Poled 2

well, you've got yourself a cutting edge fuck-toy. why not make some more with it?
TF drone toy mind control

“Oi, Foxxie, get your big rubber butt off of the charging pad!”

The voluptuous fox toy shuddered to life as its low-level obedience programming kicked it out of hibernation. The white latex vulpine moaned as it lifted itself off of its incredibly phallic charging unit, a process that always left it wondering why its sensitive tail-hole doubled as its charging port.

Foxxie got to its feet, or rather its built-in heels, and made its way over to its owner. By the time it caught up with her, the simulated tiredness from its hibernation cycle turned off, and Foxxie was back to its full capacity. Or, at least, as full as it could be with its free will firmly locked away along with all its memories of its past life.

“Right, I’ve got a special assignment for you today, Foxxie.” Its owner didn’t look up from her tablet as she addressed it, “I had to sell off some old stock recently, and the toys I have left over aren’t picking up enough of the slack. Being a latest generation model, I’ll begrudgingly admit that you’re bringing in enough customers, but you’re only one toy. Therefore, your orders for today are to convert the private client I have waiting. Don’t worry, she’s a first timer, so she won’t tell that anything’s off.”

The toy blinked a few times at the order. It could barely remember how many months it had already been a toy, but it knew that it definitely didn’t want to inflict its complete lack of free will to anyone else. Foxxie couldn’t even remember its old name. If it tried, all its memories brought back was “Foxxie”, as if it had always had that humiliating title. What the toy wanted didn’t matter, though, because its obedience programming meant it was already strutting over to one of the private booths. Ugh, it thought. The toy had gotten used to its slutty looking body, but it was entirely unable to stop itself from walking in the most seductive way it could. Its massive tits and inflated ass bounced invitingly wherever it strolled, and any time anyone stared, it winked and blew them a kiss. It wouldn’t be able to stop its seducing even if it tried.

Foxxie let out a sultry moan as it parted the curtain of the awaiting client-come-victim, its programming ensuring that it gave the most attractive first impression it could. The experience of its own body parading itself towards clients eager to fuck it like the synthetic prostitute it was had become familiar enough to Foxxie, so she didn’t pay much attention to who the client was, but the moment it locked eyes with her, its mind froze. The toy recognised her, it had no idea how, and no idea from when, but it knew who she was: She was its ex-girlfriend, and the toy had no way of stopping itself from what it was about to do to her.

“Rosie, run! I can’t control this!” It thought. “Mmm, hello, sexy~ How may Foxxie imbue your spirit with pleasure today?” It said.

Rosie face was beet-red at the sight of the entirely naked vulpine toy, its voluptuous curves in full view for her to see, “I-I, oh, um! Oh gosh you’re a hot toy!”

Foxxie strutted itself over to its client, placed its hands on her shoulders, and lowered itself onto her lap. “Mmmh, like what you see, dear? I assure you, I’m even sexier up close~”. Inside its mind, the toy was reeling. It was fighting as hard as it could against its programming, even as it flirted with its ex.

“O-oh gosh those things are so big oh gosh,” Rosie couldn’t stop herself from staring down at Foxxie’s massive latex tits, “G-gosh, I was expecting you to be heavier! You barely weigh a thing…”

The toy let out a moan as it squeezed its tits against Rosie’s body, “Toy is perfectly adapted to the sexual desires of anyone who might want to use it!~ Mmmh, you look like you could use some release…” It felt a jolt through its mind, and the subsequent unlocking of old memories. It barely got a taste of their presence before they were once again taken from it, and upon realising the newest set of desires implanted in its head, it knew what those memories were used for: Customised pleasuring. Foxxie slid its way down Rosie’s front, licking its lips all the way until it was on its knees between her legs. It pushed its muzzle underneath her skirt, and inhaled the strangely familiar scent of her arousal, “Toy thinks it needs to provide some relief for Mistress Rosie~”

Gasping from the sensation of Foxxie’s snout rubbing against her wet folds, Rosie almost missed what the toy had just said, “W-wait, how do you know my naa-a-aaah!~”

Foxxie wanted to yell out for Rosie to run, to get out of this place and get away from her, but even as she was on the precipice of realising the toy’s identity, its tongue got to work on her pussy. It eagerly lapped up her wetness as it utilised age-old sexual memories to pleasure her, and the toy only felt more conflicted as its old memories of her were brought to the surface to be used.

“Nnnnf, f-fuck! This feels so good!! Is… Nnngh, why does this feel so familiar?” Rosie clenched her legs around the latex toy’s face as it ate her out, barely able to think from the expertly provided pleasuring of her cunt.

As it began to lengthen its tongue, extending it deeper and deeper into Rosie’s cunt, Foxxie tried to fight against its programming harder than ever before. It strained against its own body, even as the tongue-like tendril liquefied and started the process of conversion, trying to find some way to resist.

“G-god, this is just like that time I… Wait, Heather? Is that you??”

With one last powerful pull, it finally managed to tug its face out from between Rosie’s thighs, and fell back onto the floor below. “Rosie, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t control myself!”

“W-what the fuck?! How did you get turned into a toy?! No, wait, what just happened, what did you do?”

Heather pulled herself up off of the floor, and hugged her arms around Rosie, sobbing, “I-I put my latex inside you, and now it’s going to spread, and convert you from the inside out into a toy like me!”

