One of Many

definitely more fun than a trip to IKEA
duplication inanimate TF

Apollo woke with a start, shooting straight up off the cold floor, “W-what?! Where am I?” He looked around, trying to find some evidence of the events that had transpired, but everything was dark. There was only a small dim light letting him know he was in the middle of a featureless room. He racked his foggy-feeling brain, searching for answers.

“There was uh… A mirror? I could see myself and… It shattered… But I could still see myself… And then I blacked out.”

Piece by piece, his memories came back to him. Anna had invited him to one of her many subspace play areas, tiny pocket universes splintered off our main one. She said she needed some help getting the place decorated. He wasn’t quite sure how he was supposed to help, but once he was there Anna had told him to strip, and look into a full-body mirror on the wall. He obliged, and once Anna was happy with his position, and herself out of the way of the mirror, she snapped her fingers and the mirror shattered into pieces. But even with the mirror gone, he could still see himself. He was duplicated.

Just in time for him to finish recollecting, a door opened and relatively-blinding light entered the room. He took a few cautious steps towards it, squinting his eyes as he walked through the door to find… An almost fully furnished bedroom. It took his eyes a few more seconds to adjust, but once the light was bearable he could see Anna in her usual naked form, smiling at him in a manner that was only a little unnerving.

Anna spoke, “Hello, 14!” She was laying on the bed.

“Huh? I’m Apollo, don't you remember me?”

“Of course I do. You are also number 14.” She stood up to greet him, the curves and features of her naked form captivating the other bird’s vision.

“Now now, 14, there will be plenty of time for that later, for now I think I want to explain your current situation to you!” Anna held a pair of goggles in her hand, offering them out to Apollo.

“Uhh… Okay, this is still pretty weird, but okay,” Apollo took the goggles and put them on, the sounds of a choir of moans filling his ears as the objects in the room took a whole new light. They… They were all him. He couldn’t describe how exactly, but through the goggles he could see another sort of layer to the furniture, and each and every part undeniably him. And every single one of the inanimate objects were moaning in pleasure. He could hear various versions of his voice saying things like “you have to run” “escape!” “get out of here before it’s too late!” but they were all scrambled together into the endless moans of the other objects.

Anna had duplicated him 13 times, and made 13 pieces of inanimate furniture out of him. And now he was going to be the 14^th^ victim.

“Oh god, Anna, what have you done??” Apollo took off the goggles, the echoes of his endless moans still in his ears.

“Isn’t it obvious? You’re here to help me furnish my latest pocket universe!” Anna was giddy, no doubt already thinking of what she was going to do to her newest victim.

Apollo was terrified, trying to look around the large room for any sign of an escape route, but even the door behind him no longer existed. This was her domain, and he instinctively knew he could never escape, “W-what are you going to do to me, Anna? What am I going to turn into??”

“Oh, now that would be spoiling the fun! I just wanted to let you know how pleasurable your eternal stay in my bedroom will be once you’re left as a permanent new addition!” Anna giggled.

She laid back down on the bed, looking at him invitingly. It was hard to resist her attraction at the best of times, but knowing she could likely rewire his brain to be her obedient pet with a snap of her fingers was enough to let him know he probably shouldn’t resist. He walked up to the bed, blushing as his cock already started poking out of its sheathe. All he could think about as he climbed onto the bed was that it was just another form of him, turned inanimate and used as furniture for the rest of time. He imagined how much pleasure it must be feeling from the weight of Anna and him, and it only made him hornier. It didn’t help that he was pretty sure she put something in the air.

“That’s a good birdy. Now, what will I make you do first? Hmm,” Anna placed her hand on her girlcock, pushing it down and idly turning it into nothing but a blank patch of skin, before quickly pushing even further and forming herself an already-wet slit, “Mmm~ Yes, this should work!”

Apollo almost drooled. At this point he was certain there was some aerosolized aphrodisiac messing with his head, but he just had to put his rock-hard cock into her fresh new pussy. He needed to. Almost moaning already, he crawled up to Anna, and quickly positioned herself above her, looking down at her naked form one last time as a feral need overtook his mind and he plunged himself into her cunt.

Anna moaned in pleasure, not even pretending she wasn't enjoying this herself. She held Apollo tight, keeping him close to her as she stuffed his cock inside her, “Mmmnf~ Good birdy!”

Apollo was so close to cumming in her tight wet slit, he was groaning hard as he thrusted again and again into her, and right at his climax… He froze. Apollo stared into Anna’s eyes, completely stuck in his position of faux-dominance. His cock was throbbing with need, but even with the pleasure of Anna's cunt squeezing over it as she orgasmed, he couldn’t go over the edge. He was kept, almost painfully, just at the precipice of climax.

“Ahh~ I needed that! And now, number 14, I know exactly what to do with you!” Anna grinned, an evil glint in her eye.

Apollo was terrified, and still completely unable to move. His cock was still rock-hard and deep inside Anna’s tight slit, but the pleasure had nowhere to go. He was simply slowly building up with more and more need, even with fear taking over his mind. What was Anna going to do to him? What was he going to turn into? Will he be stuck with this level of pleasure for the rest of his existence? Before he could think much more, he saw Anna grow in size, along with the room… Wait, no, he was shrinking. His entire frozen body was shrinking down in the direction of Anna’s waist.

“Gosh, you're going to look so pretty. Don’t worry, unlike the cabinet secretly moaning every time its opened, or the clock that orgasms with every tick of its minute hand, you'll be left in a much more comfortable position…”

His body went limp, and soon his face was getting dragged down between Anna’s tits as he shrunk. The only part of his body that had yet to shrink down was his cock, still rock hard and anchored inside her wet folds. Apollo was moaning in pleasure, his entire body becoming more and more sensitive as the changes progressed. How much worse was the sensitivity going to get?

“I can still read your mind, 14. You should stop worrying, and simply… Relax,” Her words dug into Apollo’s mind, and he couldn’t help but obey them. He was now fully relaxed as his body changed, along with intensely horny.

Without him moving them, his arms wrapped around her hips and stretched out enough for them to reach all around her and connect on the other side, merging together. His legs became a single long flat sheet as they rolled up between Anna’s thighs, again connecting at the back. He knew what he was turning into now. Apollo's body turned from its no-longer-needed biological make-up into a fabric far more befitting its new form: Soft blue lace-y panties.

His face was gone, simply flattened into the rest of his new body and becoming just a bit of fabric at the front of the panties. He had no way to move his body, no muscles and no nervous system to transmit signals to them. Hell, he shouldn’t even have still been conscious, but he knew Anna enjoyed teasing her victims too much to stop magically maintaining his consciousness within his new form. But… There was still another part of him. His cock.

“Gosh, you’re much prettier now! What a cute pair of panties you are… And oh, you’re pretty much a two-for-one sale because of this little extra!” Anna pulled down her panties, simply her touch filling it with more unabating pleasure. With her cunt now available to her again, she pulled out a silicone dildo, the exact shape of Apollo’s cock. And… Oh god, he could still feel it. Even though it was entirely isolated from the rest of his “body”, he could still feel the pleasure from it as it exited Anna’s pussy. The pleasure was mind-melting, and he knew only a few hours like this would break his will.

Anna pulled her new panties back up, covering her dripping cunt and letting her pussyjuices soak into them. She giggled, knowing that the amount of pleasure the panties felt from being drenched in her juices would be unbelievable, even compared to the pleasure of her licking the wet and slick Apollo-dildo she now also possessed. “Now, for number 15!”