High Alcohol Content

involves a whole lot of leaking less-than-natural fluids
TF TGTF synthetic mind control

“You should’ve come with us, Mischa, it was amazing! There was a whole bunch of them in all sorts of different configurations, one of them was even pole dancing while hooked up!”

All Mischa could do was filter out Jason’s continued cries for him to get into bargirls. He had no idea why his friend was so obsessed with bargirls, or why he was even pushing him to be one for a while, but his defences were starting to get worn down. Mischa couldn’t deny that the idea was starting to grow on him a little. His money troubles were only getting worse, after all, and maybe it might be a good idea to get in front of the curve before he’s called on for some debt collections. A month of not having to worry about housing or food would definitely be a shot in the arm, metaphorically.

“Okay, shut up Jason, I’ll do it. I’ll be a damn bargirl,” He stated.

“Wait, seriously? Hell yeah! I’ll go get all the planning and stuff done, I’ll call you back in a few hours!”

With that, the call ended, and Mischa was left to wonder what on earth he got himself into.

Knock knock.

Mischa took a deep breath, screwed up his nerves, and opened his front door.

“Hello, resident! Your offer of volunteering for the position of Bar Girl has been accepted by the system, and we are now ready to begin!”

The gene-modded woman standing on his doormat wore a tight-fitting pencil dress, one made entirely out of white latex that showed every last curve of her artificially heightened sexuality. She seemed to be some kind of bluish snow leopard, but that wasn’t the part that caught Mischa’s attention. Instead, what he was looking at was the small cylindrical object that she was holding up towards him.

“Wait, begin? What do you mean, don’t I have to come with you?” He grabbed the strange hollow cylinder, “And what is this?”

“Please be informed that the process of civilian conversion has been highly streamlined over the past month! Mass conversion facilities are being outmoded and shut down in favour of devices like the one you hold,” She pointed at it once more, “Simply insert it into your oral cavity, and we can begin!”

The facade of ease Mischa had built up collapsed under the realisation that this whole thing was going to happen a lot sooner than he thought, “Uh, okay, so you want me to put it in my mouth?” Seeing the woman nod in response, he simply slid the cylinder into his maw and closed his lips.

The moment the object made contact with his saliva it whirred into life. Once in place it rapidly secreted a thick liquid, one that clung to Mischa’s mouth as if it was a massive glob of peanut butter, yet somehow thicker than even that. It wasn’t long before his maw was entirely filled with the stuff, and then even weirder sensations came along. Little by little, Mischa stopped being able to feel the difference between the goo and his own mouth. Trying to move his tongue around didn’t just feel like it was trapped inside, but also that it simply wasn’t there at all. Likewise, trying to stretch or shut his jaw was equally fruitless, as if it was all a single connected piece of less-than-organic flesh.

He didn’t quite know how he understood the new sensations he was feeling, but it didn’t take long before he realised his mouth was gone. All that was left was that cylinder, stretching out down his throat and throughout his body into a long tube that ended behind his lips. His much, much plumper lips. Ignoring the woman at his door, he rushed over to the nearest mirror and examined his face, pulling apart his swollen strawberry-red lips to reveal a socket. His socket. The one that hoses filled with various liquids would be firmly attached to in order to fill his body with them.

Mischa stumbled backwards, a synthesised moan emanating from deep within his rapidly changing throat, one that was definitely a lot too sultry to be male. The realisation that Jason might have lied to him about there being male bargirls didn’t have much time to hit him before it was suddenly confirmed by something a lot more blatant. Another moan washed through his body as his t-shirt began to stretch from the mass of the two hollow orbs swelling up beneath, and entirely disregarding the fact that his door was wide open, he pulled his shirt off just before his inflating tits tore through it.

Now topless, all he could do was look down and stare at the translucent masses of semi-synthetic material swelling out from his chest. Once again, the bizarre sensation of being able to ‘feel’ throughout his body told him that the piping running down his throat connected directly to these orbs, and it was clear that their status of air-inflated was only going to last for as long as it took to get his mouth-socket hooked up. More changes were quickly making themselves obvious as he squeezed his giant sensitive tits in his arms, squeaking them together like a pair of balloons. A lock of wavy golden hair flowed over his eyes, one that was joined by more and more until it was obvious that a full head of thick and lustrous hair was growing from his rubberising scalp. Adding onto the feminisation, he saw his hands and arms growing slimmer in front of him, and he couldn’t help but let out a robotic gasp from the sensation of his butt suddenly jutting outwards as his waist was pinched in. The mass of his pudgy belly had been completely redistributed to give him a bombshell of a body in the same porn-star style that every other bargirl had.

As he steadily stumbled back onto his feet, one last change occurred that nearly knocked him back down all over again. Between his thighs, he felt as the tubing running through his body finally reached his cock, and the changes were quick. In mere seconds it merged downwards into a null lump, one that soon split into two lumps, and began forming back outwards to become a pair of hard-yet-floppy silicone lengths far longer than anything he had before. The pleasure of those masses weighing down between his legs was intense, with even the slightest movement giving them enough sway to push him to the brink of orgasm, except nothing could push him over the edge. His balls felt painfully empty, and also incredibly stretchy, and once more he realised that he would need to be filled with something before he could feel the pleasure of release.