“What?! Oh god, oh god, um, what can I do to stop it??”

“I can’t stop it! There’s no way to stop it! You just have to try and fight the conversion!”

Rosie let out a powerful moan as her body spasmed, the spread of latex nanites through her body having already begun, “O-oh god, okay, nnnf, f-fuck this feels good!!”

“Remember, you have to fight it!! Don’t let it change your brain!!”

There was nothing Heather could do besides watch as her ex-girlfriend underwent the same process she went through however many months ago. Strangely enough, the obvious spreading of latex that she saw with her own conversion was nowhere to be seen here, but it was still clear that something was happening. Rosie was alternating between pleasured spasms and limpness, so Heather took it upon herself to pull off the various garments she was wearing, and take a close look at the spread of the conversion.

With everything else removed, Heather could see that Rosie’s body now looked very different. Nothing had changed on the surface, but that was only making things more suspicious, as the differences beneath were startling. For one, Rosie’s chests had inflated drastically, turning from mosquito bites to those almost as big as hers… Wait, no, exactly as big as hers. Instead of growing naturally, the skin on her chest had stretched out as if it were a too-tight wetsuit, and in other places, it looked flabby and loose. With her wide hips and narrow waist, it was clear that something was changing, but why didn’t she look shiny?

The question was answered as a singular seam formed running all the way down from Rosie’s forehead to her crotch. Wherever her skin was stretching the most, it began to weaken, and eventually, the split separated entirely. A massive pair of white rubber tits flopped out from the loose baggy skin-like bodysuit of Rosie’s old body, followed by her old face falling apart to reveal the vulpine facial features beneath. She quickly got to her feet, and the rest of her old body simply fell to the floor. As the two fox fucktoys looked into each other’s eyes, they not only realised that they were entirely identical, but they also began to feel a deeper connection between them.

“Are we twins, now?” The two toys said simultaneously.

Rosie clasped her paws around her snout when she realised they had spoken identically. “Oh god, okay, we have to fight this, we have to fight this. I think I’m mostly the same, but nnnf, everything feels so sensitive!”

Heather sighed with relief, “Okay, you got past the hard part fine, and yeah, it’s going to take you a while to get used to the sensitive bodies we have, but if we just be quiet, we should be able to get out of here, and we should be fine–”

The two of them froze, not just standing still, but turning entirely inanimate.

“Hee hee hee, that was fun to watch!” The Owner was standing in the doorway of the room, tablet in her hands, giggling at the two toys, “And hey, your convert came out better than I expected! Having two of you is going to make for some wonderful shows.”

Only able to move their eyes, the two toys desperately looked at each other, and back at the Owner’s tablet. They still couldn’t move an inch, and they could see that the Owner was holding down two buttons on the tablet at the same time. She was freezing them.

“Oh, this little thing? Yeah, of course I have full control over the two of you! What, did you really think your programming was simply something you could fight? You are your programming. Your personalities are simply subroutines of an efficient toy mind, one that can be scrubbed with the press of a button.” She walked over to the two toys, paralysed in their shocked states, “It’s store policy to leave a bit of free will available to toys for most of their duties, unless they’ve attempted to violate their agreements, so…” She pressed a button on her tablet and played a recording, turning it around for the two toys to see. On it, they could see two views, one from Heather’s viewpoint and the other from Rosie’s. “As you can see, you never really had any chance to begin with, but hey, now that I have proof, I can’t face any consequences from turning your free will down to zero!” Her fingers pushed up a pair of sliders on the tablet.

Heather’s eyes went wide as she felt an all-too-familiar sensation from within her mind: That of her memories and personality being overridden. Heather went through this once before, and this time, tried her hardest to keep herself aware of who she was. She had to remember her name, she had to remember that her name was Foxxie. No! Its name was Foxxie! It… It…

Rosie went blank as a thick cloud descended on her consciousness. She felt herself trapped within her own mind, but even then, it was so hard to think. Her thoughts felt sluggish, powering on ahead of her, controlled by an intelligence that wasn’t her own. She could only watch from her mental vantage point as her memories were locked away, followed by her personality. The very fabric of her identity was bleached, replaced with a blankness that was soon being filled. She… No, it. Yes, it was an it, toys are called ‘it’, that felt right. It felt its name return to it, as if it had never left, and it cherished its presence. Vixxen opened its eyes once more, seeing its twin lover Foxxie in front of her, and felt a happy warmth spread over its mind. Yes, this was right.

The Owner lifted her fingers from the freeze buttons that each of her toys had. The moment the two latex toys realised that they could once again move, they wrapped their arms around each other, and pulled into an embrace.

Their rubbery muzzles locked together perfectly, as if they were made for each other, and just like that, two separate halves felt whole. The sultry twins automatically put on a sensual performance, their ingrained sexuality not caring about their lack of audience as they frotted against each other, massive tits squeezing together in a squeaky love-fest.

“Ahem.” The two toys stopped their passionate kissing and turned to their Owner, “I think the two of you need to get some practice in on the pole before tonight’s performance.”

In seemingly-practised unison, the twin toys happily squeaked out a “Yes, Mistress!”, before strutting their way out of the room in perfect synchronicity.

Now alone, Owner went over to the circular couch, and sank herself down into its cushioned seating. “Thank god,” she thought, “Toys are so much easier to work with when you don’t have to worry about their silly free will.”