The Doll Exposé

investigative journalism has its risks, especially when anna's involved
latex trixie doll TF mind control

Okay Jane, you can manage this. Just breathe…

Controlling her nerves were hard. This project had already taken so much out of her, and now that she was far enough to get on the trusted access list of DolliTech, things were just going to get a lot harder.

Her delivery had already shipped, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before her sex “doll” was here. Once it arrived, she knew she could prove it used to be a person. It’d be the story of the year: Doll Manufacturer Revealed To Be Turning Humans Into Slaves. She just had to get some proof out of it.

The doorbell rang. She gulped, nervous at what she would find on her doorstep. She knew these things used to be people, she just had to prove it.

She opened the door and collected the large package, pulling it inside. It was lighter than she expected. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the cardboard open, unleashing a flood of packing pellets along with the heat-shrunk tightly-packaged doll within. It took a bit more cutting with her scissors to get the plastic seal around the doll itself open, but once she did it slipped off its body with ease.

“Okay… Now to figure out what you are… Wait, wh—aah!!”

She fell back on her ass as the doll came to life, standing straight upright the moment it was out of its packaging, and for the first time, Jane could see the doll she had ordered in all its glory.

She had tried to pick the most generic looking options, as she had no interest in actually using the doll for its intended purpose. So she picked a sort of cat girl thing, with a tail and cat ears, and a few cat-like features on its face, but mostly humanoid apart from that. There was soft-looking white and orange fur on some parts of its body, but it was mostly shiny skin-coloured latex. There was some things she couldn’t hide, though: Its tits were huge, at least compared to hers, and they bounced with any movement the doll made. It’s mouth was almost human-looking, but its plump rubber lips were incapable of closing all the way, and thus they leaked the lube that these dolls were built to produce. She couldn’t get a good look at the doll’s vagina, but from what she could see it was cartoonish and puffy, and again dripping lube.

It spoke through some hidden speakers embedded in its face, its lips only slightly moving to emulate speech, “Hello, Jane! Your identity has been pre-installed onto Doll #B-173920, which means it is available for use right away! Where would you like to begin?” It stood, perfectly still, waiting for her.

“Uh… What is your name?” Jane was nervous. She wasn’t told they could talk, in fact she thought they were completely inanimate.

“Doll #B-173920, but its owner can give doll a new identifier if she so desires!”

“Damn,” she thought. She knew it was never going to be that easy, but she hoped it would at least get her somewhere.

“No, I mean, what was your name before you were a doll?”

“I’m sorry, I do not understand the question, please rephrase the question and try again.”

There was no emotion in its voice or appearance, apart from the default cheery tone of whatever voice synthesis it was using.

“Do you remember who you were before they turned you into a doll?”

“I’m sorry, I do not understand the question, please rephrase the question and try again.”

Was it completely brainwashed? Was all of its past life erased? Or was there nothing left but a computer they put in its brain? She didn’t know what to think any more. She stood up, her knees shaking, and examined the doll some more. It didn’t react as she touched its body, its latex skin squeaking as her hands slid across it. “What are you…

“Do you uh, do you know where you are?”

“Doll is at the registered residence of its owner.”

“Um, how were you made?”

“That is proprietary information kept by DolliTech Industries. Please contact service representatives if you would like to know more.”

She already tried that, and they weren’t any more helpful than this doll was being right now. She was sure if she found the right answers she could trick the doll into proving it used to be a human, so she kept pushing. Unknown to her, the questions previously asked had activated a silent alarm on the doll, with a live feed of its hearing and vision being passed to some unknown place.

“So you don’t remember anything before being packaged in this box? You were just blank?”

“Correct. Doll was—” It suddenly stopped mid sentence. A far more robotic voice replaced it, and its lips no longer bothered to lip-sync. “ATTEMPTED BREACH OF SECURITY DETECTED. SUBJECT TO BE PACIFIED BEFORE COLLECTION.”

“What?!” She tried to turn and run, but the doll grabbed her arm with formidable strength before she could get anywhere. Jane struggled with the doll, trying to free her arm, but she couldn’t even budge it in its grip. While she was trying to escape, the doll gripped her other arm, and soon she was forced to stand right in front of the doll’s face as its mouth opened, and a green gas was released.

Everything went black.