“Excellent, your conversion is complete, please come with me!” The latex-clad woman said.

He tried to grunt out a disagreement, say no in any way, but annoyingly, the nanites converting his body into food-grade silicone took that exact moment to override his thought control. He pressed the palm of his slender hand against his forehead, his brains feeling like a bunch of scrambled eggs as it was turned into a synthetic equivalent, and soon enough, she had no way of controlling any of the thoughts she was made to think. She could immediately tell what had changed, namely her very self-image. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t think of herself as anything but a bargirl, with the pronouns to match, and what’s worse, it didn’t feel like disobedience was in her future.

She followed behind the woman who had turned her into a porn-star looking keg, at least having enough presence to be able to close her front door as she walked out into the corridor of her block, wearing nothing but a torn pair of jeans that were quickly falling off of her body anyway. Needless to say, every last one of her once-neighbours stared at her as she walked across, with whispers quickly spreading about her intensely embarrassing predicament. Mischa couldn’t quite tell if the silicone of her body was capable of blushing, but her face sure felt red.

The trip downstairs felt like it took forever, her tits and dildo-cocks wobbling oh so pleasurably with every step she took. If it wasn’t for the obedience programming, there would be no way she could’ve kept herself upright after all that. Luckily, the torturous pleasure eventually came to an end, and she regained her bearings to realise that she had followed the woman to a truck parked right outside her apartment. Seeing it, another spark of programming kicked itself online, and she robotically stepped through the back, walking past rows of pods with similar-looking bargirls inside until she stopped at the one that was open for her, and stepped inside.

Left frozen by her programming in the pod of a truck that was heading god knows where, Mischa was left to wonder about her predicament. Despite being hollow, the weight of those massive air-sacks on her chest was omnipresent, and the fact that she was actively having her thoughts edited at all times to make her think of herself as a girl was… Pretty alright, actually? It could definitely be worse. Something she could do with less of is the unbearable and unending pleasure that her hypersexualised body granted her. It was so strong that she was practically begging to be filled with some tasty drink and get used endlessly, and she wasn’t even sure if that was because of the programming or not.

Over the next hour, countless other bargirls obediently following their programming came and went, each one getting their own pod for the ride before ending up at their delivered location. Some of them were definitely more than a little used, the one in front of her coming in with wet cum dripping down her face. Judging from the mindless bliss behind that grin and her unfocused eyes, it looked like she was enjoying herself.

Finally, it was her turn to exit. The glass walls of her pod opened up, she obediently walked out the back of the truck, and found herself standing in front of a bar that was definitely an 18+ establishment. She didn’t get much choice in the matter of whether or not she wanted to be in the possession of a sleazy-looking sex bar, though, her programming made sure of that.

Despite still being a little light out, the bar was already fairly packed, and the moment she stepped inside all eyes were on her. She obediently walked through the crowds of horny men, women, etc, with nobody’s hands eager to ignore the opportunity to give her tits, ass, cocks, thighs, a grope. Her electronic voice-box emitted plenty of moans during her trip across the room, but finally, she was up against the bar’s counter.

“Fucking finally, that took forever,” Someone said, coming up behind her and unceremoniously lifting her light mostly-hollow body into the air and onto the counter, “Any longer and I would’ve had to delay it to tomorrow!”

Mischa was forced down onto her knees by her new uncaring owner. With the way he was manhandling her synthetic body, it was as if he didn’t even consider her a person, and in a way, he was right. She was more of a utensil or a tool than an actual living person like this, more a fancy beer tap than anything else. It didn’t take him long before he had a thick hose in his hands, and she felt the bizarre feeling of the hose socket in her mouth automatically extending itself outwards to make it easier to connect. Once locked in place, The socket retracted back inside, giving the appearance of her lips sealing around the hose as if she were simply drinking from it.

The moment the hose’s liquid began spurting into her body, her eyes went wide. Somehow that was the most pleasurable feeling of them all, and it was followed up by a bunch more sensations that she wouldn’t be getting tired of any time soon. Between her legs her balls were already inflating with the mass of all that foamy alcohol pumping into them, and it wasn’t long before her silicone dildo-cocks were topped up for their first, second, third, supplies of ‘cum’. On her chest the weight of her tits only grew, yet somehow despite the light air being displaced by heavy beer, they retained their unnatural perkiness and remained looking almost buoyant on her chest. They were already each the size of her head, but the inflation pushed her further and further over the edge, until finally her body was filled to saturation, and she felt like she was ready to burst.

“Alright everyone, you know the deal, keep things sanitary!” The bar’s owner said as he walked off, leaving Mischa at the mercy of some thirsty looking patrons.

Everything stopped for a moment. The freshly made bargirl sat kneeling on the counter of a bar she’s never visited in front of a crowd of people she’s never seen before. Her tits and balls were both sloshing with beer, every movement of her alcohol-inflated body feeling simultaneously sluggish and erotic. All she could do was wait, her need ever growing, until the pin finally dropped, and everyone was eager for a sample.

