Ivy's Pet

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Thinking back on the topic, Ian would find it interesting how his fate would end up sealed by the single breath of that green gas he took, but right now, he thought nothing of it. A strange plant-like smell was all he registered as he inhaled the perfectly-timed release of gas from the nearby sewer grating.

It was only half an hour later when he started to feel something different. He had no desire to go straight home, and instead wanted to take a detour through one of the shadier parts of town, an area run-down and filled with various abandoned buildings and factories. Paradoxically enough, if the desire was any stronger, he would’ve known something was wrong. With the low level of desire implanted in his head, however, he only thought to himself “Sure, why not?” as he re-planned his route home.

Poison Ivy had to be careful about her next move. It was definitely risky, choosing a dragon as her first victim, but she didn’t have time to slowly assimilate her way up the food chain. Not this time. She definitely found it odd that there was no one dominant species of the planet she had been brought to, but it didn’t really affect her plans too much. First, tame the local wildlife, second, get some defence, and then start to take over the urban areas. A relatively low-population planet like this, she was sure she could dominate it.

The dragon grew near, and the next part of her plan took effect.

“Huh, this place looks a lot nicer than I remember it being,” Ian walked through the unpopulated streets, with nobody else in sight. To his surprise, there was a significant level of wildlife taking over the area, with vines crawling over the buildings and grass breaking through the asphalt. It made the place look like it had been untouched by civilization for decades, when in reality it had been far less than that. The dragon could spot a wild hare hop through the underbrush, its ears turning towards him before it ran back out of sight.

Unknown to him, all the plants around him had been modified to produce the same hypnotic spores that had lead him here in the first place.

The further Ian walked, the more relaxed he became, to the point where he hadn’t noticed he was no longer walking towards his home. He went down overgrown alleyways and through buildings that looked like ancient ruins, until he reached a clearing of sorts. It might have been a small park at one point, but now it had become a jungle. The thick canopy above filtered the sunlight, leaving everything with a green tint before him. This included the almost-naked woman that had stepped out in front of him.

Vines clinged to her body as if they were clothes, but there wasn’t nearly enough to obscure her nudity. Ian couldn’t tell if it was because of the tinted sunlight, but even her skin looked green. She spoke, “Hello, pet.”

Ian’s head was clouded with the haze brought on by the spores. Processing the words the woman had just said as being anything but correct took him a fair few seconds, “W-wait… What? I’m not… Who are you?”

“Mmm, you won’t have to worry about who I am for much longer…” She stepped forward towards Ian, somehow still able to dominate over him despite the fact that he was almost a foot taller than her. She spoke as she circled him, “I am Poison Ivy. I will take over this world, and use it entirely for my own desires. You will be at my side, both protecting me and helping me do so.”

Again, his thoughts were sluggish and muddied by the spores growing deep in his brain, “I-I… N-no, I need to… Get out of here, warn people!”

Poison Ivy tutted, pretending that she wasn’t glad her victim hadn’t succumbed to her control so easily, “Now now, pet, you need to remember your place…” She placed a hand on his shoulder, tiny vines growing from the point of contact and crawling up Ian’s head. Within seconds they had reached their way to the top of his head and began to slide into his ears.

The control from the gas alone was nothing compared to what direct neural interfacing from Ivy’s plant life would accomplish. Almost immediately, Ian groaned as he fell to his knees, now at a much more comparable height to Ivy than before. She stood before him, staring down into his eyes as her control over his mind grew ever stronger.

“Grrrraaahh! Y-you can’t just… Grrrhh…” Ian could feel a more simplistic and feral mindset take over his personality. It was still him, but now closer to a pet than a person. Just as Ivy had said.

“Shh… Hush now, pet… Just look into my eyes…”

Ian had no capacity to disobey her commands. He looked up, and stared deep into her vivid green eyes. If they had been whirlpools, then what was left of Ian’s resistance would simply be leaves falling into them. All of the tension in his body was released as he inevitably gave into her hypnotic trance.

“Now, pet, you will give me many things… You will give me your protection, you will give me your sole affection, and if need be, you will give me your life,” Ivy held his chin as he slumped lower to the floor, still gazing deeply into her eyes, “In return, I will give you a great many gifts, starting, first and foremost, with the gift of power…”

Ian growled as something stirred deep within him, some primal instinct that had been buried by hundreds of millennia of evolution. Thousands of vines grew from the ground and wrapped around his body, starting to release a thick orange sap that coated him. Ian’s animalistic groans grew deeper as the vines began to invade his body. His ass was penetrated by thick vines, easily sliding in with the lubrication provided by the sap. Both the plant-life and the mental control worked to keep him still as the vines continued to grope wherever they could reach. The sap increased his sensitivity wherever it contacted his body, meaning that he enjoyed the penetration far more than he would’ve liked to admit. He opened his mouth to moan, and a flood of ever more vines followed inside. He was being invaded from both ends, and he could feel more and more of the sap being pumped deep into him.

A crack of bones and skin lead him to realise that more was going on than he realised. His body was re-setting its skeletal structure, helped along by the vines around him. A cacophony of various cracks and breaks filled his ears, but to his surprise, he could feel no pain from any of it. His spine was repeatedly snapping as it grew more vertebra, and his bipedal bone structure was being warped and twisted to something that would be much more reminiscent of one of the wild dragons that roamed the planet long ago.

Every aspect of his body was being changed. The sap had soaked through and into the deepest parts of his flesh, and was actively mending the tissues damaged by his reconfiguration. Except, instead of meat and bones, what was taking its place was products of Poison Ivy’s accelerated and advanced plant life. Wood-based natural nano-weave filled in for broken bones, blood-carrying plant matter augmented broken flesh, and every aspect of his body became in some way or another powered by Ivy’s plants. Once the process was complete, he would be more plant than animal. Specifically, Ivy’s plant. Ivy’s pet.

Poison Ivy looked in on the cocoon the vines had become. Even from the outside, you could tell that whatever was inside had more than tripled in size. She waited patiently as her plants did their work, consuming many of the resources she had available. It took almost all of her stockpiled nature energy to perform this transformation, but she knew it would be worth it.

A few minutes later, the various noises coming from inside the cocoon ceased. Ivy went to the front of the amalgam, and pressed her palm against the imperceptible seam in the middle. With her touch, the entire thing began to fall aside, and the beast within awoke with a deafening roar. The massive creature erupted from the cocoon as it opened, running a ring around the jungle clearing in what felt like just a moment. The area had previously seemed relatively big, but now with the plant-augmented Eastern Dragon flying around the place, it felt a lot smaller than it did before.

Ivy let out a whistle, and in an instant the dragon calmed itself and came to her side, lowering its head before her. Ivy gave its snout a pat, “Good pet.”

Deep down, Ian was still in there. His mind was now more vines than brain matter, so in a sense, treating Ivy as his Mistress and wanting to protect her at all costs was simply basic logic. Now that he was a previously-extinct species, he really saw no need not to simply obey his Mistress’ every desire, along with helping the rest of the planet succumb to her will.