“Ugh… Where am I?” Her head was still hazy from the knock-out gas, but her memories were intact. She might have been in complete darkness, but a firm bump betrayed the location for what it really was: She was strapped onto a table in a van. She tried to struggle, but her body was still far too weak from the gas that had brought her here.

“Who’s there?! Let me out of here!! This is illegal!!”

Unsurprisingly, there was no response. The van seemed to be slowing, and soon it had stopped at its destination. Another sensation was felt this time: A sudden lurch as the van dropped. It was descending beneath the ground.

She knew it. It was so suspicious, as the public factories DolliTech had for viewing were all too small to sum up to the combined output of the company, so she knew there must have been shadier operations somewhere. Unfortunately, only now, in this helpless situation, did she find out they were underground.

The doors of the van opened, and the gurney she was strapped to was rolled out. The bright lights of the facility were blinding, but she didn’t have any time to look around before she was wheeled into another dark place. She processed what she just saw: Not only was the place huge, but she saw the face of one of the people wheeling her around. Or rather, she saw that it had no face. Its face was entirely blank, smooth black latex, and so was the rest of its body. She could still hear the squeaking as its legs moved, and now, she finally understood the scale of DolliTech’s operations: They simply used dolls for everything. She had seen the previous attempts at uncovering the truth behind DolliTech’s dolls, she had seen how when they were cut into thin slices it was all just latex, all the way through. She knew that there was no humanity left in these things, only mindless obedience.

She was stopped. The two drone things left, and she was once again alone in a dark room.

“Mmm~ Well well well, what do we have here?” A feminine spoke, one with immense power behind it. The echo throughout the room revealed it to be huge, but she was too strapped down to be able to look at the speaker.

“Let’s get you out of that silly thing, Jane. It is Jane, isn't it?” The straps released one by one, giving her back her freedom of movement, “You’ve been very kind in putting in all your details into our system, dear. Even what you didn’t put in, the system found out for itself! Investigative journalist, how very interesting!”

She gulped. She still couldn’t see the figure that apparently knew everything about her, but she could tell that no matter who she was, she would be trouble for her.

“Oh, you want to get a look at me? Well, how’s this, Jane?” She snapped her fingers, and suddenly the entire cylindrical room was bathed in light. She was forced to blink a few times, but once her eyes adjusted, she could see who had been talking to her… It… It was a bird. A pink, anthropomorphic bird.

“Hello, Jane. I’m Anna!”

“W-what are you??” Jane freaked out. Even after the dolls and the drones, this was still the weirdest thing she’d seen today.

“Oh, how rude! I think you will find I’m very much a person, just like you!” Anna grinned, “Well, just not from this universe, that’s all.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Who are you? Why are you a bird??”

“So many questions! I just told you, my name is Anna, and I just happen to be a reality shifter that got bored of the universe she originated in, and decided to play with a few others! And I must say, this place not only has plentiful victims, but such thriving demand…”

“You… You’re an alien?! You’re turning people into dolls!”

Anna giggled, “I guess I am, from your perspective. And yes, I’m turning people into dolls. Wasn’t it obvious? You didn’t exactly have to go to the trouble of writing an exposé about my company, it’s not exactly hard-to-find information. Oh yes, everyone in any position of power knows, and most of them even have dolls of their own to play with. This planet’s creatures are so easily charmed~” Anna started walking towards Jane.

“What are you going to do to me?? If everything you just said is true, you can just let me go, right?” She gulped once more, sweat beading up on her brow.

“Mmm~ I could let you go, but what would be the fun in that? See, not everyone is as creative as you. Why, you’ve spent the last few months trying to find every last thing out about this company! It takes great ingenuity to see past the low-level mind control I’ve set up on this planet, and great ingenuity is just what I need…”

Everything Anna had just said was freaking her out. Even the most bizarre conspiracies she found about DolliTech were true. “W-why do you need me?”

“I’m glad you asked! It’s because, with most of our dolls, we just strip their free will and personalities and turn them into subservient slaves, but sometimes I get requests for toys a lot more… Versatile, I should say. Oh, you’re worried about who might end up owning you? Well, don’t be! You won’t be delivered to anyone of this universe…”

Oh god. Oh god, what?? She was just going to ship her to some other universe to be some alien’s plaything??

“Correct~ Oh, did I not mention that human minds are trivial to read?”

