a classic battle of the tfs
TF drone plush hypnosis toy

“Gah, I’ll show that freak! Unlike her, I don’t need any stupid magic or anything to turn her into something fun…”

Linked slaved away at a special formulation, one that combined the effects of a variety of the potions he concocted over the years into the most embarrassing thing he could muster. The wolf was wearing his usual grinning gas-mask, but unlike usual, it wasn’t just for aesthetic reasons. The stuff he was cooking up was potent, and a single whiff of its fumes would be enough to start the process. Perfect for a victim as tricky as Lyn.

A few weeks ago she turned him into a full-size body pillow of himself, a dakimakura, and slept with him for an entire week. Sure, he was flirting with her about being with her in bed and stuff, but it was almost entirely unprovoked! Being left so inanimate and needy, along with being on full display in her living room for all her friends whenever she wasn’t grinding on his face, it was all too embarrassing. His reputation went from master alchemist to horny body pillow in a matter of days, and even now he’s still forced to try and get things back on track.

Well,” Linked thought to himself, “This is definitely going to give me back some of my reputation, at least!” He corked the round-bottom flask of swirling cream-coloured liquid and lifted it into the air, admiring the perfect potion from all angles. If this was something he was selling, it would rake in top dollar, but this was a far too intimate trap to just use on anyone…

Lyn sighed as she struggled with the ATM, the machine once again jamming up and refusing to spit out the money she needed. After enough faux-attempts at doing its job, it finally gave up, spat out her card, and threw up a big error sign saying it was out of order.

“Urgh,” She complained to herself, “Next block over it is.”

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have a chance to find another ATM, not before she heard the sound of glass shattering at her feet, and some strange wafting fumes floating into the air around her.

“The fuck? What is… Uh oh,” She leaned down and caught a look at the shattered flask, and the fuming cream liquid around it. She thought about trying to run, but she could tell she already inhaled enough of the fumes for it to take effect. “Oh, this is just great. Linked, show yourself you dumb-ass!”

After a short bout of giggling, the gas-masked wolf rounded the corner and faced Lyn, “Looks like you’re about to taste a bit of revenge! I told you not to mess with me, jackal, and now you’re going to face the consequences!”

Lyn sighed at the overly dramatic speech, and just waited for whatever the potion did to take effect. She didn’t have to wait long, though, and looking down at her arms she could already tell what the first symptoms were. Seams rapidly knitted into her flesh, ones that didn’t quite look like those of a pooltoy and definitely weren’t wounds. Their identity as plush seams became obvious as waves of soft fabric began spreading out from the knitted lines running down her body. She was rapidly being given the appearance of a stuffed plush toy, and it wasn’t stopping at surface texture, either. Her hands were swelling out into big round paws as her fingers shrank down into them, leaving her with overstuffed paw mitts and absolutely no dexterity to speak of. The sensation of her insides turning into plush stuffing was made clear by the complete loss of movement she felt across any of her limbs, and soon enough, she fell back against the ATM and was left almost entirely immobile.

“Ugh, you dork. At least stop grinning at me like thmmmmhhh!” Lyn couldn’t finish her complaints as her mouth began to change shape, and strangely enough, it wasn’t the flattening she was expecting. Instead she felt something else, and before her tongue merged into the bottom of her maw, she managed to get enough of a feel to realise what it was turning into. A ridged mouth hole, a sex toy stitched into the mouth of the thing she was becoming, and one that turned her from regular plush animal to fetishy sex toy.

At that moment, things went from annoyance to anger. Turning her into a plush was one thing, being inanimate was fine enough until Linked got the super-villain crap out of his system, but being a fuckable plush? That was a little too much.

“Hee, I bet you’re reeling at the realisation of what you’ve become, Lyn! I wanted to make you into the most embarrassing thing I could, and now you are! Don’t worry, this one lasts for a whole month, so we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy each other! Your plushification might be finishing up, but I’m sure you’ve started to notice that desperate need begin to swell up inside you. You’re going to be so desperate for me to fuck you, Lyn, so desperate for anyone to fill your holes! You’ll be a filthy cum-rag in days and disgusting in weeks, god I might even throw you in a dumpster and let everyone take a look at the—ghhk!”

