick responded, “I do, oh I do!

Yay! The usual visitors are always so dull… Let’s get to work!

Dan could feel the ghost’s cock resting on his head. It definitely wasn’t solid, but it felt real enough to alarm him. The ghost pulled back a little bit before angling their cock downwards and pressing it against Dan’s ear.

His mind spun as the ghostly cock entered his head. His thoughts were all muddled, and he could feel the influence of the ghost take control during his literal mind-fuck. The influence grew stronger and stronger as the ghost thrusted into his ear, until suddenly it “cummed” into his head. There was no solid matter to deal with, but now, even as the ghost pulled its dong out of his ear, he could still feel the presence of it within his brain.

“Wh… What did you do… To me…?”

The female ghost spoke again, “Oh my gosh, he’s so cute! Look at how spinny his eyes are now! He’ll be having so much fun soon!”

As quickly as they came, the two ghosts vanished, and Dan was once again left standing in the dark corridor alone. But this time, he wasn't truly alone, and the ghost-cum in his brain was already influencing his thoughts.

“I… I need to escape… I need to run… No… I need to…”

He started walking aimlessly down the corridor, his pace increasing as a destination solidified itself within his mind. He had to enter this one specific room, he had to. And then he could leave.

At the very end of the corridor a door opened for him, a warm yellow glow emanating from the room. A small part of him was still telling him to leave, to turn back, to run away, but the rest of him didn’t care. He ran straight into the room, and the door shut and locked behind him.

He drooled as he looked around the room. All over the shelves and the floor, there were a seemingly endless array of dildos. All of them different sizes, shapes, and colours. As a straight dude, he should’ve been disgusted at the thought of this, but right now all he could think about was how much he wanted them inside him.

He picked up two of the smaller dildos, both made from a dark grey silicone. They were definitely not shaped like human cocks, but that didn’t bother him as he quickly pulled down his pants and pushed one of the dildos into his ass. He moaned loud, but inserted the other dildo into his mouth before he could make much noise. Within seconds of taking both those dildos into his body, his cock was rock hard, and already leaking pre. He was on the verge of cumming, but he just couldn’t manage it: The dildos were too small. He picked out a larger pair and swapped out the two dildos, his muffled moans filling the room as he sucked on one cock and took the other in his ass. He got closer and closer but once again, couldn't reach the edge. He put down the wet and messy dildos he had used before, and looked for something that would satisfy him. Two large purple dildos, shaped in the style of a fictional dragon’s cock. Yes, these would do.

He was getting ready to position them on the floor and wall before suddenly they decided to move all by themselves. His eyes lit up with glee, and he eagerly spread his ass and opened his mouth. The dildos wasted no time before plunging themselves into his holes, stuffing and thrusting in and out of them.

The part of his mind that found itself absolutely horrified at the events that were unfolding was getting smaller and smaller, washed out by the pleasure of being a cock-taking slut. He wanted this, he needed this. He wanted nothing more than to take cocks this huge for the rest of his life.

The two dildos stopped their movements, and once again a mist formed around them, solidifying into the two ghosts from before. If he had the capacity to, he probably would've figured out that they were the ones doing all this sooner, but his mind felt too foggy and thick to think of much else but how much of a slut he was being.

Gosh, he’s making such good progress! His ass has already gotten to the point of gaping, and his throat is now much more suited for taking the cocks he'll no doubt end up servicing!” Dan could see the ghosts with far more clarity than before. They were very clearly not human: The girl one had distinctive feline features, and the one with the delicious-looking cock looked far more reptilian in nature, having a long powerful tail instead of the legs of the other one.

I think he’s ready for the speciality ones, now, don’t you?

Ooh, yes! I’ll pick out one that’ll suit him best!” The ghost cat-girl floated up to the higher shelves, picking out some monstrously huge cocks, with various colours striping down their lengths. The two ghosts worked in tandem to stuff Dan’s mouth and ass with one of the new pairs of cocks, overloading his little mind with so much pleasure from the size of them. His throat and belly were bulging from their girth, but at the same time he could feel other effects. His body was changing, his human form shifting until it turned into something far different, now with scales and wings. A long tail sprouted from his spine, one with a lot more sensitivity than he was expecting, and soon he had gone from a boring old human to being a rather attractive dragon boy. Something didn’t feel right about this though, but he was sure that the two new bright pink dildos the ghosts were bringing to him would solve it. Another wave of pleasure and changes shock through him as they rammed the two new massive dildos into him: He was becoming both short and slender. He was thinning out, but in a way that made him look far girlier than before. Gone were the obvious signs of masculinity, now replaced by a form that would make any man question his sexuality. Changes in personality shifted through his head, changing the way he talked, acted, and even walked to be a lot more androgynous, and leaning on the side of girly. Whilst sucking the dildo he saw in the distance as his old clothes burned away on the floor, a whole new wardrobe applying itself onto him as he was fucked. Well, wardrobe was generous. All his clothing now was long tight latex stockings that showed off his shapely legs, a thin layer of fabric in the shape of a pair of panties covering his bulge, a faux-bra hiding his bare chest, and a cute little collar around his neck. It was revealing, slutty, and he absolutely loved it.

A string of saliva was still connected to the dildo as it was pulled out of his throat, his ass gaping open behind him as the same was done back there.

Oh my gosh, look at him! He’s the cutest girlyboi we’ve made yet!

I agree, he looks delicious…” The reptilian ghost stroked its cock idly, and slowly the fog on Dan’s mind lifted, “Let’s watch him have some fun…

The tiny part of his mind left that still filled the straight dude archetype hoped as hard as it could that when the ghost-cum lost its effect he would be back to normal, but to his great dismay the exact opposite happened. He could feel how much he needed cock, and he knew exactly where he was going to get it. After all, his “friends” were still at the mansion, and Dan was sure they wouldn’t mind having some fun with him…