Latex Spider

teasing your friends about being webbed up leads to this
TF drider doll

“So um, Anna, not that I’m not enjoying this, but why exactly did you ask me to go on a cave tour out of the blue?” Janine asked.

Anna draped her arm over the bat’s shoulder and laughed, “Pssh, why wouldn’t you want to go spelunking with me? It’s fun!”

Following behind the rest of the tour group, Janine whispered, “Yeah, but, I’m pretty sure you always have a deeper agenda to things than just enjoyment…”

“Okay fiiiine, I’ll stop leading you on.” Anna snapped her fingers, and suddenly everything went dark.

Janine freaked out a little and stumbled around in the pitch-black cave, trying to get her footing in the darkness, but it didn’t take long for the cave’s lighting to come back to life. Only, this time, the bat was entirely alone. Both the tour group and Anna were gone, and even more mysteriously, there seemed to be a lot more cob webs than there were before.

“Anna? Where are you?!” Hearing no response, all Janine could do was walk forwards on the path in hopes she’d at least make her way out of the place soon, but for the time being all she found was more of those strangely large webs. She had to duck to avoid one of them hanging above the trail, and getting close, she realised it wasn’t normal webbing at all. It looked like thick strands of shiny black material, dripping with goo. Unfortunately, with her attention captivated by the webs above, Janine failed to realise she was about to step into a full-size web of her own.

“Gah!” She tried to break free of the latex webbing, but it was far stronger than she thought it would be. Her struggling only got more of her body stuck to the gooey webs, and it wasn’t long before she was entirely immobilised. “Anna, stop this! Let me out!!”

“Now, Janine, why would I want to do that?” She heard Anna’s voice from above, but there was a certain inflection to it that she didn’t have before. Janine’s head was too stuck to get a good look at first, but as soon as Anna descended into view, Janine realised what she did.

Anna was a spider, or at least her lower half was. Janine had some memories of such a thing being called a Drider, but being directly faced with one made things hard to recall. Her eight legs clattered as they climbed down the cave wall, and soon Janine was face to face with the bird’s giant new form.

“Hello again, dear~ I see you’ve managed to get yourself trapped! I’m sure that was entirely unintentional, of course. There’s no way you’d be desperate for me to hold you ensnared…” Her still bird-like face grinned down at the webbed Janine. The top half of her body looked identical, but the moment things reached her pelvis, the pink feathers disappeared to make way for the giant carapace of her arachnoid abdomen. What’s more, the exoskeleton was definitely glossier than it had any right to be, and a trail of gooey latex dripping from the tip of her abdomen made it clear that Anna’s rubberiness persisted within her new form.

“Uh, I—oh god…” Janine couldn’t help but blush at the sight of Anna’s Drider body. Even if she wasn’t so firmly stuck to her interweaved latex webbing, she would have found it hard to resist her charms. “W-what are you going to do?…”

“Why, what does any spider do with her prey?” Without waiting for an answer, Anna plucked her from the webbing and lifted her beneath her abdomen. Janine had only a moment to see her frightened yet blushing face reflected in her latex carapace before Anna began weaving her webbing around her. Twisting her around, a thick cocoon of gooey rubber built itself up from her tied-together legs up to her thighs, at which point it squeezed her hands beneath the webbing, holding them to her sides as Anna spun her cocoon around her body. “Don’t worry, I’ll leave a hole for you to breathe through, dear~”

The endless spinning left Janine lost in the sensations of being so tightly embedded, with the powerful bonds of Anna’s latex webs holding her encased. She couldn’t even bring herself to squirm, even as the glossy silk rose above her neck and sealed her face inside. Once the thick rubber cocoon was complete, Anna unceremoniously dropped her to the cave floor, and the impact was almost entirely nullified by the thick rubber that sealed her body. Janine was still left dizzy from the few minutes of spinning, but she quickly realised something important: She could still breathe. Anna was right, she must have left some kind of hole or funnel at the top of her head that gave her just enough room to breathe through.

After giving her a few minutes to settle, Anna picked the cocooned Janine back up off the floor, and spun out a few webs to attach to both her head and the ceiling. Within seconds, Janine was left suspended and trapped within her shiny prison. “Now… That little breathing hole I left for you wasn’t just for your sake, my dear… I’m not sure if you can hear it, but my abdomen is sloshing with liquid latex right now, and not the kind I’m interested in pulling into webs. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be ready for you in a few seconds~”

Janine gulped. She could hear the clattering of Anna’s many legs as she navigated herself above the bat’s suspended position, and it didn’t take long before she felt something dripping onto her head. It was the liquid latex, and it was coming down fast. It instantly began soaking down over her head and face, leaving her even deeper trapped within more layers of latex than before, and it didn’t stop there. She felt the cold liquid squeeze between her skin and the cocoon, slipping down her neck and over her torso. It wasn’t long before even her legs were getting a gooey coating of their own, and once the liquid reached her feet, it began to pool up. With the level of the liquid latex rising up her body, it reached everywhere it missed before, and left her entirely submerged within Anna’s goo.

Anna sighed with relief, “Ahh, you have no idea how good it feels to get all of that out~ Oh my, and look at you!” The Drider climbed her way back down to ground level and looked up at Janine, “All that latex is already seeping through your cocoon and merging with it… Gosh, it does look pretty as one big smooth surface! With it managing to merge with such a thickly wound web, I can’t help but wonder how deeply it’s soaking into your body…”

The realisation that she didn’t even need to breathe any more hit Janine like a sack of bricks. “Oh god, it’s already absorbing me,” She thought to herself, “I can barely feel my body… I don’t feel solid at all!” The bat tried to squirm, tried to simply prove that she could move at all, but it was impossible. Her muscles were a part of the rubbery stew her body had become, and the bizarre sensations of her latex flesh merging with the cocoon around her only intensified the realisation of what was happening to her.

Propping herself up with her back legs, Anna reached up to the hardening cocoon and plucked it from the web, holding the much lighter Janine in her arms. “Gosh, enjoying yourself in there, dear? Don’t worry, the moment you’re done, we’re heading deeper into the cave so I can have some fun with you~”

Janine gasped as she felt her mouth open, or at least, she tried to. It didn’t take her long to realise that her maw wasn’t exactly connected to anything but the tube in her throat, and feeling herself drooling gooey lube made it clear that it was little more than a hole to be used. A degree of vision returned to her, but it felt like it was filtered by something, and what’s more, she had no eyelids to speak of. Her eyes were blank orbs indented into the surface of her smooth rubber face, not even deserving of a separate colouring to the black latex of her body. A little movement returned to her, but once she realised how little she had left to move, she knew that she couldn’t exactly manage much more than wriggling uselessly. She tilted her head down, and saw that her legs were still merged together into a single unit, and her arms were barely bumps on either side of her torso.

Anna whistled to herself as she scampered down deeper into the cave, carrying her cocoon-made rubber-toy along with her. “Gosh, we’re going to have so much fun!”