Ice Cream Sunday

some relationships are just perfect
TF sex doll mind control

You open your journal to the latest empty page. It takes a few moments to figure out where to start, but the answer to that question soon becomes clear.

"Hello Diary. I went on a date today.

I’ve been on dates before, of course, but… Well, let’s just get it out of the way. She was a toy. Yeah… I’ve written a few too many journal entries on my feelings about toys before. When I’m being kind to myself I say it’s just a curiosity, wanting to know what it’s like to be inorganic, but it’s not that. It’s a fascination, an obsession, one so powerful it practically became a fetish.

I remember how red my face felt when I first got matched with her. Her profile picture was stunning, a statuesque chisel in more ways than one. Sure, she had the physique of a Greek Goddess, but the texture of her latex! It was marble. As if she were pulled straight from a museum. I was too nervous to match with her, but then I realised. She matched with me!

We talked. I appreciated how she couldn’t see my blush in text. But then.

“We should meet up in person! Coffee?”

So much for hiding it.

I was more nervous than even my first date. I had been raised in an old-fashioned household, one used to toys being just the sub-sapient creatures of the past, and not quite used to all the changes that had come along.

“So uh, why’d you decide to become a toy?” I asked. Like a dummy.

She giggled, “Why wouldn’t I want to be a toy? You’re human, you know how infuriating biology can be! I dunno, I just got tired of it all. I wanted something new, and it was just after toys were declared a new species, so I went for it.”

“Whoa, do you mean you were one of the first to um, convert? How old are you?”

“51 next year! Looking good for it though, aren’t I?”

I could only blush. A pattern of today, I feel.

We talked more, about her history, and about my feelings. She explained how she has a unique serial number, ⫷⫓⪭⫂⪧⩷⪱⫛⫸ (how did she even make that noise? how did I know how to type it just then?), but just goes by Fia to her friends. (“And lovers”, she added.)

“I can tell you’re more than just a little interested by toys, dear. When did the fascination first start?”

I gulped. How far back through my longing did I want to go?

“Well… I guess I’m just not a fan of being human. It’s like you said, things just keep getting harder. There’s so much… Maintenance. Is it similar for you?”

She smiled, a droplet of latex forming on the tip of her finger, before dropping to the table. It bounced, as if it were just a rubber ball. She then picked up my sandwich, and took a bite. “Toys can turn any organic material or hydrocarbon into our mass, replenishing anything we lose. We don’t need to eat, I could just eat plastic once a week if I wanted to, but I like food!” She took another bite before putting my sandwich back down. “People are lovely. You’re lovely”

I can’t tell if I passed out from blushing too hard or not. I’m hoping I didn’t.

We talked until the sun started to set. The scattered pieces of my life were knitted together. Fia opened my eyes to a world that always felt so out of reach to me. She told me that I didn’t have to care about what my family thought, that I could be who I wanted to be, what I wanted to be.

I told her I wanted to be hers.

Fia’s eyes went wide, and a smile grew across her marble face. “I would be delighted to have you!”

Diary, you know me. You know it’s absolutely impossible for me to have a calm and rational response to being accepted by the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen in your life. To say I freaked out would be an understatement. But she was kind, she was caring, she was reassuring, and she lead me away to her home to talk in private. And talk we did.

I admitted I wanted to be a toy, like her. I wanted to be her toy. I wanted her to be my everything. She assured me that I would always be a free toy, and that if I ever felt uncomfortable, I would always be able to tell her. She made her best effort to be sure that I wasn’t rushing into things, that I wouldn’t make a choice I’d regret, but I’d been thinking about this my whole life.

She filed for conversion paperwork. We signed it, together. I let her have free reign over my default form, and with how many kinks I knew we shared, I was certain I’d love whatever she had in store.

She told me to head to my home, to finish up anything I had to do before leaving, to pack up the stuff I needed, and be ready to move to hers in the morning.

So that’s what I’m doing, writing this journal entry, and getting ready for tomorrow. It’s going to be an interesting experience, that’s for sure."

The sound of your alarm going off left you frustrated as you were suddenly roused from a comfortable rest. The annoyance vanished the moment you remembered what day it was.

It was hard to keep yourself from tripping as you excitedly grabbed everything you needed, got dressed, and headed out into the world.

Fia rang, and you picked up, “Hey! I’m on my way!” You said.

“Great! Everything’s ready for you when you get here! I love you!”

