Khloe's Lovely Phallic Fate

nothing fancy, just foxes becoming cockses
cock TF

(companion piece!)

The two friends were giggling as they idly cuddled. Khloe wrapped his tails around Anna and kissed her beak, and she soon returned the favour by holding him close and giving his cheek a smooch.

“Gosh, Anna, I don’t remember you being this cuddly!” Khloe giggled to himself, rubbing himself against her in his usual cute-mixed-with-lewd way.

“I was just in the mood for it! And anyway, I thought you would like the contrast with what’ll soon be happening~” Anna grinned.

“Well, it’s nice, no matter why you're doing it—Wait, what? What’s gonna be happening??” He tilted his head. Khloe was pretty used to the lewd fun Anna usually got up to with him, and she was always kind enough to turn him back eventually, so he was pretty excited at the prospect of Anna’s latest dose of playfulness!

“Mmm~ Why spoil it? I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough!” Anna gave him another kiss on his snout before moving her hand down between the fox’s legs, giggling softly to herself.

“Ooh!” Khloe shivered as she touched his dick, its softness soon hardening under her grasp, “So that’s what you’re gonna be doing today!”

“Not quite…” Once Anna was satisfied with his hardness, she began to pull back his foreskin and provide herself ample working room, as she soon slowly slid her claw into his urethra.

“O-oh my! That feels weird!” Another shiver rushed through Khloe’s body.

“I’ve only just started, foxie!” Anna began to press down, her claw pushing his urethra downwards in a way that was not quite natural. His cock wasn’t being pushed, more like it was being reshaped by the movements of her hand. She carefully guided Khloe’s urethra between his legs, helped by the now slightly moaning Khloe arching backwards from pleasure. Soon, his cock had shrank all the way back into his body, pushing his balls with them, and all that was left was the hole of his urethra on the surface.

“Eep, a-are you going to give me a slit??” He was blushing now.

“Of a sort… But I’m quite sure you’ve never had something like this before~” Her claw was back into his urethra hole, another one on the other side entering as she began to stretch the hole out, widening it further and further until it stretched along his entire taint. But somehow, Khloe could still clearly feel that it was a urethra, “Enjoying yourself, foxie?”

“Nngh… Y-yeah!! I-it’s lovely!” Khloe bit his lip and squirmed from the sensation of Anna toying with his body.

“Good! Now, bring your legs up to your chest, dear~”

He obliged, holding his legs tightly to his chest, as per Anna’s instructions.

“Good foxie!” She snapped her fingers, and suddenly Khloe’s body felt a lot weirder and much less solid. With ease, Anna was already pushing his legs into his body, merging them into him. Anna’s hands slid up and down his now-sensitive body as she pushed his legs into his torso. Soon enough, all previous signs of Khloe having legs had entirely disappeared, with only an increased girth of his torso and two bumps on his pelvis in their wake. Two bumps that looked suspiciously like the glans of a penis.

Khloe figured out what she was doing now, and he had no problems with it what so ever, “Ooh… What a naughty bird!”

Anna giggled, and repeated the procedure of merging limbs into torso with his arms, rubbing them repeatedly as they melted into his torso and again provided a bit of extra girth. Anna was no longer trying to hide his fate, and was thus making his body look distinctly cock-like. Once she was done and Khloe was left looking like a big flabby penis with a fox’s head, she stood. “I’m pretty sure you know what I want you to do now, Khloe!”

He nodded and opened his maw, ready to take her cock. Anna wasted no time, and quickly stuffed the fox’s mouth full of her length as she had done plenty of times before, but this time she had a lot more of a permanent residence in mind.

For a few seconds she was just idly fucking his mouth for fun, but as her pre leaked into his maw things began to change. For one, it was far more sticky than it had any right to be, and soon Khloe was entirely unable to rock his head back and fourth. His mouth was firmly stuck onto her cock, which made the fox blush quite a bit. The blushing wasn’t helped by the fact that Anna was now squeezing his fox head, pushing him firmly down further than he already was, and soon enough, his malleable body was merging into hers.

With the rest of him already a cock apart from his twin tails, he was fully ready to accept his fate as Anna’s giant fox-penis. He moaned for as long as he could before his mouth had faded away and his throat turned into a tunnel of cum. His fox-like features were quickly disappearing, and soon his face had vanished into the base of Anna’s new cock. As one final tease on Anna’s part, his gooey tails began to swirl around his penis body, forming a double helix that quickly began to merge into him. Once everything was complete, he was left with a subtle spiral stripe down his entire length.

Surprisingly, he could still feel his insides in this new form, it was just that now there was only one kind of insides he had: A single long tube that was already full of her cum, with pre now leaking out of his sensitive urethra-hole. Gosh, that felt so good. He wondered how it would feel to cum, but Anna stroking his body told him that it wouldn’t take long to find out. All the pleasure of approaching the edge filled his body, and he was already throbbing with it. He could tell that Anna had adjusted her balls accordingly, because as they both cummed an utterly massive wave of cum shot through his body, making the once-fox bulge as it splattered bucket-loads of cum all over the wall.

“Mmm~ Thanks, Khloe! I’ll make sure to get some good use out of you!”