Nothing Ventured

watch out for cursed board games. sometimes they're out for you...
TF breast expansion reality warping doll

“…Ugh, seriously?”

Sly sighed as he walked up to the front door of the abandoned house, or at least the frame where it once stood. He knew his friends wanted to try out some weird ‘cursed’ board game with him, but trying to make him do it in some spooky house? That’s where he drew the line. “Screw this, I’m going back home, this isn’t worth h—heeeeey Darren!”

“Yo, Sly, glad you made it bro! Come on in, I’ll grab something from the fridge!” Laughing to himself, he gestured for Sly to follow, and he did so.

Sly ducked beneath some cobwebs on his way to the living room and found Rhys, another of his friends, sitting next to a dusty coffee table with an equally dusty board game placed on top. “Sup bird,” he said, attempting to be as casual as he could in this musky old house.

“Yo”, the parrot replied, “Come sit, you can have the couch!”

The couch Rhys mentioned fared about as well as the rest of the house, but it at least didn’t look too bad, so he patted out some dust and sat down. Darren knelt on the floor next to Rhys, and soon enough they were ready to begin.

“So uh, hey, how does this work?” Sly asked.

“Haha bro you’re gonna love this part,” said Darren, “Gotta speak some magic words to get it going!”

“Ugh, you’re still insisting this thing’s cursed? Fiiiine,” Sly leaned back on the couch, and instantly regretted that thanks to the cloud of dust that blew out of it.

“Cough cough, ahem,” The buff German Shepard cleared his throat, mostly for show, “Start board game! What, were you expecting Latin or some shit?”

The three of them stared down at the board game, and just as Sly was ready to write this all off as some silly prank, it came to life. A gust of wind blew through the room as the board game glowed with a strange orange light, one that entirely illuminated its now perfectly dust-free surface. With the thick layer of dust gone, the three of them could see the game in full detail. It looked pretty simple, all things considered: It was one winding path made up of tiles that had commands on them ending at a big circle saying “WIN!”. At the beginning of the path, three small statuettes stood. One was a big buff German Shepard, another was a slightly smaller parrot, and the last was Sly himself: A big green and brown deer-dragon hybrid.

“Whoa…” Sly stared with his mouth agape.

Now you believe me!” laughed Darren. “Right, I’m gonna go first, so you can figure out how this all works,” Darren picked up the small die that appeared on the board game. It was shaped like a diamond, with 8 sides in total.

While the Shepard was busy with his extravagant dice roll, Sly took the opportunity to get a closer look at what the tiles on the game were all about. There were a few that said to pick up a card, and sure enough, a stack of cards facing down also appeared into their place, but the rest were… Weirder. They all talked about stuff like exchanging inches, and applying ‘augments’. Sly couldn’t figure out what it all meant just from the board alone.

Darren finished rolling, and looked down to see what he got, “Woo, an 8!” He grabbed the miniature version of him on the board game, and stepped it forwards 8 tiles until it landed on a tile that said ‘Gain two inches’. “Oh hell yes, lucky right out of the gate!” Darren looked down at the bulge in his cargo shorts, and Sly and Rhys’ eyes followed. The three of them watched as a small but noticeable increase in size took place.

“Whoa!” Rhys said, “Rad, it really does work! My turn next!” The parrot grabbed the d8 and threw it back onto the table with much less fanfare than Darren bothered with. “6!” He moved forward the required number of spaces, and landed on a ‘take a card’ tile. Doing so, he proceeded to read it out loud, “‘Take 1 inch from all other players and add it to your own’. Sweet!”

Sly looked down at his own bulge shrank in size while Rhys’ grew twice that, “O-oh god…” As the cursed-ness of the game sets in for him, the deer-dragon realises that it’s now his turn to play.

“Hey, don’t worry dude, you’re gonna gain that back and then some by the time this is over! We’re all gonna be packing after this!”

Gulping, Sly picks up the diamond, and throws it back down onto the table. The others let out an audible “eesh” and once Sly gets a look at it, he realises why. It’s a 1.

“Oh damn, dude, better luck next time,” Rhys said.

Sly read what the tile said. ‘Distribute half your length to the other players’. “Oh no.” He barely had a chance to look down as his bulge halved in size. He desperately pawed at his crotch, but it was already gone. His length was reduced to far below average, especially when you took into account how big the deer-dragon was, and the groaning from the other players as their own bulges grew wasn’t helping.

“Don’t worry dude, it’s just some bad starting luck! We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re back to your full size by the time this is over!” Darren winked at Rhys before picking up the die and rolling. “Oh sweet!” He quickly moved himself forward 5 spaces, and landed on a big green tile. “‘Augment: Genitalia to horsecock, grow 2 inches’. Fuck yeah.” The German Shepard groaned as his massive cock flopped out of his pants, its new shape and the prestigious girth to go along with it garnering stares from everyone.

