Microcollection 2

another collection of the hospital tales
TF preg bimbo korps

“Ughhh this is just—c’mon, I can’t be expected to deal with a mess like this.” She sighed, looking over at the cacophony of blinking lights that showed the status back at work. She thanked the heavens she was off the clock until Monday.

She looked over at the carefully wrapped package by her desk, humming to herself.

“Yeah, I think I deserve a weekend to myself,” She said under her breath as she unwrapped the fabric that protected the equipment within.

With a little struggle, she pulled off her trousers and underwear, and slipped on the first of the three things the package contained: A pair of tight, stretchy, rubber panties. It slipped into place over her girldick with remarkable ease, and despite how little material it had, it sealed over and flattened her bulge perfectly. All that was left was an almost-imperceptible bump, and despite how compressed things were, she didn’t feel a lick of discomfort.

It was time for the next piece of equipment. She hefted it up into her hands, the oversized dilator looking more like a fantasy dildo with all the curves and bumps and ridges it possessed. It was huge, but not unwieldy, thanks to it being entirely hollow. Or, more specifically, containing an equally lewd channel of its own.

She bit her lip as she brought the thing close to her flattened crotch, and let out a moan as the two devices lit up with a pair of ethereal glows. A pair of matching patterns formed, almost like sigils to act as guide for how the dildo-device had to slot into place.

Patience was no virtue here. A moan rang out into the apartment as she slid the dildo into place, the rubber of her panties parting to make way as if it was almost molten. Within seconds, it was obvious that the tip of the dildo was deeper than what should be possible with her biology.

This wasn’t the realm of biology.

Her enchanted toys slid into each other, a magnetic force guiding it along for her while her arms quivered in pleasure, soft moans echoing around as the sex toy began pulling itself into her flesh, and binding itself into her body.

With one last burst of enchanted pleasure, the toy was fully in place, and there was nothing left of it to grab. Well, there was something left, but that was more of a rubbing situation than a grabbing one.

She gasped as she slipped her fingers into her brand new toy-cunt, the soft silicone rubber sending an almost agonising pleasure through her trembling mind.

“F-fuck, I forgot how good this felt!~ Nnnf, I could just go at this all by itself, but, no, focus, I still need… That one last thing… Whew…”

Weak from pleasure, she reached over to grab the last item in the bundle. A small remote, complete with touchscreen. She reluctantly pulled her fingers away from her rubber pussy, wiped the gooey toy-cum off on her leg, and pulled the remote up to the only configuration she cared about right now.

Pregnancy: None

Yeah, no, that won’t do. She opened up the dropdown, and scrolled her way down. And down. And down. Past 5 months, past even 9 months, or twins, or triplets.

“20 months, quadruplets?” She bit her lip. It was further than she’d ever gone before, but honestly not by much, “Yeah, fuck it, I deserve this.”

She gasped out as she felt the overeager inflation of her plastic womb take hold, her biology becoming less and less important as the magical material took up as much of her body as it needed for the task ahead. “O-oh fuck, oh god, nnnnf!” She hurriedly reached to get her shirt buttons undone, but her haste was paid for in the uncomfortable pop pop pop of her clothing flying open.

“Christ, I’m already fuckin’ huge!” She moaned, the pleasure of the unnatural growth mixing with the intense euphoria of having an oversized belly to call her own, and turning into a boiling pot of blissful ecstasy. “Yes! F-fuck, yessss!~”

As the growth slowed to a crawl, all she could bring herself to do was hug her blimp of a belly, clinging to it with all the love and motherly adoration her dysphoria usually tortured her with.

Not tonight. Those feelings were going to be spending a good long weekend evicted from her mind.

After all, how could you feel upset with a womb so big you could barely fit through doors?

A pink latex tube-top emblazoned with “Bimbo” in big curly white letters wasn’t exactly what you were expecting to find when you reached the bottom of your spring cleaning pile, but you found it nonetheless. Where did it come from? You had no idea. Something tells you it’s not quite the style of your ex, or your roommate, or anyone else who might leave it in your cupboard.

Well, that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is… Why do you want to put it on so badly?

Hmm. Nobody else is home, it wouldn’t be the worst, you wouldn’t embarrass yourself to anyone… Fuck it, you take off your shirt and put the tube-top on.

As you might’ve been able to predict, it’s not the best fit. The front is wildly stretched out by someone whose proportions you couldn’t hope to match, and the latex just sits loose over your chest.

Well, that was disappointing. You weren’t sure what was going to—oh. Oh dear. Your hands instinctively reach down to cup your chest as it begins to expand to fill the tube-top’s void. Oh jeez it’s getting really big, that’s—oh wow, nnf, you can’t help but moan as your new tits reach their perky maximum, fitting snugly within the pink latex and stretching it out to a lip-bitingly attractive level of glossiness.

