Just Fuck Ookami Up

a whole kinky mess
TF bimbofication food TF vore parasite corruption identity death

“So uh, where are we?” Ookami asked.

“Oh, just a pocket dimension!” Anna tapped away at a device on her wrist, sliding her gaze between that and the suspicious-looking circle on the ceiling.

The grey-rubber wolf stepped over to one of the four walls of the room, “It sure feels like a pocket, this place is tiny! What was wrong with the old pocket dimension we were in?”

“Nothing, really, it’s just that this has better state saving capabilities! That’s easier when you don’t have as much space to deal with, and I think we might need it for what I have planned next.”

Ookami gulped, “Uh, what do you have planned, Anna?”

“No idea!” The pink bird grinned, “I made a simple copy of my personality and uploaded it to a fully stocked potion station,” she pointed at the circle on the ceiling, “It can basically do whatever it wants to us! Hence, the save state.”

“Jeez, are you sure you want to be so vulnerable to yourself?”

Initiate save state, full auto-recovery active,” She spoke into her wrist device. A grid of blue energy lowered upon the pair from the ceiling, travelling down and scanning their bodies as it reached the floor. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fun! Okay Machanna, you may begin!”

Ookami didn’t get a chance to make fun of Anna for her ridiculous naming schemes before the circle on the ceiling came to life. It split into a segmented aperture, each blade sliding open until the machinery within was fully visible. It looked like a horrific mess of tubing, cogs, and other mechanical abominations, all clearly designed for their own uses. For this first activation barely a thing inside moved, except for one small pipe that began to blast a thick pink gas into the room.

“Ugh, seriously, me? Bimbofication gas, that’s what you start off with? Real creative…” Anna crossed her arms and huffed as the effects of the pink smoke began to take hold. Expanding their way out from the cradle of her arms, her tits began to rapidly inflate with magically-induced mass. Her bodily proportions turned from almost reasonable to cartoonishly exaggerated, her butt inflating out as her waist thinned out into wasp-like proportions. The middle of her bimbofied hourglass figure was barely wider than her neck.

Ookami, standing a little further from the gas port, had a few seconds to watch Anna’s changes before he started to feel them himself. The fear he felt was quickly purged from his shrinking mind by the bimbofication gas that replaced it. Being a lot less prepared for the mental changes than Anna, he got the full brunt of its effects. His eyes turned into a pair of spirals as a dumb grin grew from his inflating lips, and a girly giggle came out from between them. His giggling became lustful moaning as a pair of tits inflated their way onto his chest. Cupping his hands around the already-massive mounds of rubbery flesh, he gave them a squeeze and moaned out, arching his back. In his vulnerable new position, the inflation of his hips and ass jutted him forwards enough to knock him off his legs and onto his bouncy tits, the dumb bimbo moaning all the while.

Anna gave a slutty giggle of her own, but it was clear that she did a better job of fighting the changes than Ookami, “Gosh, look at you! Those plump lips should definitely wrap their way around my cock, but I’m like, totally lacking one now! Oh well, I’m sure you’ll find something to sucky on!”

The hypnotised bimbo tried a few times to get onto his feet, but with how heavy his beanbag-sized tits and mega-plumped ass were, all he could do was wobble fruitlessly, moaning all the while. Looking up, he saw the ceiling machine open up once more, and a dumb grin grew on his face. “Yay, more fun stuff!”

This time, something that looked a lot like a gun aimed itself out from the mess of machinery and pointed itself at the bimbo wolf. A dart shot out from it, hitting him right in his swollen tush, and the machine closed itself back up.

“Like, owie!” He giggled.

Even if he was in too deep a stupor to realise what was happening, Anna still got a clear look at things. Standing behind him, she watched as his legs began to melt together, merging into a single limb that only grew longer and thicker. The rubber of Ookami’s surface formed itself into a scale pattern, one intermingled with flecks of bimbo pink on his growing snake tail.

Anna stepped out of the way as the wolf’s tail stretched to ever greater lengths until it was so big that it was forced to coil up against the walls of the small pocket dimension. By the time it finished growing, it was long enough that Ookami could encircle the entire room with ease.

“Aw, come on, how come he gets a lamia tail and I don’t?!” Anna whined, but quietened down upon realising that Ookami’s arms were melting down too. They merged against his tits until they flattened out into nothingness, the limbs now nothing more than a little extra mass in his bosom. “Okay fine, naga tail I guess.”

The naga-bimbo wobbled up onto his coils, the thickness of his tail more than enough to help support his ridiculously-proportioned body upright. “Like, omigosh, I’m like, so hot!~” He happily squeezed his massive tits together before slapping his scale-covered bubble-butt.