“Dude, I’m so fuckin’ jelly right now,” Rhys picked up the diamond, and whispered to himself “C’mon 7, c’mon c’mon,” as he rolled. It tumbled across for what felt like forever before finally stopping exactly where the parrot wanted it. “Yeah!”

“Whoa dude, high five!” Darren said as Rhys’ own brand new horsecock flopped out from his pants, almost as big as the dog’s.

“T-this seems kinda unfair…” Sly whispered to himself as he dragged his eyes from the twin horsecocks and picked up the die, “Maybe now things will start going my way… 5!” He moves his character forwards, and lands on the tile Rhys was on before. Grabbing a card from the deck, he reads it out loud, “‘Wager: Every player chooses ’donate’ or ‘keep’. Donating players distribute their combined length until every keeping player gains two inches. If nobody donates, everyone loses 4 inches. If everybody donates, everyone gains 1 inch.’”

“Whoa, so, I guess we should all donate so everything can be fair!” Darren looks over at Rhys.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Rhys says.

Sly screws up his courage, and says “Okay, I donate!”

Darren and Rhys look at each other and grin before both saying “Keep.”

“W-wh–but!–You said–”

“Yeah, we know, but we just figured that two inches each would be better than settling for one!”

Sly pulled down his pants and looked down at his crotch, “B-but I only have like, three inches left!” In horror, he watched as his cock shrank down more and more until it was left the tiniest of nubs. His sack entirely disappeared, and was replaced by a groove that, on closer inspection, revealed itself to be about an inch deep.

“Whoa, so that’s what happens when you go negative, sweet!” Darren picked up the dice, leaving Sly to stare at his complete lack of cock as he continued playing. He rolled, and moved forward 7 spaces on the board. “Heheh, ‘Take 3 inches from the player of your choosing’. Well, Sly, it’s a shame you only have a little dip there, so I’m going to be kind and help you fix that!”

Sly let out a moan, the folds of his new cunt forming into place as that magical energy tunnelled out a deeper and deeper hole inside of him. It was obvious now that what was left of his cock had been turned into a tiny little clit with all its sensitivity focused into one point. The deer-dragon reached over his belly and gave it an experimental touch before letting out an accidental moan and covering his mouth.

“Heh, glad I could help!” Darren chuckled as he looked down at his horsecock, “Damn, look at this thing, it’s over a foot long now!”

Rhys quietly picks up the die and rolls. He moves forward a few steps, and lands on a ‘take a card’ tile. “‘All players with negative length bottom out, and gain cup sizes instead of losing length’. Lucky you, Sly!”

The deer-dragon let out another moan as he felt his insides shift even further, until a fully-formed vagina took its place in his abdomen. “G-god, I hope this doesn’t come with a uterus…”

“Oi, Sly, your turn,”

Sly looked down at the d8 and the rest of the board game. There was no way he was getting his length back at this rate, and he had no idea what other ‘augments’ might come along and make things worse. “No, screw this, I can’t do this any more, I’m leaving.”

“Hooold on a second there Slyboy,” Darren held his hand on Sly’s shoulder, pushing him back onto the sofa, “Did I forget to explain the most important rule? Yeah, well, leaving the game means forfeiting, and if anyone forfeits, all the changes become permanent. Do you really wanna throw away the chance to get things back?”

Sly gulped, picked up the dice, and rolled it. Once again, it landed on a 1, and once again, it was a terrible number to roll. Before he even finished reading ‘lose 2 inches’, he felt his once-flat chest begin to inflate, growing until he had a pair of small but noticeable tits poking out from beneath his black hoodie. Worse still, they were sensitive, and the rubbing of his shirt against them was almost agonising. He had no choice but to unbutton and unzip everything until his chest was left hanging open to the world.

“Haha, nice tits dude,” said Darren as he picked up the die and rolled it. “Sweet, another 8! Uhh, ‘Augment tile: Choose one player to have their length turned into an artificial equivalent. If player has no remaining length, holes are converted instead’.”

“No, no dude, no way. Pick Rhys instead, not me! It said holes, plural! I-I don’t even want to know what that means, p-please just pick Rhys and not mmmmhhmhpph!!” Even as Sly begged, his mouth began to change. The very structure of it shifted until it became something far less natural. His lips became a hard rubbery O-ring, his teeth disappeared into nothing, and his mouth formed into one soft-ridged tunnel that went all the way down into his throat. “Aaahhnnghh, nnnhh aaaahhh!!” He couldn’t say the slightest thing approximating words. The fuckhole his mouth had now become was obviously meant for a single purpose, and talking wasn’t included in that. Worse still, he felt another shift down in his crotch, and looked down just in time for his folds to swell out and turn into a part of an over-exaggerated rubbery sex toy. He went from having a decently sized cock, to having a tiny cock, to having a cunt, to now having a puffy flesh-light for a crotch. And oh god it was sensitive. The only thing coming out of his new fuckable maw was lube that dripped down his chin, and an endless cacophony of moans.

