exploit the mistakes of your rivals exploiting the mistakes of their rivals
TF body control nanites merging doll

A knock on the door? At this kind of hour? Nox shuffled himself off the sofa and got himself modest before answering the door.

“Hello—Mmph!” He barely got a chance to look at the beautiful human woman before she clasped her lips against his, the stranger holding him close in a passionate embrace before Nox, understandably freaked out, pushed the woman away. “What the hell?! Who are you?! Why did you kiss me?!”

She grinned at the skunk as she wiped the smudged black lipstick from her lips, “Oh, just a friend of a friend. So, wanna fuck?”

“Wh—no! Get out of here! I’m calling the… ooh…” Nox tried to reach for his phone, but the world seemed to wobble out of the way before he could reach it. He felt lightheaded, and there was a pressure building in his pants, one that made him groan. “What did you…”

“Special formulation, just for you. Boss thought you might need some convincing to come along. Did you really think we wouldn’t find you, Lein?”

Nox could barely process her words as his mind swarmed with desire, heat building up throughout his body until he was desperate for release, “Who is… Nnngh…”

“Oh, playing hard-to-get, are we? Don’t worry, you’ll be begging by the time I’m done with you.” She forced her way into the apartment, shutting the door behind them and moving them to his bedroom. She let the weak-legged Nox stumble around as she tore off her blouse and dropped her skirt. Her pussy was glistening. “Just because I’ve had plenty of exposure to the Desire formulation doesn’t mean I’m not immune. It just means I have even more imperative to make you mine…”

Nox whined at the sight, unable to control his impulses as he pulled down his pants and let his rock-hard length out. He was already leaking precum, his mind awash with pheromones and desperate to fill her tight hole. Something was wrong, everything was wrong, but he couldn’t control himself as he eagerly jumped onto the stranger.

She moaned out in pleasure as he thrust into her, his animalistic heat leaving him mindlessly rutting her tight cunt, while she just grinned and bit her lip, barely gasping from the experience. “There’s a good boy…” From out of nowhere she pulled an object, a small sphere, and before Nox could react, she pressed it into his chest.

Black tendrils shot out from the ball and wrapped around his body, holding his arms to his sides and his legs together, covering his mouth and leaving him perfectly strung up in an immobilising bondage setup, layers thick, yet still revealing.

“MMMMPH!” Nox tried to cry out, so close to the edge yet so far, unable to do little more than wiggle with his cock hanging out of the rubber bondage desperate to be touched. He stared longingly at the woman as she reached out, gave it one tiny stroke, and then cruelly retreated.

“Gosh, if we knew you’d be so easy to capture, we’d have started with you a lot earlier.” Another ball was pushed into his chest, this one casting out a wave of liquid-seeming rubber in all directions, that quickly sealed down over his entire body into a thick and obfuscating layer that left him looking like a vaguely humanoid lump.

He could barely hear, but what he heard was worrying. “Agent Rott reporting in. Target has been captured, I repeat, I have Lein. Get your people ready for him.”

Nox had no idea how long it had been since he was captured, but the unrelenting pleasure made it hard for him to try and escape. He wasn’t even sure how he could escape his current predicament. Thick rubber covered him entirely, dampening the sensations of him being tossed around like a sack.

He gasped as the rubber around his face pulled itself off, letting him take a proper breath for the first time in who knows how long. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the brightness, and realised he was in some sterile-looking laboratory environment, and suspended off the floor from cables attached to the ceiling.

“Ah, it’s good to see you again, Lein.” A man in a striped white and grey suit stood before him, looking up at the helpless skunk, “It’s an interesting disguise you chose for yourself, but you were a little careless in covering your tracks. You really think a few database hacks and light appearance modification would be enough to hide you from us?”

“W-what is going on?! Who’s Lein? My name is Nox I’m—“

He snapped his fingers, tendrils the rubber sack-suit wrapping around Nox’s mouth and muffling him. “Ah, seems you’re going to be playing hard to get, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we can fix that…”

A couple of scientists entered the room, wheeling in a dangerous-looking machine, covered in dials and antennae. One of them grabbed a couple of leads, climbed a ladder next to him, and stuck them onto his exposed forehead.

“Mmmph! Mmm!”

“That’s right, Lein. We’ve figured out how your little rebellion works. Pretty clever of you, using our own Mindfield against us.” He walked up to the sacked skunk, brushing his hand against his sealed-up bulge, and grinning as Nox moaned and squirmed. “You figured out how to invert the polarity. Turning it from keeping everyone loyal to The Company, unquestioning and subservient, to seeing what you all like to call the truth… You made our global Mindfield a tool to incite revolution, very clever.”

“Unfortunately for you, Lein, the loyalty you’ve grown for your silly rebellion can be inverted back to us, and once it is, you’ll spill all those nasty secrets, everything we want to know about your friends, and maybe even send you back as a double agent…”

He ignored Nox’s muffled pleas, and went over to the machine. The scientists pressed all the uninteresting buttons, leaving him to press the big red button. “It’ll be a pleasure working with you, Lein.” He said as he pressed it.