The crowd practically rushed her, the nearest patrons wrapping their hands around her cocks with empty pint glasses held beneath. With how pent-up she was, the orgasms were swift, and soon enough her voice-box was blaring lustrous moans as her cocks each cummed a pint of frothing alcohol. The sensations exploded through her mind, but she wasn’t given much time to recover before someone else began to pull and tease at her tits, taking one of her practically-teats in their hand and milking her beer straight into their glass. The sensations continued to overpower her body and mind, leaving her pliable enough that she didn’t even need the cuffs holding her up to keep her eager for more of this.

Orgasms flashed by, each taking mere seconds as more and more patrons filtered through her and collected their glasses of beer. The constant feed of the liquid into her silicone body, pumping its way through her artificial piping until it reached one of her dispensaries, all of it felt incredible. Thanks to it, there were no chances of her running low any time soon.

“Oi Brian, drink from its tits!” Someone shouted out.

Cheers filled the room as a particularly tall patron stepped forwards, the crowd pressuring him into doing something that Mischa could barely imagine, and soon enough, his mouth was around her nipple, and the sensations were incredible. Mischa’s eyes rolled back in their sockets from the sheer pleasure of her sensitive rubbery nipples receiving their first direct suckle, and judging from the queue building up behind him, it wasn’t going to be their last. Her frothy ‘milk’ poured down his throat until even the staunch regular had too much to handle, beer spilling out from his mouth and down his face as he fell back into the crowd with ever more cheers celebrating his success.

One of the few women in the crowd was next to be pressured into doing something fun to her, “Alright, fine, I’ll suck one of its cocks, shut up!” She wasted no time, her lips wrapping around the bulbous tip of her right dildo-cock and taking her length into her maw. Cheers continued to rain down on her as she slowly slid the bargirl’s hefty length almost to the point of hitting her throat.

For Mischa, the pleasure was too much. She couldn’t stop herself from cumming, and when she did, she experienced the most powerful orgasm she had that night. The volume of alcohol was far more than just a pint, and the force of her cumming that load into the patron’s mouth knocked her entirely off of her cock. The crowd went wild as she stumbled backwards from the force of the explosion, beer dripping down her face, and for the first time, the realisation of what Mischa was finally sunk in.

She was a toy. A plaything to bring in crowds, and to be enjoyed by them as much as they wanted. Nobody here saw her as a person, merely as some animatronic thing for their amusement, and she loved it.

The rest of the night continued on in a similar fashion, patron after patron inducing those endlessly powerful orgasms in her before moving on, while every now and then someone had some more fun. A few times people were even eager enough to climb up onto the counter and push her over, only to be faced with the disappointment of her having no extraneous holes for them to fuck. Without biology and with only a handful of direct tubes running through her body, she had no need for anything else.

Eventually, the crowds started dying down, people going home for the night happily drunk on her bodily fluids. Soon enough the crowds filtered down into a handful of late-goers, and it was finally time to close.

Still as uncaring as ever, her owner unlocked her hands from the ceiling, and detached the beer hose from her maw socket. Her plump lips automatically closed over the port, hiding it away. “Anyone want some last few drinks? It’d be a shame to let it go to waste!”

The few remaining customers ran up to the bargirl and drained her of her last few pints of alcohol, milking her and giving her orgasms. Her tits shrank down and her balls flattened back out, leaving her twin-cocks merely a pair of inanimate dildos, and finally, she was empty.

Her owner picked her up under his arm and threw her over to one of his employees, “You know what to do.”

The person she was handed over to seemed about as caring as her boss, and a few seconds later she was brought out the establishment’s back door and thrown down into the alley behind. With Mischa’s brain so scrambled from a night of endless cumming, she didn’t even need her programming to stop her from running. The employee quickly returned with a hose, and began simply spraying her clean, as if she was anything else that could be washed off in a back alley. After rinsing her body of the stains of the night, she pulled open her lips and attached the water hose to her maw socket, flooding the cleaning solution throughout her body.

Mischa couldn’t help but moan as her body once again began to expand from the mass of the fluid filling her, but almost as if it was able to detect that it wasn’t a beverage, she automatically expelled it just as quickly as it came in. Dirty water spurted from her tits as if they were sprinklers, and her twin cocks looked like miniature fire hydrants as they cummed it out as fast as she ingested it. The pleasure of the experience was annoyingly dampened by the fact that it was mere water, something that apparently didn’t provide as much stimulation to her bargirl body as the things she was designed for.

In the few minutes it took to wash her clean of the night’s festivities, the new bargirl was left to think about her current predicament. Sure, Jason had lied to her about pretty much everything, and now she was stuck as a busty big-cocked bargirl for a month, but it wasn’t really the worst situation she could’ve been stuck in. There were plenty of other things she could’ve ended up as if she let herself become indebted, and maybe being hot as hell and endlessly used by crowds of horny alcoholics might not be the worst option of them all.

As the person cleaning her finished up with her job and dried her off, Mischa could only think that maybe, just maybe, she might actually be enjoying all of this. She was pulled back inside from the dark alley, thrown over to her owner once more, and stuffed in a cupboard, ready to be used again tomorrow.

Yeah, I can get used to this…