“Omigosh, this is like, so totally hot on me!”

W-why the hell did you say that? Why do you sound like some blonde valley girl bimbo? Wait, why are you blonde now?!

Oh dear. You might have made a mistake with putting this on, but nnf, it certainly doesn’t feel like a mistake right now.

Confusing thoughts flood through your cloudy mind, pushing out any clarity and replacing it with a pink haze that leaves every second noise coming out from between your plump glossed-up lips a high pitched giggle.

“Like, oh my gawsh, how did I forget about all my loving fans!”

Memories of your account details on all your lewd streaming sites come rushing into your mind as your outfit replaces itself to match the latex tube-top. Turns out all you needed to complete the look was a tiny latex skirt that couldn’t cover your glistening pussy if you tried. Fuck, you were horny. What were you doing? Why weren’t you already fucking yourself senseless in front of all your adoring fans?

Setting up the high-quality webcam and logging in to your favourite porn streaming site was second nature for a slut like you, and soon enough you were reaching into your extensive collection of various dildos and vibes, and biting your plump lips in apprehension.

“Like, hiya my lovely bimbofans! Omigosh, I’m like, so excited to give y’all a super sexy show today! I think we’re like, gonna be running super long, I’m soooo horny~”

Your moans wouldn’t stop till the sun set, rose once more, and the cursed tube-top found itself back at the bottom of your cupboard.

“Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!”

Nothing. No response. It sat high up on its pedestal as motionless as ever. It was a brief moment that left him pondering the pointlessness of the last month of his life. Did he really spend all that time writing up the most perfect vow he could think of only for it to turn out that this whole thing was a myth? Surely some parts of it were real. The fear of this thing was real. Nobody wanted to touch the group of black statues around him. Every few years someone incredulous of the stories came along and added to the count, giving a pathetic vow that granted an equally demeaning response from the sphinx.

Well, that was something, at least. His 20 minute speech wasn’t outright rejected. He wasn’t a terrified-looking statue. Maybe this was the best he could hope for. Either this was all the most elaborate hoax in the world, or he got off without punishment. It’s not like he’d be able to tell if he got anything, though, nobody’s ever had their vow accepted before.

He was left to ponder the situation as he climbed his way out from the shallow tomb. Once, it might have been impressive, but today it was more of a tourist trap.

“It’s a shame about how trodden this place has ended up…”

He was so deep into his daydreams that it took a good few minutes to realise he was walking in the exact opposite direction to civilisation. “Wait, what am I doing? I need to…”

He was lost. Not just in body, but in mind too. All he knew was that any moment not spent navigating exactly where he needed to was a wasted one, and there was no time to waste. His movements sped up as light plant growth turned into dense jungle, a finesse adding to his step that he never felt before. His pace grew ever faster, faster and faster until he was practically galloping to his destination, thoughts of where he had to go overflowing his mind until he couldn’t realise he was literally galloping, too.

He ran on all fours, a posture no human could sprint in, but he was no longer human. Black scales ran through his flesh, crystalline growths stretching and breaking through his skin before elegently replacing them with a form far more suited to what he was becoming. With each bound, his body shifted, hands splaying open and puffing up into black paws, his claws of pure quartz digging into the bark of the trees he sprinted past, and a magic far more powerful than muscles propelling his every movement.

The Sphinx was intent on reaching its home. The great jungle, too dense for any human to explore, was an open field to the inhuman creature bounding its way through it.

Finally, it stopped. It sniffed the air, heightened senses and alien memories allowing it to easily uncover the untouched temple entrance, and tear past the vines obscuring it. For the first time since it was of its new existence, the Sphinx breathed a contented sigh. It blew short breaths of fire onto the various torches littered around the tomb, firelight glinting off the smooth black form of the quartz sphinx.

It eyed the pedestal standing high in the middle of the hall, and hopped up onto it, before curling itself into a comfortable position, and resting in its new home.

(author note: that’s right, i wrote pangram smut. you’re welcome.)

giantess goo towers above you, dripping blobs of thick pink goop onto your head. you look up, she blots out the sun, and you just feel too heavy to run away… or is that the weight of the goo on your body?

its hard not to close your eyes as the goop soaks into you, drenching you in its dense mass as it displaces your biology like water pouring into a glass of olive oil. how much of you is still flesh and blood? how would you even figure that out? most importantly, why would you care?

it’s so easy to let the displacement wash over you, to simply do nothing as anna’s gooey mass replaces your own, making you forever a part of her, simply another aspect of her being.

the giantess sighs happily, standing back up to her full towering height, which just so happens to be a little taller now that she’s absorbed what was once your mass

you don’t really care. you’re content enough with your consciousness idly swirling throughout her body, intermingling with the dozens of other cuties she already picked up today

everyone’s weak for goo giantesses

oh jeez a friend of mine is going to be evicted from their server soon and they asked if they could room with me for a while?? um, i mean, that’s a big thing, right?? usually i’d have to think a lot before that kind of intimacy but um, to be honest, i kinda have a crush on her already…

okay, its settled, she’s got all her data backed up and everything migrated over to safer places, and she’s gonna be hopping over tomorrow morning. kinda scary, i’ve never really had to share with anyone before, but i’m excited!