Your smile grew wider and you picked up the pace, eager to get to your destination, or maybe just excited to get away from your old life.

You knocked on her front door, and were immediately greeted by Fia, “Oh, you look different!” Her pure white complexion had been inverted, her entire body the classic black latex of old.

“Hi! Do you like it? It’s the default after conversion, I just thought you might like to preview it! Don’t worry, though, we can customise things however you want… Speaking of, I had another idea.”


“I think you mentioned being into certain… Scenarios, last we talked.” She hands you a small object.

You gulp, and take it, “What’s this?”

“While you’re holding down the button, everything you say will be forgotten the moment you release it. You can spill your heart’s desires to me, and I’ll know exactly what you’re comfortable with when I enact it, and you’ll have no idea what I’ll do. Sound fun?”

You were very into this idea. “Oh god yes.”

The next moment was bizarre. From your perspective, you pressed the button, intending to hold it down, but a moment later you realised you had just released it. What’s more, you were no longer in Fia’s apartment. You were somewhere dark, somewhere echoey and cold, and as your eyes adjusted, you realised you were in what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse.

You put the object down and carefully looked around, trying to make sense of the heavy machinery around you, but the moonlight trickling through the high-up windows was only enough to make out shapes.

“Hello?” Your voice echoes throughout the building, “Fia? Are you there?”

From around a corner came light and sound. You followed, hoping for a way out, and stumbled across a part of the facility that still seemed to be running. You couldn’t believe your eyes, “Wait… I thought these toys stopped being produced decades ago!”

The machinery was constructing a line of inanimate sex dolls, an ancient line with no sign of intelligence, barely a care for realism, and one hundred percent designed for pleasure. You found yourself staring at the beginning of the process, where barely formed lumps of dripping molten rubber came out from the moulding mill.


Uh oh.

A swarm of small flying drones encircled you, robotic arms reaching out with surprising strength to lift you into the air. Alarms blared all around, but there wasn’t a sign of any human response. Instead, the drones were managing you all by themselves, and bringing you to a part of the conveyor that was previously empty, one that went straight into… Oh no.

You struggled as your arms and legs were bound against the metal backing of the conveyor, keeping you upright as you were delivered into whatever was making the blanks. You could only watch as you were moved into the machine, and soon, the darkness within enveloped you, a wall closing behind.

For a moment there was silence. Then a slow rumble, followed by loud gurgling as a waterfall of thick scalding liquid spewed down onto your entire body. You thought you were going to die, but somehow the agony almost instantly passed, fading into a soft warmth, and eventually feeling like nothing. Like bare skin.

You couldn’t see or hear, but you felt the motion as the conveyor continued. You tried to wiggle in your restraints, only to discover it was even more useless than before. Your body seemingly didn’t want to respond to you. The gooey coating held firmly to your body, even as it should’ve been dripping away. In your panic, you hadn’t even realised you’d stopped breathing.

Bizarre thoughts filled your floaty head as you came to the realisation that you didn’t even have a mouth to open. It was like those muscles weren’t there. Like there weren’t muscles at all. What was happening to you? Were… Were you one of those blank dolls you saw on the production line?

You remembered what the next step you saw was, just in time for it to happen. Something thick pressed itself into where your mouth once was, pushing deeper and deeper until it felt like it was in your very core. The sensation of having no mouth was lessened, but what you had been given was clearly not a mouth. It couldn’t close, and the harder you tried, the more you salivated. No, not salivated. Lubricated.

You moaned out of your new fuck-hole maw, lube dripping down its plump lips onto the conveyor below. The next machine fulfilled a similar task, one that left you moaning even higher as a pair of tight fuckable latex holes were formed between your legs, each dripping and ready for anyone to use them.

Pleasure overwhelmed your mind. You felt like you had to resist, but a part of you knew the truth. You’d fantasised about this for years. You were into this. You weren’t just getting turned on by your new hypersensitive fuck-holes, you were getting turned on by what was happening to you.

The sensation of something clamping around your torso snapped you out of your delirium, and a powerful heat and burst of steam was followed by the sensation of your physique being perfectly remoulded for your new purpose. The mould detached around you, and without even needing to see, you know you had a wasp-thin waist and the kind of tits that only a sex doll like you could have.

Like you. A sex doll like you. You were a sex doll. It was undeniable, it felt right, it felt perfect, and it was feeling better with every change that was made. Another mould sealed around your thighs, pumping up your ass and thighs to their proper proportions, and filling you with the wonderful ecstasy of having the shape you always desired.

