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pooltoy TF mind control

Evie took a big gulp of the milk she just bought, before putting it in her fridge, “Ahh~ So refreshing!”

The Squeakymilk brand had taken over the world by storm. It was like milk in every way, except cheaper, tastier, and it never expired. The company that produced it already had factories on every continent and their rate of production was only ever increasing. Entire protests have taken place by the people whose livelihood depended on the milk of yesterday, as they all suddenly had no demand whatsoever. They simply could not compete with Squeakymilk’s prices, or how you could drink it if you were lactose intolerant, or how the cheese made using it was near-identical in every way. It truly was a miracle product.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Evie took the milk back out of the fridge as soon as she remembered to see if she got a prize. She began to scratch off the scratchy-thing on the side of the carton, hoping she would finally be a winner. She had no idea what the prize was, nobody did, but there were rumours that it was a lifetime supply of Squeakymilk. Sadly, even after the hundreds of cartons she’s gone through, she’s never been successful on any of them.

That all changed today.

As she scratched through the top layer, the rest of it suddenly began to dissolve, the entire film covering it melting away to reveal big bold letters saying “YOU WIN!” And nothing else.

“Huh? What am I supposed to do with this? How do I claim my prize?”

A voice suddenly spoke behind her, almost scaring her off her feet, “You won’t need to worry about that, my dear!”

“Aah!! Who are you?!”

“Oh, don’t you recognise me?” The unexpected visitor lifted the carton of Squeakymilk and held it next to her face, showing off the branding on the front, “I’m the mascot of Squeakymilk!”

Evie blinked a few times before the realisation set in. She was the pink bird that was advertised on all their products! “Oh! I had no idea you were a real person! Your name is Anna, right?”

She giggled, “Yes, my name’s Anna, and yes, I’m quite real! In fact, I'm much more of a person than you will be once I’m done with you~”

Evie had no time to ponder on what Anna just said before she snapped her fingers and suddenly the world shifted around her. A flash of brightness almost blinded her, but she was soon able to adjust to the brightness of the new place they were standing in.

It looked like a swimming pool, but lit only from under the water, and with the walls of the place making it look more like a warehouse. Evie could’ve sworn there was some big writing on the walls, but it wasn’t bright enough for her to make it out.

“Whoa, where are we?”

Anna walked around Evie as she looked around the warehouse, grinning a little, “We’re in Production Warehouse E-37! This is one of the many places the milk of ours you love so much is made,”

“Oh wow!” She tried to look for some sort of means of production, but found nothing. Apart from some unused piping, the place was empty.

“Now, how much have you wondered about how Squeakymilk is produced?”

“Huh? Oh, I guess I’ve never thought much about it before!”

“Excellent! Looks like the base layer of nanite programming has been fully set in! Let’s test one of the more fun code-phrases: Squeaky-creaky-milky-cummy!”

“W-wh—Oh g-god!” Evie's legs buckled as the girlcock in her panties suddenly orgasmed, leaving a very obvious wet spot on the front of her skirt and making her blush hard, “A-aah!! What was that?!”


She suddenly pulled down her skirt and pants and began to stroke her girlcock, gripping it hard and moaning as she brought herself to another orgasm, with absolutely no control over her own body. As another load of cum spurted out over the floor, she dropped to her knees and panted.

“Looks like all that works well, too!” Anna stroked the heavily-embarrassed girl’s head, giggling softly to herself at the mind-foggy expression she held, “You’re going to end up as one of our Squeakycows, and gosh, I can already tell you’ll love it!”

Multiple lines of thought rushed through Evie’s head, like how apparently she had a ton of hypnotic triggers embedded in herself, and how the milk she loved was controlling her, and just how good it felt to be controlled, but in the end all those thoughts jumbled up into a mess that made thinking about anything complicated a difficult task for the mind-fogged girl.

“Now, for the real fun! Squeaky-creaky-you-will-be!”

The dormant nanites within Evie’s body suddenly activated. Over the months of drinking mostly that milk, the entire water content of her body was now heavily laced with the nanites that were beginning to transform her. She could hear loud squeaking all over her body and even inside her head, and she couldn’t help but watch as the patches of white squeaky vinyl quickly grew. Her remaining clothing was being eaten away by the nanites, and soon she could clearly see her naked form as it was converted into something that was very much squeaky and creaky. A nozzle pushed its way out of her bellybutton, and it connected with the vinyl that was growing around it. She could feel herself getting lighter, and feel her head and body emptying, both metaphorically and literally. It was already hard to think of much but the squeaking of her new body, but now it was the only thing she could think of.

Anna leaned down as the changes reached their final phase, Evie's hair now replaced with an inflatable vinyl imitation, complete with obvious seams that also ran down her entire body. She gently gripped Evie’s sensitive nozzle, and opened it.

Evie felt herself deflating. Air rushed out of her nozzle, and soon she was collapsing into a pile of vinyl on the floor. She was now a deflated pool-toy.

The sensation of being carried in Anna’s arms was weird. Everything was weird now. She felt like she should be panicking and freaking out, but she was very relaxed. She didn’t actually find much reason to panic at all, and soon she had forgotten what was even worth worrying about. She was just a pooltoy, and she would be fine with whatever her owner did to her.

Anna soon put her back down, the little bit of vision the pool-toy had through her painted-on cartoonish eyes revealing that she was now next to the big bunch of piping she had seen before. Anna carried one of the smaller pipes over to her, and attached it to her nozzle. Oh my, was she going to be filled with air again?

Anna turned the valve on the pipe, and she discovered she was going to be filled by something very different. As the creamy liquid flowed into her hollow belly, she realised it was Squeakymilk! She loved Squeakymilk! She was filled with joy at the same time she was being filled with that milk, her body once again inflating but this time with a lot more weight to it than it had with only air in her insides. As the pool-toy re-inflated, she realised she looked a lot different. Gone was her old form, now replaced with that of a big squeaky cartoon cow! She loved it. Her udders were swelling with Squeakymilk, and she could already feel the liquid somehow drip out of her vinyl teats. Anna clearly noticed this as well, as she soon brought up another four pipes, this time with milking thingies on the end. She moaned inside her dumb little airhead as the suction of the cups caused them to seal themselves onto her teats, a steady flow of Squeakymilk now getting milked from them.

She hadn’t noticed yet, but Anna had already stopped the flow of Squeakymilk into her nozzle, and yet, she was still growing in size. Anna smirked as she pulled the pipe from the pool-toy’s nozzle and closed it back up, watching as its udders grew ever larger. She gave the pool-toy a push, and soon it was floating on the water, almost sinking below the water line from the weight of the Squeakymilk within.

Evie was in heaven. She could taste all that lovely delicious Squeakymilk within her, and her udders were only going to grow larger from this point on. Having the substance her new form produced get milked out of her udders just felt so incredible. She wanted to be like this forever, and thanks to Anna’s kindness, she was going to be a lovely Squeakymilk-maker filling Production Warehouse E-37 for the rest of her life.