Like Putty in Her Hands

yeah, your rich friend is a jerk, but at least it was a fun spa day!
unwilling TGTF

“Dude, are you sure you want to spend this much on me? For an entire day at the most expensive spa in the city?”

“Don’t worry, I can totally afford it! And I promise you, you’ll love it!”

“Ugh, okay, fine, I’m nearly here anyway,” Ian hung up on his friend. His annoying, really rich friend, that was somehow just not-rich-jerk enough for the two of them to have befriended back in their childhoods.

An entire day at the Nue-U spa. He couldn’t even find out how much that must have cost him, as the website only had the “contact us for further information” code word for “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”. He promised to himself he would smack his friend the next time he saw him.

He was in the part of town he had never really visited before, one of the many parts that were just far too upper-class for him. He swore he could feel eyes glaring at the back of his head, the residents judging his cheap baggy clothing as he walked. Luckily, he soon enough arrived at the Nue-U spa, and could escape from the public crowds.

The moment he entered the building, it was like he was transported to a whole new place. Gone were the smells of the city, replaced by air so freshened that the spa probably paid to have it imported, and a heat and humidity that was practically perfect. The large entry hall was a mix of contrasting sleek modernist design and an older design that looked like it would be fit for Buckingham Palace. The place was rich.

In the time Ian spent looking around, a greeting person had walked up to him, “Hello, and welcome to the Nue-U facility! Please tell me your name, so we can appoint you appropriately,” The woman had an outfit that somehow managed to match the aesthetic of the rest of the place, extravagant in the right places and sleek white latex in the rest. She was holding some sort of tablet device, probably ready to look through the booking list to see if he was on it. He hoped his friend hadn’t pranked him, and left him here embarrassed.

“My name is Ian, but my friend Robin Eastarch is the one who booked my appointment here,”

She searched through her list for a few seconds, humming to herself before finding the entry that matched him, “Welcome, Ian! Please take the elevator up to the fifth floor, an escort will be there waiting for you,” The woman left.

Well, I guess that’s that…” Ian walked towards the elevators, not really in any rush. It looked like they required authorization to open, but as soon as he got near, authorization seemed to be automatically granted to him. “Huh, maybe there’s cameras…

He entered the elevator, once again even it matching the sleek decor of the building. It didn’t even have a control panel, but the reason for that was quickly answered by the synthetic voice seemingly eminating from all around him:

Please state the name of the floor you wish to depart.

“Uhh, floor five, please,” The elevator began moving, even its momentum feeling right for the building. It was constant acelleration, followed by constant decelleration, leaving him at the right floor in just a few seconds.

Another woman was waiting there for him, with a similar outfit to the one who greeted him, “Hello Ian, please follow me.”

He didn’t hesitate, following quick on her tail as she guided him through the place. Up here, the architecture was entirely modern, tons of glass separating rooms, with white tiles in most places and other waterproof materials everywhere else. It looked like a mix between a spa and a laboratory.

They stopped at one of the many glass-divided rooms of the floor, empty but for a bed and another latex-clad woman, this time with a far freer outfit.

“Please enter, your Masseuse will take over now,” Once again, the escort left the moment her job was done.

He stepped into the room, looking around him as he did so. It was pretty large, and only had a single towel-covered massage table right in the middle of the room. As the door slid closed behind him, all the glass walls of the room suddenly became fogged and translucent, giving the two of them all the privacy they wanted, “So uh, hey. Who are you?”

Her voice was loud and clear, filling the room with its dominance, “I am the Masseuse. I will be taking care of your treatment for the day. Please, lie down.”

He had to admit, this place was nothing like he imagined. He assumed it’d just be maybe some sauna time, a massage or two, and relaxing by a pool, but this seemed a lot more… Intimate. Even her outfit was strange, large swathes of her body prominently displayed, but somehow she retained an aura of dominance. He felt like she’d make for a good dominatrix.

Obliging, he laid down on the table. The Masseuse followed by removing his clothing piece by piece until he was entirely naked. Ian was slightly embarrassed, his not-all-that-impressive dick now on display.

“So should I turn around or something?”


Again, he obliged, quickly lying on his front and leaving his back for the Masseuse. Her hands were on his back, and within seconds the stress of the last few hours just melted away. This was already the best massage he had felt in his entire life, and it was just getting started. The tension was already completely gone from his muscles, and he felt better than he had felt in years.

Time flew by, leaving him simply in a state of bliss as the Masseuse did her work. Various oils were applied to his skin, and the feeling of the massage through those liquids just left him powerless. Any part of his body the Masseuse touched was left limp, and soon enough she had reached all of him.

She suddenly stopped. He tried to look around and ask why, but he couldn’t. Even his neck was motionless. His entire body was paralyzed.

