Successful Conversion

tsk tsk tsk, and that's why you should always set your thoughts to read-only
TF drone mind control

Amp opened her eyes, and it didn’t take long before the realisation of where she was wiped her grogginess away: She was floating, or rather, suspended, in a cylindrical glass tank. Attached to her face was a form-fitting mask, one shaped for her muzzle, and acting as the only thing providing her oxygen. Even if she did want to remove it, she realised that her arms were firmly bound together behind her, and what little wiggling she could accomplish revealed that her legs too were bound. Even the lynx’s tail, poofy in her underwater state, was tied up and useless. Suspended in the middle of the tank, she could do nothing to escape from her current predicament.

She thought something perfectly reasonable, “Where the hell am I?!”, and was immediately alarmed as she heard the echoes of it throughout the room, “What? Why are my thoughts–” She stopped, again hearing her own thought process as she was thinking it. Amp gulped, doing her best not to think any specific thoughts from then on.

The dark room surrounding the cylindrical tank lit up with harsh artificial lighting as the metal doors of its entrance slid apart. Through it came three figures. A human woman, and two other humanoid creatures she couldn’t identify. The woman wore a tight-fitting pencil dress, one that seemed to be made entirely out of glossy white latex, a material that was only too similar when seen on the creatures that accompanied her. Although, instead of being a simple garb, they seemed to be entirely made out of it, covered head to toe in white latex. Alarmingly, even with the obvious feminine features they possessed, their faces were entirely blank.

The door to the room shut behind them. The woman walked up to the front of the tank, whilst the two other creatures made their way over to their respective consoles on other sides of the room. She looked up at the suspended Amp, and spoke, “My, you’re a pretty one…”

“W-what?! I-I’m not—Let me out of here!” Amp thought, and thus said.

“After all the effort we went to capture you across the breadth of inter-dimensional travel? That sounds like a complete waste!”

“Inter-dimensional—What is she talking about?”

“Oh, nothing you need to concern yourself with. You’re simply a test subject, one of many! We have to make sure all our processes work on your kind in addition to ours, of course. Colonising your universe would be so much harder if we found out we couldn’t convert you all into our obedient drones!”

“Wait, does she mean that those things with her were—”

“People? Of course. Do you even know how hard it is to make general purpose AIs? Why not just piggyback off the minds of converted victims?”

“I’m going to be turned into one of those things!! This can’t be happening!”

“Oh, don’t worry, that won’t be happening. Well, at least not before we get enough data from you. Let’s start with your name.”

“There’s no way I’m going to tell her or even think anything she needs!”

To that, the woman’s only response was to grin. She stepped towards Amp’s suspension tank, and as she did so, a control panel raised itself from the floor, and formed itself into a podium. The woman looks into the lynx’s eyes as she angles a microphone towards her mouth and presses down a button.

Amp thinks some more, “Actually, it would be pretty rude of me not to tell this nice woman who I am. What could go wrong if I did tell her my name, anyway?” The thought was entirely reasonable to her, so she quickly thought the sentence “My name is Amp, I’m a lynx born in–”

“That’s all we need, thank you, dear. Drones, record prior identity and assign new identification from classification of subject.”

It took a few seconds before Amp realised what had just happened, “W-wait, did you just insert thoughts into my head?! That’s–” “Entirely silly. It would be daft to think that those thoughts came from anywhere but my own head.” Even as Amp saw the woman mouth the words she was thinking, it still didn’t feel like that was what was happening. The thoughts she was speaking into her malleable mind felt just like her own, and were entirely indistinguishable.

“God, this is all so terrifying, I don’t even know where I am… And that’s fine. I’m clearly safe, and I’m even comfortable in here. I should just stay relaxed and let this nice woman do what she needs to do.

Amp could feel something rush over her body. Looking down, she watched as blue light passed over her form, leaving her tingling in the process, “W-what the hell is—Oh, I shouldn’t overreact, I’m sure this is nothing to worry about. I should just stay as still as possible as they scan my naked body for future duplication and study. Yeah. It feels nice, anyway…” Soon, the same energy was rushing over her very mind, “D-do I want them to have a scan of my mind? I think I do. Whatever experiments they perform on other incarnations of me are probably going to be lovely!

A loud buzzer sounded from one of the drones’ workstations, and the scanning energy passing over Amp’s body halted. A few seconds later, the other drone’s buzzer sounded, and the scanning energy passing over her brain stopped, too.

“Oh, are we done? Excellent! Now for the real fun!” The latex-clad woman pushed another button on the podium, one that caused the pressure in the tank to suddenly shift.

Looking down, the lynx saw that another liquid was being pumped into the chamber, one far heavier than the water, judging from how it pooled solidly below. It was entirely white, and as it rippled below her, she could see that it was as shiny as the clothing the woman wore, and also the two drones.

Amp panicked as she realised what was going to happen, “Oh god! No! They can’t turn me into drone! I don’t want to show the woman how secretly turned on I am by the idea! God, having my identity stripped away and replaced with mindless subservience sounds so hot!” Even with how obviously alien Amp’s thoughts were, they were still her thoughts. She moaned as the level of the liquid latex rose above her feet and continued up to her thighs, “The idea of being converted into a drone and stripped of the very things that make me a person is so hot, I can’t wait to have my mind erased and replaced with loyal drone programming!” The lynx’s cock was hardening, just in time for the latex to rise above it. The tightness wrapping down on every covered part of her body was just turning her on further. It didn’t even feel like it was simply covering her, either, it was as if it was seeping within her very flesh.

“Oh god, I can feel it converting me, turning me into latex inside and out… And I love it…

The level rose above her neck, and seconds later, she was completely submerged. She felt the breathing mask pop off of her face, followed by latex flooding painlessly into her lungs. Her very biological need to breathe was erased as her body was transformed into a material far more efficient than any living creature could ever be.

Thoughts rushed through her head, faster than they ever had before, an unstoppable torrent of ideas and memories flooding into her mind. Her own thoughts couldn’t stand a chance, getting obliterated from the sheer flow of new concepts and realisations that were replacing them. Her identity was bleached over, erased, and a new one took its place. Concepts of being a lynx, a person, an individual, evaporated from her mind, and were replaced with the realisation that it was a drone, it was an object, and that it was an anonymous unit among millions. Useless concepts of personhood were replaced by subservience, and all the unnecessary memories it had were instead swapped with how best to serve for any and all purposes it might be needed for.

The electrodes placed on its head detached, replaced with a wireless hardlink to the many satellites surrounding this planet, providing an efficient and automated flow of thoughts and orders to each of the millions of drones the planet had converted.

With all the water now forced out of it, the tank drained the liquid latex inside, and as it did so, lowered the glass accordingly. Standing motionlessly in the middle of it, a faceless drone stood, ready for its orders.

“Aw, it looks exactly like all the others! Perfect anonymity might be a required trait of drones, but I was hoping to have a unique one to take home with me for my 100th conversion reward. Oh well! Drone: Assign owner A311K-09FR1Q, and wait for me at my home. Buy one of those new PleasureDrone conversion models on the way, too.”