Nox’s world turned to static as a pulse of energy rushed through his mind, scrambling his thoughts and leaving everything hazy as he floated in and out of consciousness. He vaguely felt himself lowered down and transported out of the room, along with being connected up to other machinery. There was shouting, distant shouting, an aura of tension in the darker mechanical room, but Nox could barely think.

I don’t know why, but it’s not working! Either the memories are still locked or they aren’t there at all!” A timid voice whimpered.

That’s ridiculous!” The suited man said, “It’s Lein, he’s the second in command of their entire rebellion!

I-I, I’ll check the inversion logs!” There were a few beeps as he accessed some kind of device, “I don’t understand, it said it worked perfectly! All sensors indicate a full inversion! It should’ve worked!

“Well it DIDN’T!” There was a loud slap, followed by the sound of whimpering as someone scrambled away. “Urgh… I’m firing that dumb-ass.” He pulled the machine’s connections from Nox’s body and grinned down at him, “Well, if those precious little thoughts of yours are going to stay secret, I might as well teach your friends a lesson…”

His thoughts were a mess. It was hard to keep track of time passing. It took until he was roughly thrown into a dark room before he properly awoke, with the realisation that he was no longer confined. The layers of rubber had been removed, letting him stretch his aching body. “Nngh… Did they let me go?”

The lights flashed on, brightly illuminating the room, and revealing a dozen or so humanoid figures against the walls. They all looked identical, with glossy skin, and hypersexualised assets. Short pencil-skirts, a button-up blouse that permanently looked like it was about to break open from the size of the barely-concealed breasts within, and bimbo-blonde locks of hair-alike rubber flowing from their heads.

Nox recognised them instantly. High-end Secretary bots. Expensive indulgences for the richest of executives. But, why was he here, in some kind of storage room for Secretaries?

A small drone flew into the room from a hole in the ceiling. A camera drone. The red light indicated it was broadcasting.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Can you let me out? This is all a huge misunderstanding!”

A noise came through hidden speakers, “Initiate conversion protocol.” The Secretaries came to life, going from lewd statues to lewder animated dolls in under a second, and all of them approaching Nox.

“Yes sir!” They said in a chorus, “Like, hiya, Lein! You’ll like, totally love being a Secretary! The boss loves fucking us like, all the time!”

“W-what is going on?! Get away!” Nox stumbled backwards, only leaving himself further encircled by the Secretaries. He’d seen enough porn of them, but this was different. Their eyes were glowing pink, and the mechanical aspects of their design made themselves more obvious as rows of red-hot radiators were revealed, dissipating the heat that they were generating.

The dozen Secretaries gazed down at the cowering Nox, and opened their mouths, each one breathing out a cloud of sparkly pink gas.

Nox coughed and sputtered as the rough and bitter gas filled his lungs, feeling pins and needles wherever the gas touched his skin. He collapsed onto his side from the bizarre sensations that were soon covering his entire body, and looked down at his hands in horror to see that the glittery appearance of the gas was only growing. It felt like a billion microscopic mites, all doing something to his body. The pain quickly faded, replaced with an alien sensation. There was no way Nox could’ve known, but his flesh and blood were being harvested, converted into raw materials for what he was becoming.

His continuity of mind flickered in and out of existence as neurons were archived and emulated by the micro-mechanical systems their mass was being repurposed for. The inefficiencies of flesh were optimised away, retaining only what was needed to perfectly simulate his consciousness in a tiny chip in a mechanical head.

He couldn’t move. He couldn’t even think of moving. The servos and synthetic muscles of his new body weren’t wired up to his intelligence. The trillions-strong swarm of freshly spawned nanites had converted his organic flesh into meta-material polymer synthetics in under a minute.

For what felt like forever, there was nothing. And then, one by one, sensations returned to him. Refined, artificial, but there all the same. He gained touch, feeling the pressure of the floor against his soft synthetic skin. He gained a sense of smell, one that could parse unspoken communications from the Secretaries around him. He gained sight, and finally, he saw what he had become.

The inanimate Secretary bot was lying on the floor, surrounded by other Secretaries that were eager to help the oversexualised figure up to its feet, and the camera had been broadcasting his conversion the entire time.

Excellent!” The voice over the loudspeakers spoke, “Secretary Y-14, activate AI, and head to my office.

“Yes sir!” The Secretary spoke, in the usual bubbly voice of Secretaries.

Nox mentally whimpered. He had no control over his body. It didn’t even feel like his body, but it was. He was trapped inside a Secretary bot, and he felt everything it felt. Including the pre-programmed hypersensitivity that insured it was always ready for off-label use.

The taste of the Boss’s cock filled his mouth, his body eagerly sucking away at the length as it had done so whenever the Boss desired to use it in the past week. Unfortunately for Nox, it was almost always. He wasn’t even sure how he had time to work with how often he was stuffing his toy holes. His only breaks were after his owner came, at which point the Secretary was ordered to perform menial secretarial tasks, its body automatically handling things that Nox couldn’t even understand. Was there a filter keeping confidential secrets away from his encased mind, or was he just ruined by the unending pleasure of his uncontrollable form?