The Masseuse once again spoke in her commanding voice, “Computer, please begin Stage 2.”

The same feminine voice he heard through the speakers on the lift appeared for the second time, “Request acknowledged, authorization for Stage 2 pre-approved for subject 389, granted by Robin Eastarch.”

What?” Ian was scared. He had no idea what was happening.

The computer spoke again, “Levitating subject.”

The bed beneath him descended, soon going beneath the floor with the hole it entered covering back up with those white panels. Only, he didn’t follow. He was left suspended in mid-air, in the exact same frozen position as before.

“Computer, monitor vitals and status of paralytic gel.”

He couldn’t directly see, but a sudden blue glow from above told him that there were probably a bunch of projected interfaces displayed above him now. Hearing his rapid panicked heartbeat only confirmed this.

“Administer relaxing agents.”

What? No—ooooh…” Something was injected into his bloodstream, and within seconds of it entering, he felt a wave of relaxation wash over him. He could only try to fight it for a few seconds, but soon he was left just as relaxed as he was during the massage before.

He could see out of the corner of his eye, a panel on the floor lowering and moving aside as a pedestal rose from the hole it left behind. On top of it was a high-security container.

“Computer, unlock Shaping Gel.”

“Verifying voice identity and access level required for level 5 irreversible biological modification compound… Access Granted.”

He could hear a hiss as the container opened, but could no longer see anything in his vision. He could hear two distinctive snaps; the sound of the Masseuse putting on latex gloves. He tried to pretend to himself that he didn’t hear the computer’s description of the substance, but he couldn’t. This was going to change him. Yeah, he really was going to slap his friend.

The cold hands of the Masseuse once again touched his back, this time with some gel-like substance on them. Even through the gloves, her touch was masterful, and once again he relaxed even against his own will. The massage was slow and deep, the Masseuse once again going over his entire body with the substance, even his dick this time.

It felt so weird. It felt cold, but at the same time felt just right for his skin. What he couldn’t possibly know is that the substance was absorbing into his flesh, and giving it bizarre properties he could never have imagined.

The Masseuse again got to work, pushing firmly at his shoulder muscles, so firmly in fact that it hurt. Or at least, it should’ve hurt. What happened instead is that his muscles simply reshaped under her hands, flattening out and shrinking until his once fairly-decent shoulder muscles had toned down to almost nothing.

Wait, what? What is that… Feeling, nnngh…” It felt so good. As the Masseuse moved over his body and shaped his body like putty in her hands, he only felt extreme pleasure. The Masseuse pushed down at his waist, squishing it and forcing all fatty mass into one place that she slowly pushed upwards… To his chest. She rolled him around in his suspended state, giving her access to his front as she reshaped his chest to have a hefty pair of tits. The fact that the mass was taken from his waist meant he already had an hourglass figure, and in fact one he would find quite sexy if he could see it himself.

She was turning him into a woman. She was reshaping his body, and making it feminine. And somehow, his cock was still rock hard from the pleasure.

Her hands lowered down his body, almost reaching his cock but simply passing it by as it moved further down, “Oh thank god,” he thought.

Once again she repeated the process of turning his manly muscles into nothing and reshaping his legs to a far more feminine form. Even his tendons weren’t spared, and soon he would only be able to walk comfortably in high heels. His big man-feet shrank, becoming slender things that would easily fit in the footwear he would soon have to use. More and more she reshaped his body, and soon every aspect of his form screamed femininity. Except his cock.

Oh no…

Her hands were soon around his length, expertly squeezing and massaging even that, until in just a few seconds he came, his cum spewing onto his feminine legs. She didn’t even give him time to pause as she began to reshape his now-spent cock, quickly flattening it down into his body along with his balls before beginning to push down. He felt unbelievable pleasure, an erogenous zone forming around her quick-moving hands, and within just a few seconds, she had left him with a fully functional vagina.

(author’s note: i’m not proud of the cissexism of this next bit. was tempted to rewrite it but it’s 5 years old at this point and i’ll leave it unchanged for historical record)

He was no longer a he. He was a she. Her new body was finished. Her new body was perfectly feminine, and she was now beautiful.

“Computer, apply shaping gel solidifier and paralytic reversal,”

Nozzles of aerosolized liquids sprayed onto her naked and beautiful form, until her new body was fully solidified, and she was able to move it. The computer positioned her upright before deactivating the levitation, gently lowering her to her petite feet.

“I…” She paused. Even her voice sounded like silken beauty and heated sex rolled into one. It matched her body perfectly, and she was unbelievably sexy.

She saw a figure approach through the fogged glass, soon reaching the door and opening it. It was her friend. No. It was her owner. “Oh, Master!~”