“God damn, that’s something!” Rhys whistles before playing, rolling the die and moving forward until he landed on a tile that said ‘Player in last place donates length equivalent to their distance to this tile’. He grinned, and the two of them stared at Sly’s boobs.

He was 9 tiles behind. 9 cup sizes. What that might look like he couldn’t even imagine, but soon he wouldn’t have to. A chorus of moans emanated from his fuckhole maw as his chest inflated to ever larger proportions. He couldn’t help but cup their sensitive mounds in his hands, only making him moan more with the added pleasure from their hypersensitive growth. They just kept growing bigger and bigger, those massive mounds inflating far beyond what could naturally happen until finally, they stopped just short of growing larger than even his head.

His ‘friends’ couldn’t take their eyes off his titanic chest, the massive sloshing mounds of fat looking like they’d fit better in hentai than on a dude’s torso. Darren blinked a couple times and turned his attention back to Rhys.

“You know what I’m thinking?”

“That forfeiting the game now might make our lives a whole lot more fun for the next few hours?”

“Bro, it’s like we could have the same brain. Well, we definitely have the same cock, heh.”

“Well, it would be mean if we didn’t let Sly roll one last time. Maybe he’ll be super lucky and reverse all of this, who knows!” Rhys chuckled and dropped the diamond die into Sly’s hand.

Still too enamoured by his hyper-inflated chest, he barely paid attention as he tipped his hand over and rolled the die onto the board. Rhys moved his character forward the required number of steps, looked at the tile it landed on, and picked up a card for Sly.

“Oh, oh man, this is gonna be amazing. ‘Decide on a new name for whoever rolled this card. Once agreed on by the majority of players, retroactively changes their name to whatever picked’. Okay, so, what should we pick?”

“Haha let’s go with something super embarrassing like uh, sex bitch. No, something better. Fuckass?” Darren laughed.

“No no, I know: Fuckhole. I mean, look at him, that’s basically what he is now!” Rhys pointed at Sly’s mouth, chuckling as it tried to say protests that only came out as moans and dribbling.

“Yeah, Fuckhole. We decided on that, so I guess Fuckhole’s name now changes to Fuckhole or something. Whoa, hey, it already worked! I can’t even remember him having any other name!”

Fuckhole’s eyes went wide as he realised that something profound had just shifted in the fabric of reality. He desperately clawed at his memories, trying to find any and every time anyone’s ever talked to him to see if something slipped through, but there was nothing. For as long as he could remember, everyone around him simply called him Fuckhole, and everyone acted like it was normal. Nobody saw anything strange with it, all the way through school he was simply Fuckhole. At his first job he was Fuckhole. In his pocket he had his drivers licence, and on it, his name was Fuckhole.

“Oh noooo I accidentally played out of order!” Rhys started moving his character around on the board wildly, stepping it forwards and backwards.

“Yeah, I’m totally cheating too!” Darren picked out a few cards, all of them blank, and moved his character all the way to the winning circle. “Yay, I win!”

Amidst the pair’s rampant cheating, a breeze grew into a raging wind that kicked up dust all throughout the house, and as it grew more and more powerful, Darren and Rhys laughed out of control as they broke every rule they could until suddenly, the board game blinked out of existence. All the wind stopped, and the only evidence that the board game was ever there was a rectangular dust-free patch on the table that Darren, Rhys, and Fuckhole were sitting around.

Fuckhole could only stare blankly at the table as the realisation that his changes were now permanent set in. His body was burning with untapped pleasure, his massive tits wet with the lube dripping from his desperate maw, and despite losing so much of his person-hood in just a few minutes, Fuckhole could only think about how much he needed something to stuff his brand new holes.

“Hey, Rhys, what say we take these horsecocks out for a spin?”

“Yeah bro, that sounds like a damn good idea to me!” The two of them stood up, forced to carry their foot-and-a-half long horsecocks in their hands to have any chance of supporting them. They went around the table on either side, and Darren poked the flared tip of his shaft against Fuckhole’s sensitive O-ring lips. “C’mon Fuckhole, you know you want some of this.”

Fuckhole tried as hard as he could to fight the urge, trying ever so desperately to deny the people who put him in this situation their pleasure, but he couldn’t. He needed those delicious looking horsecocks inside him, now. Without even thinking about it, he lifted his ass for Rhys as he wrapped his arms around Darren’s pelvis, pulling as hard as he could to force his massive tip into his lube-dripping maw. On the other side, Rhys wasted no time in sliding his horsecock against the plastic folds of his puffy pussy, making sure his shaft was well-lubricated with Fuckhole’s self-produced lube before pushing it into his cunt.

With his hypersensitive tits dangling from his chest as he was stuffed full of horsecock from both rubbery ends, the bliss filling Fuckhole’s mind was unimaginable. As he began to pass out from the overload of pleasure, he decided that maybe this wasn’t the worst fate that could befall him. Hey, at least Fuckhole was sure he’d be popular.