what, you thought tracing was an unethical artist shortcut?
flattening bondage exhibitionism

“Hello, young sir! Would you like to have a portrait done of your fine self? It’ll only be £5 and a little of your time!”

Auric wasn’t particularly in the mood to be accosted on the way home from work, but to his surprise, the artist that had given him the offer actually seemed to have some skill. A few of their paintings were propped up around the place, presumably to make his offer more enticing, and hey, they worked.

“Oh, sure!” Auric said.

“Excellent!” The artist began to prepare a canvas, with paint already on their palette, “Now, just stand there for a few minutes, and I’ll be done with this in no time!”

Auric did as the artist asked, standing in one spot and doing his best to maintain a neutral expression. He was curious as to what could be painted in such a short time, and it didn’t take long until the artist announced that they had finished. Auric stepped over to see the results, and found the result to be less disappointing and more shocking.

“Gah! What is this?! Is this some kind of a joke?”

There was no portrait on the canvas. Instead, there had only been a collection of various sex toys drawn off to the side, with a large blank gap left in the middle of the canvas.

“Not at all! In fact, you’ll be a part of the picture in no time!” Auric had no opportunity to respond to the artist’s bizarre statement, before he was suddenly pushed towards the painting. Much to his surprise, instead of knocking the canvas over and falling to the floor, he fell into the painting itself. The world began to tumble, the unnatural attraction of the painting overriding gravity, and soon he was feeling the strangest of sensations as he turned two-dimensional, going from walking around to being a living painting in a matter of seconds. Nothing made sense in his new flattened out existence, but he wasn’t given much time to examine his sex toy-filled surroundings before his canvas was stuffed into a bag, plunging his world into darkness.

The Artist whistled as they packed up their equipment, leaving the patch of pavement they had set up on identical to how it was before they had arrived. They set off, with all their stuff in their bag, including their latest victim.

The space around Auric was illuminated once again, leaving him to wonder about how his new dimensions worked as he and his canvas was propped up on another easel. He could still somehow see the three-dimensional world around him, including the Artist that had done this to him. Speaking proved itself impossible, probably because air was no longer a thing in his world, but he could still somehow move. He wouldn’t be able to describe it if asked, but he felt animated. He was definitely a painting, but he was still himself.

Things became weirder as the Artist painted a speech bubble above Auric’s head, it somehow pulling the words out of his mouth and displaying them.

Let me out! What do you want??

“Oh, I need nothing of you in particular, you are simply to be the next masterpiece in my collection, but first, we’re going to have to keep you from squirming about as I do my work, so let’s see…”

The Artist pushed Auric’s arms together in front of him, holding them in place as they began to paint over his torso. Maybe it was the canvas that was magic, or the brush, or maybe just the Artist themselves, but there was definitely something accelerating the painting of a straightjacket over Auric’s form. Within seconds it had been fully fleshed out and detailed, and he was no longer able to move his arms within them whatsoever.

More words were forming in Auric’s speech bubble, but before they got very far, the large red ball-gag previously positioned elsewhere on the canvas was brought up to his mouth and forced into it, straps tying around his head. Auric’s mouth was now filled with the giant lump of plastic, leaving him entirely unable to even move his tongue beneath the thing stuffing his maw. All that could be seen on his speech bubble now were sounds of ‘Mmmf’.

“There, that should keep you quiet!” The Artist purveyed the selection of sex toys they had previously painted out, carefully deciding on what should be used next, “Hmm, maybe I should let you decide…”

Another bubble was drawn above Auric’s head, this time a thought bubble. This one was much more active than the speech bubble, rapidly cycling through his current thoughts of embarrassment, arousal, fear, and horniness.

The Artist smirked, before painting another implement onto Auric’s face. This time, it was a blindfold, and once again, his world plunged into darkness.

Auric had to try his hardest to not think of things that the Artist could use against him, but he could already tell it wasn’t working. There’s nothing harder than knowing you shouldn’t think of something, which is something the Artist already inherently knew.

“Don’t think about being fucked in the ass with a strap-on!”

A few giggles later confirmed that the Artist was seeing exactly what he was fantasising about. Worse still, the relentless teasing was only making him imagine ever kinkier scenarios. Auric’s endless habit of fantasising endless lewd scenarios to enjoy was now being turned against him, and he could now start to feel the Artist peer into his deepest obsessions.

“Oh my, how lucky of me to have chosen such a unique specimen… Yes, there is plenty I could do to you…”

Auric was moaning through his ball-gag, already rock-hard and needy just from the teasing alone. He couldn’t imagine what was going to happen to him next—Well, he could and that was exactly the problem.

He could hear the faint sound of brushwork beside him, this time it took much longer than everything else the Artist had painted before. The wait was torture, as the longer it went on the more possibilities there were for as to what would end up being created. His imagination was going wild, and at this point he was sure the Artist was simply using his thought bubble for reference as they put down the finishing touches. And soon, they were done.

My oh my, look at how pathetic you are…

Auric gulped.

Now now, this blindfold won’t do. Surely you should be allowed to gaze upon the visage of your Queen. Don’t you agree, slave?

Auric nodded eagerly.

The voice of this mystery woman was like silk on his ears, all of it was perfect enough that just hearing her speak was leaving him hornier. Auric shivered from the slightest touch of her fingers as she pulled the blindfold from his head, “Look at me, slave.”

Auric blinked a few times before looking up at the most beautiful woman he could ever have imagined, quite literally. Every last aspect of what he loved had become a physical manifestation before him, her sheer beauty enough to give her an almost literal radiance. No mind control was needed, no hypnosis required, anything she said, he would do. The Artist had created him a tailor-made Queen, and he had no option but to fall maddeningly in love. Had his mouth not already been stuffed, his jaw would be dropping. Had he not already been on his knees, he would’ve fallen to them in an instant. Her beauty was enough to make him forget his flattened existence, and leave him only wanting to serve his Queen. And of course, there was one final detail that simply drove him over the edge; An perfect application of golden lipstick.

You want to obey me, don’t you slave? You just want to give up on everything and anything, even your freedom, just to serve me…

Auric was nodding. A lot.

“Good, because as of now…” She leaned forwards, holding Auric’s head up to face her as she brought her own face down to his, “You belong to me. You are nothing but my property. My pet. My slave.”

Suddenly, a splash of clear resin blanketed the canvas, freezing everything on it in an instant. The Artist took a step back from their creation, and clapped, “Bravo! Magnificent! My best work yet!”

Throughout the world, in various kinky art exhibitions, a certain painting was being shown off. Thousands gathered to see it, to see just how perfectly the lust and neediness of the slave was portrayed, and the sheer beauty of his owner. Many had their own fantasies of being just like the slave in the painting, and it wasn’t long before it was sold in auction, to a very high bidder.