Microcollection 1

a collection of small stories written in hospital and recovery
TF breeding

like any self respecting wildlife photographer, you head out to the wilderness with plenty of backups behind and that always useful collar that respawns you nearby if you become incapacitated

a new direwolf den is always an exciting discovery, and you can't wait to look inside!

your little photography drone follows close behind as the underbrush gets denser, snapping away excitedly at anything interesting

there! an entrance! it looks unguarded, maybe you could get a good look inside! how exciting, direwolves have always been hard to capture like this

it's nice and roomy in here, torches littered around the place to give a homely glow

...why did the moonlight just vanish

the red eyes, sharp jaw, and growling teeth of a direwolf grin down at you from the entrance

you're frozen in fear, and the direwolf is casually blocking up the entrance, suspiciously also the only exit, before hopping down to greet you. it towers over you, big meaty paws stomping and... gulp, a throbbing red cock with a knot the width of your head swinging between

it grabs you round the neck with a squeak and lifts you into the air, twisting you around as it roughly examines your body. god, the smell of it, the dense fog of hormones swirling around your head.

it gives a pleased grunt, and opens up a nearby storage thingy full of potions

before you have a chance to catch your breath, the neck of a flask swirling with cloudy white liquid is stuffed into your maw, and you have no choice but to desperately gulp all of the vile liquid down

your body feels soggy, sluggish, like a sponge ever more saturated with water

everything feels too heavy, you can't lift your limbs, you can barely lift your eyelids, everything is sinking down

you're melting. you watch your limbs drip down into a think white goo, and there's no strength left to protest as the direwolf presses it's cocktip against you

the last feeling that iteration of your body experiences is the mind shattering sensation of a magical suction pulling your entire mass where it belonged. into the direwolf's now-huge ballsacs

you're still swimming in the bliss of being cum as you respawn next to the direwolf

youre too hazy to do anything but watch as the sloshing direwolf grabs another potion, a thin yellow one, and too broken to resist as it pours it down your throat

you cling to the direwolf as the overwhelming pleasure of your bits getting reconfigured for breeding burns into you

the only words that escape your mouth but for the moans of being utterly reformatted into a direwolf breeding pet inside and out are a weak but desperate plea

use me...

the direwolf grins. your hands and feet are chained together and youre suspended from the ceiling. the vast dripping chasm of your direwolf cunt begs to be filled, and the sharp claws of the direwolf digging into your thighs are the last sensation before your purpose is fulfilled

you had no idea you could scream for that long. your entire torso was bulging with direwolf cock, your entire anatomy reconfigured for this exact purpose, and the pre that was filling you was already enough to provide a visible bulge

but you knew there was so much left to come

the pleasured grunts of the direwolf grew terser, the powerful muscles rocking its knot in and out of your direcunt pounding faster and faster until finally, with a resounding howl, it came

the impossible pleasure of your past form exploding into your flesh and saturating every inch of your lust-bound existence broke any part left of you that wasn't direwolf bitch. you were a breeding slut, a thing for your master's pleasure, ready to breed endless pups for him

the part of you that wasn't cum-swollen womb was tiny and piddly compared to the sphere beneath you. you looked down, seeing how it almost sunk to the floor, and felt proud. the delightful hormones of being a good direwolf mother surged through your bloodstream

you hadn't a care in the world but for your duties of breeding slut, but the direwolf still seemed interested in you. you noticed it still had plenty of cum, plenty of you left behind in it's balls. it grabbed your panting cheek and tilted it aside to get a look at your collar

it grunted with that same approval, before heading back to the storage and grabbing something. a module for your collar. before you could ponder, it clicked it into place, and a few seconds later, another you popped into existence in front of you, fresh and unaltered

for now.

they looked at you and gasped in fear, backing away from the corrupted breeding pet that barely looked like them any more

you just grinned dumbly, feeling a little jealous of how much fun the other you was about to have

[beep beep beep] your photography drone flies off home after the direwolf sets it free, ready to document all the details of how a direwolf nest can build up from just one direwolf

maybe someday someone activates one of your backups, but don't worry, even if they wanted to "rescue" you, nature preservation rules ensure there will always be a few yous enjoying their lives as direwolf breeding pets

:: warning _ potential threat to facility detected :: :: isolating data channel ... :: :: decrypting hostile communications ... :: !! attack imminent _ threat level onyx !! :: acquiring additional security personnel ::

"Gah! This early?" Tom shouted at nothing in particular. He had just gone from peaceful sleep to wired and full of adrenaline in under a second, and he could thank the security AI's brain chip for that.