Amidst Linked’s pathetic monologue, Lyn worked hard on attuning her magical prowess to the body she now had. The ‘need’ potion flowing through her mind made things hard, but she had enough experience fighting one of those in the past that it wasn’t long before her inanimacy was defeated via the application of steady telekinesis. She couldn’t quite turn herself back just yet, not with how annoyingly strong the potion was, but she could sure as hell get some revenge of her own. What she managed in those seconds was to get that grinning gas-mask of his to do her own bidding, and that bidding would be a lot worse than just being a body pillow for a week.

Linked desperately clawed at his gas-mask, attempting to pull it off, but it wouldn’t even slightly budge. He could no longer breathe through it at all, and worse than that, it somehow began to seep tendrils of rubber through his nostrils. He couldn’t even try to stop them, pulling on the gas-mask he had so intricately moulded to his own snout simply felt like trying to pull off his own muzzle. Trying to unscrew the filters didn’t work, either, they were stuck firmly in place, and as he looked down he realised something in horror. His hands were covered in liquid latex wherever he had touched the gas-mask, and that latex was spreading. “Mmmmph!

Throwing himself against the wall next to the plushie fuck-toy, he desperately tried one last time to tug his face free of the gas-mask, but instead of coming off, it began to spread over his face. The latex covered every nook and cranny as it went off on a journey across his head, and then even further down his body. It was already too late to even try to claw it off, as when he looked down at his hands, he realised they had already become near-featureless rounded mitts, the rubber nullifying their uses before flowing onward to his arms.

Suffocation was starting to get to him. He was so desperate for something to breathe, and luckily, the gas-mask finally returned air to him, air that was pumped straight into his lungs during the process of his conversion. He took a deep and desperate breath, but upon exhaling, he realised he had just made a horrible mistake. He exhaled a thick cloud of pink gas, and he didn’t even have to wait for its effects to take hold before he recognised it as the mind control gas it was. His gas-mask's filter canisters, once designed to prevent all the evil gasses he and others might use, had been so thoroughly corrupted as to be a source of the hypnotic fumes now filling his lungs.

The latex spread over his eyes, sealing them in darkness before suddenly flashing back into light, only instead of the world around him, he saw spirals. Intense, hypnotic spirals, ones that might not usually be able to entrance him, but with the hypnogas? It was mere seconds before he fell limp, unable to fight the rest of the conversion at all.

“Oh, finally,” Lyn’s voice projected itself directly into his ears via telepathy, the only way she could talk any more, “There. I improved your stupid gas-mask for you. It’s going to turn you into a drone for a month, because you turned me into this ridiculous thing for a month. Instead of having to go anywhere or be seen as some fuckable plush, you’ll be my personal drone, doing everything I need while I hide out. Sound good? Sure it does.”

The last of Linked’s conscious mind tried to fight against Lyn’s to-the-point orders, but he couldn’t. The spreading latex had almost encased his entire body in glossy blackness, and it was doing even more on the inside. The latex being pumped into his body was quickly making his hypnogas-soaked lungs irrelevant, his biology cannibalised into artificial latex with all requirements easily satisfied by the efficiency of the magical material. His brains turned to mush, and then to solid rubber, his glossy head devoid of thoughts as it was converted into an AI core, one that didn’t need hypnogas to stay pliable as pliable as it was.

With the surface conversion finishing up, a few last changes were put in place. Most of his body was entirely identifiable, looking just as if it was his usual wolf body except naked and shiny, but a few things were changed around slightly. Instead of a cock, he now had a shiny featureless bulge between his legs, one that would provide no relief for the pleasure that would be building up within him over the course of the month even if he could disobey orders and try to masturbate. On his chest, the latex provided him with another pair of bulges. A hefty pair of latex boy-tits grew into existence, ones so big that they’d be almost impossible to carry around if not for the fact that his spine had been replaced by durable latex. Tits the size of his head might have felt unusual at any other time, but with the drone so thoroughly controlled, he simply thought it was entirely normal, even as Lyn began to grope them with her plush paws.

“Ah, that’s better. Don’t have to deal with Linked’s bullshit for a month, and I get this handy drone to keep around instead! C’mon, boi-slut, we’re heading home.”

Linked obediently followed Lyn home as she plodded forwards with her soft plush paws crumpling beneath her with each step. The drone had his fair share of noises too, his every motion leaving it squeaking as his latex tail swished behind him and his massive tits bounced on his chest.

“Just remember, Linked, this is all your fault!~”