Vision was returned to you, an unnatural and forced vision granted by a pair of sultry lidded eyes painted onto your face. You couldn’t look around. You didn’t need to. All you needed to see was your new owner enjoying you.

The conveyor ended in another dark room, and once you were inside, it was filled with hot steam, and arms that perfectly posed you into your new permanent position. Arms to the side, legs spread, every fuck-hole available, just like the good doll you were.

You were unceremoniously dropped down a chute, an inanimate sex doll on a conveyor belt full of identical inanimate sex dolls. The packing machines folded them up one by one, fitting them into their boxes, until it was finally your turn. Your simple rubber mind floated in the mindless bliss of knowing you’ll soon have an owner.

Light flooded your cardboard box, opening to the sight of a beautiful being. She was so familiar to you, but all your memories were overwhelmed by the constant hum of ‘use me use me use me’ filling what little your rubberised brain had left.

She lifted you out of the box, and upon seeing that you were already in her bedroom, your fuck-toy instincts immediately got to work. Lube dribbled from your holes, your synthetic flesh generated heat for the comfort of your owner, and lust overwhelmed you. You needed it, you needed her, you needed her to fill you, you needed it so bad.

Her skirt fell to the floor, revealing a flat patch of latex between her legs. The disappointment you felt didn’t last long, though, because with a few simple touches, a hefty rubber length quickly grew from its place. You stared at it with all the desire your painted on eyes could muster, every second of waiting was agony. You were already staining her bedsheets with your artificial juices. ‘use me use me use ME USE ME USE ME

A white hot flash of lightning scattered through your mind as the tip of her length stretched out your toy-cunt, your ample lubrication letting it slide in with ease, even as the sensations of it left you entirely overwhelmed. The truth of your existence dug even deeper into your identity. You were a fuck-toy, a good little synthetic slut, to be used by whoever wanted to use you to their heart’s desire. You were just a thing. A fuckable, sexy, thing.

The deeper her length slid into your fuck-hole, the deeper you fell into your toy-like trance, begging that you could always feel like this, like a perfect little fuck-toy. Your body was busy at work, squeezing and pulsing down over her cock, perfectly engineered for providing your owner maximum pleasure. You could feel the rubber length pulsing in return, the delicious moans of your owner feeding your desperate lust as she approached orgasm, and finally, released her wonderful load deep into your internal reservoirs.

She went limp, panting happily and letting your inanimate form flop onto her chest. You could feel the noticeable bump in your belly against hers.

“God, I’m so glad you gave me all this fun, babe…”

You registered the praise, the wonderful reward of appreciation of your intended purpose. It felt perfect. You loved your owner.

“Mmmnhh… Okay, I had my fun, and so did you, so I think it’s time for the real thing, don’t you?” She pulled you off of her cock and flopped your inanimate form off to the side. “What did I set the release command to, again? Oh yes, your new serial number: ⫷⪂⨔⩖⫱⫽⫊⪤⫸.”

You let out a gasp as both mental capacity and animacy were returned to you, giving you full control of your body and mind. The wonderful feelings of being used were still there, but they weren’t overwhelming. It was an afterglow, one of being a perfect sex doll, but it soon felt like more. You looked down at your body, seeing your still-massive tits and sex doll physique, and blushed hard. You didn’t feel like a literal sex doll any more, but you definitely weren’t human, either, what with how glossy your skin was. Your lips were plump, closing them required effort, the painted mascara didn’t come off, and at the moment, you didn’t even care. You looked over at Fia. Fia! You finally recognised her! “Oh my gosh!” Your voice had changed, turning cute and bubbly, with a squeakiness that betrayed your body’s composition, “Did you plan all of this?!”

Fia giggled and wrapped her arms around you, “Of course not, silly, you did!” She kissed you on your lips, holding you tight. “It was a wonderful idea, and I just had to make it a reality for you!”

Your blush got even stronger. Everything you had ever imagined had happened to you in a single day. You had the perfect body, it could be changed however you wanted, and you had a girlfriend to help you enjoy your new life to its fullest extent. You could be anything you wanted, but as you looked down at your sex doll body, you thought to yourself,

“Maybe I can just stay like this for a while…”

“No rush, dear… We have all the time in the world!” Fia kissed you again, “And maybe later, we can go for ice cream!” She smiled at you, and you smiled back. Life was good.