"Mmh, do you really have to go?" His girlfriend asked from the other side of the bed, weakly clinging onto him.

Tom took a moment to let the situational details flood his prefrontal cortex before replying, "Oh yeah, this is a big one." He was already throwing on his work clothes, "Sorry babe, they'll be needing me out there for sure."

"Be safe!" She shouted as Tom ran his way downstairs.

It wasn't a long run. Tom made it to the facility in under two minutes, and the security gates opened to greet him.

:: agent X6D _ authorise manual control for adaption ::

Tom said yes to the voice in his head, and in an instant, control of his body was passed to the AI. His body mechanically stepped forward into the gaping maw of heavy machinery before him, the metal and flesh almost dancing together. All along his body, pneumatic arms descended to carefully detach the synthetic skin that covered his limbs, revealing the bipedal augments beneath. Those were for normal life. Now was the time for something bigger.

One by one, cascades of robotic arms undid tight seals and secure bolts to get each of Tom's four limbs off. By the end, he was supported only by the umbilical attached to his neck, and he was ready for what was to come.

A booming hiss filled the chamber as the vault doors to his chassis slid open. Steam billowed out, and the various segments of the Hound made themselves obvious. Tom couldn't help but grin as the massive hulking torso frame was pulled apart and wrapped around his relatively puny flesh. Ports connected to ports, systems interlocked perfectly, and then, it was time for the limbs. Those powerful quadrapedal legs, tipped with claws sharp enough to tear tanks in half.

:: enforcing tactical override ::

Tom sighed as the more human parts of his brain were quietly turned off. Sure, losing yourself can be scary the first few times, but this was what made his job truly worth it. This wasn't just a job for him when he had the mind of the Hound.

This was a hunt.

there, yes him. that guard down there. he's who I'll pick. I just have to wait for his partner to wander off. it shouldn't take long. they seem underprepared for threats. almost like toy soldiers. scarecrows guarding a locked door. I would pity them were they not so convenient for my work.

I coiled myself in the pipes far above as I waited, and not before long, the partner was off to the bathroom. it was time to descend, my scales silent as I slithered down to the lone guard and lowered myself upside down behind his head. he hasn't a moment to react before my long slender tongue whipped it's way into his ear, wrapping itself around his brain and squeezing his conscious thoughts into a hazy mush.

god, thoughts were always so delicious. so many flavours to work with, so many secrets to steal, and so much obedience to command. by the time my tongue made it's retreat, the guard was no longer. a loyal little puppet stood in his place, one that would make the work of my employers a whole lot easier when it came time to return.

“ughhhh”, lynn moaned as she collapsed onto the sofa, a hiss of steam escaping from the vents on her shoulder blades.

anna slithered up to her, coiling gently over her, “another rough day?”

“yeah… i mean, i love the work, but some of the machinery we have to work on… well there’s a reason they don’t let fleshies work on them any more.”

the bird snake slid her hands along a few scratched pieces of plating, “you deserve more hazard pay, dear, i’ll get you fixed up.” she grabbed a bottle that was already on the coffee table and poured a silvery liquid onto her fingers before spreading it across the scars. the nanites within made short work of the superficial damage, but that didn’t mean anna didn’t enjoy making the makeshift massage as slow and sensual as she could.

lynn sighed as her girlfriend’s semisolid hands did their work. this was just what she needed, and she was glad anna knew it. the two laid in silence for a few minutes, savouring the moment, enjoying each other.

“i think i’ll take a quick look at your internals, i just want to make sure nothing was damaged inside…” anna kissed lynn on the back of the neck.

“yeah, good idea, i did get hit a little hard…”

anna picked another tool from the table. with a cybernetic girlfriend, it always paid to keep the essentials close. she attached the lever-like device to the just-repaired back-plate, and with a hiss, it popped off. putting it carefully aside, she took a close look inside lynn, examining all the intricacies of her mechanical design and ensuring all the circuitry and nanomechanics were intact. “honestly, i knew there wouldn’t be anything wrong with you inside, i just love getting a chance to peek into you.”

lyn giggled, “i know, babe, and i’ll always let you. c’mon, close me up and get those coils around me.”

the sound of anna's breathless panting was the only noise left in the dark bedroom after her night of fun. she let the busty sex doll fall to her side, its various holes all leaking her thick goo-cum. anna basked in the afterglow of the delightful experience, closing her eyes and sighing happily.

