Spiced Up Night Life

sometimes lewd magic doesn't need to be all that extravagant for a nice evening of intimacy
latex d.va TF blatant copyright infringement

Luna got up off of the bed, now sitting next to Anna instead of lying with her.

“Luna? Are you okay?”

“I… Yeah, I guess so.”

Anna got up and sat next to Luna, holding her in her arms, “It’s perfectly fine if you’re not ready, dear. There’s always another time,”

Luna rested her head on Anna’s shoulder, “It’s not that, it’s just… I mean, I heard all about the kind of stuff you do to people, and this just seems so… Normal. Do you know what I mean?”

Anna’s eyes lit up, “I know exactly what you mean,” She reached over to the night stand and pulled something out of her jacket pocket, deliberately obscuring Luna’s vision of what it was. She opened some kind of wrapper and pulled out a piece of pink bubblegum, putting the wrapper back in her pocket, “Here, try this. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!”

“Uh, okay,” Luna grabbed the bubblegum out of Anna’s hand, looking the featureless stick over before putting it in her mouth and chewing, “Mmph, uhh, can I ask what this is gonna do?”

Anna giggled, “Of course not! That would ruin the surprise, obviously~”

“Isth it going to make me a furry like you or thomething?”

“No, but it’s going to be just as fun, I’m sure. Now, stop talking and start blowing!” Anna layed back down on the bed, making herself comfortable.

Luna obliged and blew into the candy, a nice pink bubble already expanding from her lips. She grew nervous, not knowing what would happen to her as she blew the bubble. To her surprise, nothing happened, and soon the bubble burst. Unlike a regular bubblegum bubble, it exploded with a lot more force to it, splattering bubblegum all over her face.

“I suppose you should go to the bathroom and clean that up, hm?”

“Uhh, sure,” Luna got up and walked out of Anna’s sight, and into the bathroom. After a few seconds had passed, Anna giggled as she heard a distinct ‘eep!’, fully aware of what Luna had discovered.

Anna got up and followed Luna into the bathroom, hugging her from behind as she examined how the bubblegum splattered onto her face.

“It’s D.Va’s whiskers! They look exactly the same, and they’re not coming off!”

Anna smooched Luna on the cheek, “Mhm, and I’m sure you can guess what kind of stuff is going to happen next~”

Luna gulped, “Uhh, I’m sure she isn’t 6”5’ like me, so—" She was rudely interrupted by the skeletal structure of her entire body suddenly shifting, leaving her already a few inches shorter than before. Powerful magic rushed through her body, and after a couple more shifts like the first, Luna was left an entire foot shorter, and with a much more petite frame than before.

Anna giggled and rested her beak on Luna’s head, something she was not able to do just a few moments ago, “Gosh, I know you loved being the tall one, but I’m just thinking of all the fun I could have with you like this…”

Luna gulped, “I-I um—Okay gosh,” She hid her face behind her hands, blushing from both the unexpected increase in the pitch of her voice and her sudden shortness, “W-well… I guess this is it? I do look a lot like D.Va now…”

“Mmm, not quite,” Anna took a step back, folding her arms and leaning against the wall as she awaited the remaining changes.

“What do you m—Eep!” Luna looked down at her bare chest as a previously unnoticed bit of bubblegum started to spread across it at a rapid rate. The coldness of the pink material caused her to moan, it spreading across her tits and accentuating their size with its support. She noticed that the bubblegum quickly set into place wherever it had spread, and completely changed in colouration. The material rushing down her body was turning into D.Va’s skin-tight jumpsuit, and she imagined the process would’ve been a bit more confusing if she hadn’t already stripped at Anna’s request. Luna gasped as the bubblegum spread down her belly and waist, squeezing and pressing in all the right places.

Now that Luna’s upper half had stabilised, Anna leaned forward and resumed her hug, idly toying with Luna’s now long brunette hair. With her head leaned down next to Luna’s head, she whispered, “I think the next part’s my fave~”

Luna wondered what Anna meant by that, suddenly realising that the material was about to reach her crotch. She gulped and spread her legs a little to watch as the bubblegum quickly coated her cock. She moaned, the bubblegum now beginning to push down on her hardening length and manipulating it as if it were as malleable as the bubblegum coating it, because for now, it was. Luna’s moans loudened as her cock flattened down and become nothing but a part of the Y shape of her crotch, “Nnngh…”

“Shhh, I know you love it~” Anna gave her another kiss.

The rest of the changes were relatively uneventful, but Luna did enjoy turning around and seeing how the bubblegum had given her a fitting bubblegum butt. Running her hand over it, she moaned at her increased sensitivity. She noticed that all over her body, it never felt like she was gaining a second layer on top of her skin, and more that it was entirely a part of her. The thought made her blush, heavily. It wasn’t long until the bubblegum finally finished coating her body, and as it solidified around her feet, the classic D.Va jumpsuit was complete.

“So…” Anna held Luna’s new body close to hers, “Does this feel more like it?”

“Nnnf, god yes,”

“I’m sure you’ll notice it more soon, but the changes weren’t just skin deep…”

“W-wait, what does that mean?” Luna gulped.

“Shh, don’t worry about it, you’ll find out soon enough!”

The two of them wasted no time in returning to the bedroom, practically throwing themselves on the bed in excitement. Anna laid back on the bed, rubbing her growing birdcock as Luna climbed on top of her. Luna drooled at the sight of Anna’s shaft, the fat knot at its base already sitting firm and awaiting a slick hole to stuff. Luna shuffled up on Anna’s legs until her cock rubbed against her belly, and she gasped from the sensations of her knot against her crotch.

“Mmmf, fuck… I need you inside me, nngh,” Luna thought desperately how she might be able to open up the suit, and almost in response the crotch of the suit began to shift. A wet, dripping slit was forming where her cock once was, making her reach a whole new level of lust and horniness. The nature of the suit was made clear, as the edges of her new cunt were also a part of the suit, which in turn was a part of her. The ramifications of her body possibly being made entirely out of latex meant nothing to her at this moment: All she could think about was how badly she needed Anna’s cock inside her needy dripping slit.

Anna grinned, simply watching Luna’s adventures in transformative pleasure until she picked the perfect moment to pull Luna down towards her and lock her into an embrace. The size difference helped immensely, as Luna’s torso was short enough that Anna’s tip could simply slide into her fresh, dripping cunt. The two of them moaned in unison as Anna pushed her down onto her length, her shaft sliding into and stuffing Luna’s latex-like cunt, stretching it beyond its limits had it not been a synthetic hole designed to be fucked. Luna screamed in pleasure as Anna pushed her back to being upright, her knot forced into her cunt with the additional help of gravity. Anna grabbed her sides and pushed her up and down, groaning in pleasure until she finally cummed, hot stringy goo squirting deep into Luna’s body as her own slick pussy-juices dripped down Anna’s cock.

The two of them flopped to the side, both left panting from the pleasure and intimacy they had just experienced. Anna pulled Luna close and wrapped her arms around her, nuzzling her head into her feathery chest, “Told you it would be fun,” She kissed her head.

Luna couldn’t do much but pant, “H-hahh… I never doubted you… God, we should do this again some time…” After a few seconds, she passed out, with Anna’s shaft still deep within her synthetic cunt.