Even night-times offered no release. When the boss left, his body automatically made its way to the Secretary closet, hooked up for charging, but not to sleep. Instead, his body just continued pleasuring itself, even as the rest of the Secretaries around him were left inanimate. There was something different with him, custom code to make sure his torment was never-ending. The closest to sleep he could get to sleep was fading in and out of consciousness as the throes of pleasure sabotaged his thoughts.


Nox heard a voice in his mind, one that focused him out of his horny stupor.

Can you hear me? Is this working? Gah, sorry R, I don’t think your theory worked—

“Who’s there? Hello?” Nox thought.

It’s working!” Another voice said, followed by the sound of cheering from a large group of people, “Lein, you were right, they tried to reverse the Mindfield of your double!”

“What’s going on?! Who are you??”

Hello, Nox. I’m Lein.” A voice surprisingly close to his own said. “We are the Revolution. A few days ago, we got sent a video message from the Company, a warning to all of us. I uh, sorry about that. I guess we look similar enough that they mistook you for me.

“Sorry? Sorry?! I’m a fucking sex doll secretary now!”

“Yeah…* Well, don’t worry, we have something that might help! How do you feel about being a, let’s say, Trojan Horse?*”

Nox hesitated. “What does that entail?”

They tried to realign the Mindfield back to them, assuming you were already flipped, but instead they aligned it directly towards us. So now we have full access to your Artificial Cortex. That’s uh, a nasty variant of the Secretary bot AI you have in the pilot seat right now, isn’t it.

“You could say that,” Nox thought as he stifled a moan.

Want something more fun?

For the first time in days, his body went motionless, falling as limp as a rag-doll. His limited vision flickered away, and was replaced with a much more advanced interface. He could see details he couldn’t see before, things about his environment, things about his body, various status reports, and most importantly, a loading bar. “CAES-AI V2.2 LOADING”

Nox shot awake, blinking his eyes, and looking around the room. He could control his body again and… See his ridiculous proportions.

No no no, this will not do…” He thought. It wasn’t his thought, but he thought it.

Without knowing how, he reconfigured his body. The size of his boobs went down from impossible to merely voluptuous, he gained an outfit more fit to rough and ready activities, and structures began to form within his arms. Weapons.

“How am I… What is… Shhh, it’s alright, CAES is here to make sure we do a good job!” CAES? CAES… Yes, okay. That was the AI uploaded into its cortex to replace the other AI. Cerebrally-Augmented Erotic Subterfuge.

A grin grew across their lips. Was it their own? Was it the AIs? It didn’t matter. They could tell that they wouldn’t be separate beings for long. The synthetic creature got to their heels, and then mentally readjusted their feet for the tasks at hand. Their skin rippled as the synthetic muscle fibres of their endoskeleton were hyper-charged, and with one single shove, they forced the locked steel door of the closet open.

“God, this feels amazing…” They said to themselves. “What should we do first? I think it’s time to turn the tables…

They were connected to both the Company’s data-banks and the Revolution’s. While casually sharing every last secret the Company had, they located the Boss. “Almost to his office… Perfect…

They reconfigured themselves back into the identical-looking Secretary model, and acted out the part perfectly. “Like, hiya, Boss!” She gave him her best bedroom eyes, “Need some work done?”

“Heh, you dumb slut, of course I do. Under the desk.”

Caenox eagerly sauntered her way under the desk as she had done many times before. Unlike the previous times, though, she was the one in control. And she was brewing up a surprise for him.

Her mouth lubricated itself as he expected, but the contents of this lube had properties he never could’ve anticipated. The Boss, usually too restrained to betray his pleasure, moaned as Caenox’s plump lips worked their way over his shaft, the lube immediately taking effect as it soaked into his flesh.

Nanites rushed through his bloodstream before he had a chance to react, “Wh—no, what are you—what’s happening, this is impossible!”

Caenox pushed the immobilised Boss back from the desk and stood up, shifting herself back to the form she preferred. A latex-clad dominatrix, every part of her aesthetic saying one thing very loudly: You will beg.

“Sorry, Boss. Looks like you didn’t get the memo.” His cock had already shrivelled away, and now its mass was being repurposed and smoothed out. Within seconds, he was left with a shiny rubber bulge, one that he desperately groped at. “I’m in charge now. And you…” She grabbed his shirt collar, and under the influence of her touch and her nanites, changed it into the other kind of collar. “Are my bitch.”

“W-what arf—!” His eyes went wide as his mouth was reconfigured into a short snout, and human speech was taken from him, “Arf! Arf arf!”

The rest of his body was following the fate of his cock, smoothing out into shiny pink latex, shrinking him down until he was barely 4ft tall, and giving him features that were unmistakable for a puppy.

The rubber puppy toy’s tail wagged as it barked at its owner, eagerly hopping up onto her lap with its wet tongue panting, “Arf arf!”

“Good bitch. Now, to take care of the rest of your precious Company…”