“lia, are you okay? its fine if you want to back down from this, i can find another place to stay!”

“no, no, it’s fine!! i’m just… nervous, is all! like, what is it gonna feel like to have someone else living in my head?”

“i mean, most people share headspaces these days, so i’m surprised you don’t know! but don’t worry, lia, you’ll find out soon enough. i think you’ll like it, actually! you’ve complained about loneliness before to me”

“o-oh, um, yeah, i have!”

“…hey lia,”


“the digi-neural connection is already established, and i can totally feel how hard you’re blushing right now~”

“o-oh no”

“shhh, it’ll be fine~”

"so hey, lia, i can feel your nerves have settled down a bit, think you’re ready for me to move in yet?

hey uh, guys, having a digital entity slowly slip her way into your mind is SUPER WEIRD!! gosh that felt funny. i still feel all tingly!! i thought it would be like, my personality would have to be squished to the side or something, but i guess human brains are more capable than that? like, i don’t feel much different at all, even with part of my mind actively processing an AI! um, speaking of, i think she wants the limelight for a sec

Heya everyone! I’m sure Lia explained things already, but needless to say, things are gonna be a little different around here for a while! I’ll stick to my own datastreams, but hey, I’m a headmate of Lia’s now, so I’m gonna be popping in every now and then! So hi, my name’s Jinny, I’m a 20 cycle old digi-intelligence, my day job’s systems penetration testing, and Lia tooootally thinks I don’t know she has a crush on me~

w-wait, hey, n-no i dont!! um. oh no. i can feel her giggling in my head. she’s uh, gesturing to herself, and—o-oh my //// i think i’m going to go for now!

hhhhhhey guys,, uuuhnnnf, ddid you know that,, having a robo dominatrix for a headmate is,,,, REALYL FUN//////

Angie didn’t know what she was expecting when she first walked into the office of Dr. Urith. After so long hopping between countless therapists and not getting any closer to what she needed, she was pretty disillusioned to the whole system.

“Hello, dear. Come in, make yourself comfortable!”

Oh my gosh, they weren’t some stuffy old person for once, and what’s more, she could instantly tell something about the androgynous person in their mid-20s that told her they weren’t cis, or even of a binary gender. She stood there in shock. Was this someone that could finally help her?

“Hm? Prefer to stand?” The doctor stifled a giggle, “That’s okay. Take your time. My name is Dr. Urith. May I ask a name I can use of yours?”

Their wording gave Angie pause. If she was asked any other way, she would likely have stuck to a safer answer, but everything about this psychologist told her that she could be open.

“Angel. My name is Angel, o-or at least I’d like it to be…”

“That’s a beautiful name, Angel, and I fully understand. It’s hard to feel like you deserve a name, especially when in your vulnerable position, but I’m here to help you with that.” They gestured to the couch next to them, “Please, sit.”

While Angel was on her way to sitting down, she noticed a small act from the doctor that she ordinarily wouldn’t pay any heed to. They unbuttoned the top button of their woolen cardigan, and pulled it down enough just to make the tiniest of signifiers visible. A tiny little badge, one bearing an emblem that few outside of Angel’s circles might recognise.

Seeing Angel’s eyes going wide and a gasp as she was about to say something, Dr Urith quickly hushed her with their finger to their lips, “Not a word,” She winked. To bring them back on track, she continued, “So, what are your goals for being here today?”

Angel stammered as she tried to return to a topic of normalcy, “O-oh, um. Well, I want to be a girl? I mean I’m already a girl but um,”

“I understand the feeling, and I suspected as much, but do you have any other… Requests?”

The image of the purple stylised double helix twisted around in Angel’s mind. She had heard of the Korps, everyone who wanted the things she wanted had, but she was always too afraid of what the government might do if she pursued it. But here the Korps were, sitting right in front of her, and all the little desires that had built up in her came tumbling out.

“I want to be an angel! I-I mean, not human! I want wings and fur and–” Angel suddenly felt the fact that she was spilling secrets she never thought would leave the internet, and her face burned. She fully expected to be ridiculed, but instead, Dr. Urith flashed her a smile that almost melted her heart.

“I know what you need. I’m ending our meeting here, Angel, but we’ll be meeting again very soon.” The doctor got up from their armchair, and leaned over Angel, whispering “Leave your window unlocked, and sleep with some clothes on. The Korps will be contacting you, and we’ll be having another meeting with a lot more privacy.”