"okay, let's turn you back," she said as she sat up, and idly pressed her finger against the doll's forehead. the shiny plastic of the doll melted away, revealing the purple fur beneath as it flowed away like hydrophobic paint. the newly revealed face gasped as it was freed, the wolf within even more lust-dazed than anna was. "enjoyed yourself in there?"

the plastic continued to melt away, all flowing towards a single point on the wolf girl's belly before forming itself into a ball and popping off, now seemingly solid. "oh god yes, that was amazing! what other balls do you have?"

alistair’s raised fist hesitated in the moment before it knocked on the unassuming apartment’s door. he might have been a regular, but his intimidation of anna still hadn’t lessened in the time he spent with her. luckily, the mechanics of their relationship helped him to keep himself grounded; he was just another client of hers. an enjoyable business transaction. he knocked on the bird morph’s door.

it opened wide, revealing a smiling anna, “right on time, alistair! it’s good to see you again,” she waved him in, “how was your week? how’s dating?”

forward as ever, alistair appreciated how she never hid her interests. “bryan’s doing okay, we went on a coffee date which was nice. he’s really fulfilling my emotional needs but… well, he’s not you.”

anna chuckled, “aw, needing some other needs fulfilled?” she placed a finger under his chin, leaving him blushing.

“well,” he stuttered, “you know i enjoy your domineering presence, miss…”

anna flashed him a blissful smile, “buuuut?”

“i…” the words clogged his throat, “i, you uh, mentioned you have some, ‘advanced toys’?”

a glint filled anna’s eyes, and she got up to grab a small box from a nearby shelf. she sat back down and opened it up, revealing within a metallic collar resting in soft fabric. “recognise these? i picked this one up a few days ago, i believe it’s perfect for you.”

alistair’s eyes went wide. “i um. y-yeah, i’ve seen a few videos… do they actually work? i was worried they were fakes.”

“i think the most fun way to find out would be to try it on for yourself…” anna grinned, “it’s got a few mental effects, and they’re the kind that i think you will find very enjoyable. everything is reversible, so don’t worry. do i have your consent?”

“you have my consent,” alistair’s pulse was racing. he had no idea what was going to happen, but knowing anna, he knew he was in for a fun night.

anna clipped the collar around alistair’s neck, its cold metal making him shiver, but it wasn’t long before it began to heat up. a ring of purple light lit the collar up, followed by a thick yellow liquid melting down from where it contacted his neck. at first it was like paint, but a series of ripples pulsing from the purple-lit ring changed its properties in otherworldly ways. instead of simply flowing down his body, it began to take an active role, accelerating itself across every inch of his flesh. what’s more, it began to flow upwards, encroaching on his chin as the collar generated more and more of the animate liquid. he instinctively held his breath as it coated his mouth.

“shhh, let it in, it needs to do it’s thing…” anna laid back on the couch, a smile on her face as she watched the collar change him. “not that you’ll have much choice in a second!”

he could feel it enter his ears, and then, somehow, his mind. he couldn’t help but gasp as waves upon waves of that goo circulated throughout his skull, blanketing his thoughts in a thick layer of clouds that ensured his docility. he offered no resistence to the changes that it offered to impart, even the ones to his very identity… its very identity. yes. that’s right. it. its a thing. it knew nothing else about what it now was, nothing but the sensations it was experiencing. the stretching of its once human face forming out into an angular muzzle, its ears migrating upwards and lengthening, the weights forming on its chest, all offered hints, but its frazzled mind needed more.

it opened its eyes, seeing the world through a black tint, but more importantly watching as its hands were overtaken. fingers merged until it was left with three meaty claws, claws that were eager to explore the heavy pair of breasts on the toy’s chest. the squeaky texture only amplified the pleasure its oversensitive tits felt as her clawtips squished into them, forcing a moan from its drooling maw, “renaaaa!~”

even the toy could put the pieces together she was renamon! no, not a real renamon… a fake imitation of renamon, one designed to be fucked to be fucked to be fucked oh god it needed to be fucked it needed to serve renaslut needs to serve needs to–

its eyes landed between anna’s legs. at some point she had taken her clothes off, and between her legs was the most beautiful thing the toy had ever seen in its short existence. it wasted no time in throwing her mouth onto her knotted length, eagerly sucking on the already-leaking cocktip even in the last moments before its conversion was complete. the heavy latex tail behind it shifted her weight, but not enough to keep her from the delicious length it was stuffing its maw with. her length was perfectly fitted for its hole–no, it was the one that was perfectly shaped to her desires. it was her fucktoy, her renaslut, her thing.

and it loved it.