Hopping onto his tail, Anna leaned back and sighed happily, her own bimbo tits wobbling as she waited for what her mechanical self had next in store.

She didn’t need to wait long. The machine opened back up, and a fountain of what looked like milk poured out from it before it closed again.

“Seriously? Who would be dumb enough to fall for an obvious trap like—”

“Ooh, I’m like, totally thirsty, thankies cute robot!” The naga slid his way over to the puddle on the ground and eagerly lapped it up.

Anna let out an ‘oof’ as she was knocked to the ground from the bimbo-naga’s rapid motion, and sighed. “Fair enough!” She leaned against a wall and crossed her arms over her giant tits, smirking as she watched the giggly snake realise that maybe the milk might not just be milk.

“Like, omigosh, Anna, I got more boobies!” Ookami giggled as he shook the sloshing mass of the growing udders beneath him. He could barely see them over his regular tits, and he didn’t exactly have the arms needed to push them out of the way, so he resorted to contorting his snake-like body around until they were practically stuffed in his face. All the while, a pink-and-white spotted pattern grew across his snake tail, solidifying the bimbo cow appearance.

“Oh my gosh just give him something to shut him up already!” Anna whined at the machine, “And stop giving him things I can be jealous of!”

Another food item dropped from the ceiling. A carrot. Naturally, the brainless bimbo-snake-cow dove straight for it, chomping it down in just a few bites. The changes wasted no time in making themselves obvious.

“Hee haww!!” He blurted out, the shape of his face suddenly changing. His muzzle swelled out into that of a donkey, retaining the plump bimbo lips he had before. Another series of donkey brays came out of his mouth as he slowly realised that talking was out of the question. “Hawwww!”

Ookami was a chimera mess. Every inch of his body had been fucked up in all manner of different ways. A giant sloshing udder, a long coiling snake tail, a donkey head, and giant bimbo tits, no part of his body was recognisable as even being human-adjacent. Even his brain was left scrambled, the effects of the bimbofication and turning into a donkey combining to leave him with the intelligence of a particularly mindless animal.

One last piece of food dropped from the ceiling: A little rectangular wafer biscuit, its layers packed with chocolate.

Anna grinned as she watched the donkey-minded bimbo reach for the tiny morsel, gobbling it down in an instant. For a few moments, he was left sitting there, crumbs falling out of his maw, but it didn’t take long for its effects to take place.

“Hee hawww!!”

As if synchronised by some external clock, all of his skin began to change at once. Gone was the rubbery grey sheen, in its place a much rougher texture taking shape. You didn’t have to look close to realise that his body was now made of the very same stuff as the biscuit itself.

All down his body rows of edible wafers were interlaced with a soft gooey chocolate. It dripped down his voluptuous curves as if it was sweat dripping from his pores, and the wafer-creature looked down at his body in fear.

Giggling, the bimbo Anna jumped over to the giant living biscuit and stroked her hand down his tail, feeling the wafer material crumbling and mixing with the melting chocolate, “Gosh, you look delicious! Don’t worry though, as much as I might want to, I won’t eat you! That would be mean even for me—ow!”

She was a little too bimbofied to realise that she was stepping directly into the ceiling circle’s line of fire. A dart shot out and sank directly into her belly, getting absorbed within her in an instant.

“I like, totally forgot about that…” Anna lurched forwards as her belly suddenly began to grow, her body losing the wasp-waist proportions and gaining the biology needed to do a lot more eating than before. She tried to fight the urges flooding her mind, but it was too late. A deep, powerful hunger built up within her mind and belly, one that she couldn’t hope to resist. As her eyes dawned on the giant wafer biscuit before her, saliva dribbled from her beak.

“Hawww!! Hee hawWWW!!” With hunger-lust building in Anna’s eyes, what little left of Ookami in the hybrid mess knew that he had to get away. He began to slither, but it was too late. Anna grasped the donkey’s neck, and his fate was sealed.

She stretched her mouth out wider than she ever had before, and stuffed Ookami’s head directly inside. The heeing and hawwing grew silent as her belly eagerly gobbled it up, but Anna wasn’t ready to stop there. She tugged at his sides, her jaw unhinging ever wider as it began to take in the sheer width of his voluptuous torso. The bird’s body was stretching to ungodly proportions, the dart forcing it to be stretchy enough to take anything.

Anna’s eyes rolled back in their sockets from the incredible pleasure of feeding her uncontrollable hunger. It took a bit of crushing and chewing, but the biscuit’s tits were finally making their way into her belly, and the rest of its long body would be smooth sailing. The bimbo snake’s giant ass took a little work, but once that was shoved inside the rest of his tail practically fell down her gullet.

