let's get your personality into something a little more... modular
TF null identity-play bimbo inanimate

Kaye wasn’t expecting to wake up in a blank white room with padded walls and a padded floor, but sometimes you just can’t predict these things. They got up off of the soft floor and rose to their feet, looking around for any sign of an exit. Nope, a full rotation revealed no sign of any windows or doors to speak of, and nothing else in the room either–

“Hi there!”

They let out a yelp as someone suddenly grabbed their shoulders from behind, and rather rudely made her presence obvious. Peeking her head over their shoulder was a familiar pink bird, and no doubt the one responsible for this confusing situation.

“O-oh! Uh, hi Anna! Um, not to be rude, but why am I here?”

Giggling, she snapped her fingers, summoning a full body mirror before the two of them, and letting Kaye get a look at their body. “Why, I’m making sure your new form all works well, of course!”

Kaye had no idea how they didn’t realise they were a plastic doll before now. Well, not specifically a plastic doll, but something closer to one of one of those posable figures artists tend to reference from. Their entire body was an off-colour white, and seemed to be made entirely out of a rough hard plastic, one you might expect from a figure like this. They were made out of a couple dozen segments all connected together by different kinds of joints, and as they looked down at the two ball joints making up their pelvis, they noticed what was between. Or rather, what wasn’t. Their crotch was just another bit of rough white plastic, entirely smooth, and with no extra functionality to speak of. It took them a few moments to pull their eyes off of it, and bring it back up to their face. That was the only part of their body that was a softer kind of plastic, but it still looked similar to the hard stuff. They recognised it better than the rest of their body, and were pretty sure that it was the same face they had before.

Kaye had enough of examining their new body, and apparently Anna noticed, judging from how she was now pulling something out of the back of their head. Everything went fuzzy for a moment as it felt the click of something detaching from its head. Looking straight on in the mirror, it realised that it no longer had a face, and stranger still, it didn’t know what its face even was before. It was now just a round surface of hard plastic, and bringing its digit-less hands up to meet it, it realised that it now looked exactly like an oversized doll.

Anna finished popping a cylindrical canister out of the large port on the back of its head, and dropped it to the floor, “So, how do you feel?”

“I… Don’t know…” it responded, via a mouth it didn’t possess, and seeing through eyes it didn’t have.

“What is your name?”

“I don’t… Think I have a name? It’s not that I don’t know who I am, but… I reach for my identity, and there’s nothing there…”

“Oh, don’t worry, I can fix that!” Anna pulled up another canister, this one looking significantly pinker than the other, and carefully slotted it into the identity-less doll’s head. With a twist, it locked into place.

Anna gasped as her face formed from the blank shell she had just a moment ago, her white plastic beak hanging open as she gathered her bearings. Looking in the mirror, Anna realised that Anna was still standing right behind her. “Wait, but… I’m Anna! I know I’m Anna! And you’re… Also me? This is so weird!”

The real Anna grinned from the visceral re-identification the doll just went through, and how real her identity felt in its head, “Oh, silly you, there’s no reason there can’t be two of us, Anna!” She unlocked its identity again, immediately bringing it back to its blank state.

The doll tried to make sense of everything its mind was telling it, about all the different personalities and identities it was going through. It felt so weird, because they all felt so right at the time, but… So did this. In its entirely nullified state, it felt right, like it wasn’t even supposed to have an identity.

Anna finished pushing in the new canister during the time the null doll spent pondering, and as it locked into place, a loud moo emanated from the bovine face of the new cow, one that only got louder as she realised that a big plastic udder was forming on the lowest segment of her torso. “Mooooo!”

“Hee, how do you feel now?”

The cow said nothing but an even louder “Mooooooooo!~” in response, rubbing at the hard-shelled simulacrum of an udder she now had.

As the cow played with itself, Anna wondered about what other personalities she could introduce to the doll. Well, there weren’t really any limits to the canisters she could make for it, so really, the sky was the limit. Anything she wanted the doll to become, it would become. Really, she already proved that the doll’s identity was as malleable as clay, so she could already ship it back off to its owner, but there was one last thing she wanted to try with it…

The cow stopped its mooing the moment it stopped being a cow, the plastic of its body returning to its default null state as Anna prepped the next canister she wanted to try. Grinning to herself, she began to push a neon-pink cylinder into its empty head, but… She stopped. She had a better idea.

Anna pulled the canister back out, and pushed a button hidden in its side, one that slid open an equally hidden door into the canister’s internals. Four smaller cylinders made up its insides, all of them working to form the most bimbo identity it could muster, but that wasn’t what Anna was interested in right now. She picked up the original Kaye canister, and opened it up too. Within, were four more of the same miniature cores. Quickly and quietly, she swapped one of the four bimbo cores with one of the four Kaye cores, making it so that each would get a bit of the other, and closed them both back up.

“Anna? Were you going to give me a new identity?” The null doll asked.

“Of course!” She hefted up the mostly-bimbo core, pushed it into its identity socket, and soon locked it into place one last time.

Her eyes lit up the moment they formed on her face, followed by her plump lips dropping open as the bimboed-up Kaye squealed in excitement. “Omigosh, like, look at me! I’m so hawt!~” She leaned close enough to the mirror that Anna thought she might kiss it as she investigated her face, smacking and pouting her lips before returning to Anna. “Eeeeee! Anna, I like, totally want to suck your cock right now!”

Well, she couldn’t anticipate Kaye’s identity mixing so well with bimboness, but she wasn’t about to put her eagerness to waste. The bimbo’s eyes lit up even further as she watched Anna’s cock emerge from its sheathe, her mouth already watering.

“Pleasepleasepleaseplease! Omigosh, I need it so badly, Anna!”

She giggled from the slut’s sheer eagerness. This was absolutely one of the best ideas she’s ever had, but for now, she had higher priorities. “Oh, you’re ever so tempting! It’s a shame I have to get you shipped off so soon~”

The last expression the bimbo’s face held before being flattened back into nothing was one of adorable confusion, something that Anna relished as she prepared the canister that she’d be using whilst shipping the doll back to its owner. Slotting in a personality that somehow looked more blank than the doll body itself, what happened next was… Nothing. In fact, even less was happening than with no core at all, as now the doll was entirely motionless.

With the mannequin core successfully loaded, Anna got to work on packaging the inanimate doll. With a snap of her fingers, a panel opened from the ceiling, and a machine emerged from it, one loaded with a hefty roll of transparent plastic wrap that it was now applying to the nulled doll. A few minutes later, the entire thing was sealed taut in a thick layer of wrapping, and some more machinery picked it up in preparation for dropping it into its storage box. Anna threw in the containers she experimented with, along with a few extra ones that its owner might want to try out, and let the machinery seal the box shut with an application of tape.

“Gosh, I just know your owner’s going to love you like this. Well, off you go!” With one last snap of her fingers, the sealed cardboard box vanished from the blank room, sent off to be delivered to its intended recipient.