“Ah!” She gasped, wobbling backwards as the last of the delicious biscuit’s tail flicked down her throat. Looking down at her belly, she realised another problem. “Oh, um, I might have to lose some weight after this…” Her belly was splayed out across the floor like a pancake. Her rolls of fat entirely enveloped her legs, and there was absolutely no chance of her being able to move at this point. “Hey uh, Robo-Anna or whatever, mind lending me a hand?”

The ceiling port opened up one last time, and shot one last dart. It didn’t exactly have to aim, what with Anna being spread out across most of the room.

The bimbo pancake waited patiently for something to happen. With any luck, it would be something beneficial, and it looks like she was going to get her wish. Little by little, her belly began to pull inwards, the literal tons of fat vanishing back into her. After a few minutes of it all getting sucked back in she was finally able to make it back to her feet, albeit a little wobbly. Not all of her fat disappeared, though, her tits and ass were still as bimboed as ever.

“There. That’s better! Wait… What is…” She looked down at a lump on her belly, one that didn’t quite look like fat. Instead, it looked like something else familiar, “I’m pregnant now?! With what?”

Her legs buckled as her womb began to answer that question for her. Strangely enough, despite feeling that something was trying to make its way out, it didn’t feel like her body was the one in control. It took her a few moments, but by the time she saw its tip poking out, she realised something more than a little icky. “A slug?!”

The rubbery grey slug sliding its way out of her cunt dripped with a dirty green ooze as it slid over her body. Too paralysed from confusion she had no chance to react to its surprisingly fast movements, and by the time she realised what was happening, it was too late. In the span of just a few seconds the Ookami slug slid up between her cleavage and into her ear.

Anna desperately tried to pull the slug back out, but it was too slippery to get a grip on. In addition to making it too slick to grab, the goo also left her ear-hole stretchy enough for it to simply squeeze inside, “No! D-don’t go in there, stop that, I—” Her thoughts suddenly clouded over with a far thicker fog than the bimbo gas ever could’ve given her. She felt the churning of the slug as it turned her brains to mush and took over as the pilot in her body. Soon enough, her mind was left to the wayside, and the slug happily merged into place inside her head.

Her body’s hands raised into the air as if pulled by puppet strings, her movements stiff and janky with an unfamiliar pilot in control. A groaning moan emanated from her beak as she squeezed her arms around her tits, and it was only accentuated once her hands reached down to her cunt. She huffed as her body began to secrete the very same green ooze as the slug itself, and soon enough, more slugs began to make their way out from her womb. They had the same Ookami colours, but instead of size they had numbers. By the time her womb was empty, dozens of regular-sized slugs were crawling their way over her.

One of her hands made a thrusting motion against her clit, as if it was trying to masturbate something. After a few seconds of fruitless motions, the clit began to grow from the little nub it was left as into an ever-lengthening cock. Her body’s hands were around it as soon as it was big enough to hold, and mere seconds later cum spurted from its tip. The slug controlling Anna slowly got better at the whole shape-shifting thing, and soon enough the cock was getting bigger. It wasn’t satisfied to just rub it. It needed something in her mouth.

Both hands were around the already unnaturally-large length as it began to squeeze its way between her slimy tits. Her growing balls churned out a few loads of cum along the way, leaving her body’s green ooze mixed with white, and finally it was long enough to bring into her body’s mouth. The slug was hungry, its repeatedly-broken mind desperate to taste cock once more, and the moment it got its wish, Anna’s body came. Cum spurted down her throat as the slug happily puppeted her body, the rest of the slugs crawling around every inch and invading every hole they could find.

The cycle of pleasure was never-ending. The brainfucked Anna had no say in the matter, and the Ookami slug only wanted ever more pleasure. Minutes passed with nothing changing but the schlick-sounds of the slug-possessed Anna’s self-fuck loudening.

Five minutes of mental inactivity detected. Auto-recovery initiated.” A robotic voice blared through the room. Another energy grid lowered from the ceiling, and unlike the previous one it was red. As it passed over Anna’s parasite-corrupted body, it simply vanished, leaving the room empty by the time it was done.

A green grid was next. Coming up from the floor, it constructed the frozen environment saved by the blue grid just an hour ago. Once it was done, Anna and Ookami were standing right where they used to be, as if nothing had ever happened.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun! Okay Machanna, you may begin!” Anna waited for something to happen, but nothing did. She looked down at her wrist in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Ookami asked.

“Oh wow. Turns out we already did all of it an hour ago! Huh. I wonder what happened to require a full recovery… What do you say we go check the tapes?”

Ookami pouted, “Aw, I was hoping we could do something fun together, but that works too.”

With a flash of light, Anna and Ookami vanished from the room, and the pocket dimension was empty once more.