Jane didn’t know what to do. She was paralysed in fear, and Anna was now standing right in front of her. She had full view of her tall avian form, and her breasts were right in Jane's face, “What are you going to turn me into?..”

“I've had a lovely request lately… See, you aren’t just going to be some doll. You’ll still be synthetic, yes, but you'll be on rather the other side of the spectrum…”

“What does that mean?”

“You’re about to find out!” She held a thick shiny mask in her hand, large cartoonish eyes painted on, a short muzzle for a mouth, and a large rounded horn poking from its forehead. She recognised it. It was Trixie, the blue unicorn from that one show. Why her?

She tried to run, she tried to resist, she tried to call for help, but before she could manage even a squeak, Anna had planted the mask firmly onto Jane’s face. She was plunged into darkness, unable to see through the latex mask. Anna had let go of the mask and stepped back, but she still couldn’t take it off. The longer it was on the more it felt like it was somehow getting even closer to her face, until the latex was stretching and wrapping around it. She couldn’t even breathe any more.

“Don’t struggle, Jane, it’ll only make it take longer. It is cute, though—”

Her teasing words were cut off as the latex spread around her ears, sealing them within the growing mass that was taking over her body. The cold blue material spread over her, crawling onto the hands that were still trying to fruitlessly pry the thing off, and spreading to her arms. Her entire head was now sealed within the latex, and it was spreading down to her torso through both her arms and her neck. Just on the precipice of passing out from oxygen starvation, she was once again able to breathe. Her mouth and eyes flung open, only… They weren’t the same ones as before. She saw the world with greater clarity, and could now look down at her muzzle. Her muzzle. The one she now talked, tasted, and breathed through. Not only that, but she could also see the prominent horn on top of her head, along with a shiny curl of faux-mane dangling over her face. She really was turning into Trixie. Her hearing came back too, everything sounding different now that her ears were on top of her head.

“Hello again, Jane. Enjoying the changes?”

“W-what?? No!!” Even her voice was different, carrying the same boastful tone the real Trixie had.

The latex hadn’t stopped progressing as she was investigating her changes, and looking down she could still see some of her human body left, but a lot of it was now shiny blue latex, including her tits, which were now significantly larger and bouncier and… Sensitive. Oh god, the changes were making her horny. Even through the fear of losing her humanity, she was still getting heated. Nnf, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that the latex was now progressing down to her waist, and suddenly pouring into her cunt and ass. The stuff flowed into her, filling her with pleasure as the latex transformed her body from the inside out. She was brought to her knees and her blue latex hand-hoofs to her cunt as it changed, the latex making her slit look like the one of the doll she had seen what felt like a lifetime ago. It didn’t take long as the pleasure of her changes progressed through her before she cummed, artificial lubricating pussy-juices drooling from her new cunt.

She was panting hard, the orgasm having exhausted her. She was now on her knees as the last parts of her organic body were replaced with Trixie-themed latex. From her mane to her hoofs, her entire body was now an anthropomorphic Trixie.

“What… What have you done… To me…” She panted.

“Oh, I’m sure you already know! And anyway, the best bit is still to come! Now, lets turn those silly human memories and personality of yours into something a lot more entertaining~” Anna walked over to the kneeling Trixie-Jane, and lifted her to her feet by her chin, “Did you ever wonder why your boss assigned you to this? Ever think, maybe I just needed to find a candidate that was perfect for your new role? I have to say, I am very glad I found one…”

Jane couldn’t resist. She could feel Anna invade her mind, and she could do nothing about it. She felt every change, mentally watching as her childhood memories were plucked from her mind to never return. All her memories as a human with a human life and a human job were gone, and Anna soon got to work replacing them… Her new life flooded her mind, and soon she had trouble remembering if they were actually new, or if they had been there the whole time… Her name… What was her name? Oh, of course she knew her name, she could never forget it. She was The Great and Powerful Trixie!

A dominant personality replaced the timid reporter that had once resided in Trixie's mind. Lewd thoughts and ideas filled her head, knowledge on all the things she could do with her new powers now available to her. Trixie knew Anna had created her to dominate, and it was exactly what she planned to do…

“Hello, Trixie~”

“Mmm~ Hello, Mistress Anna, who would you like me to torment?~”

“You’ll see in just a moment, but for now lets get you to your proper home!”

The two of them vanished as Anna snapped her fingers, the only evidence that there was ever anyone there being a small puddle of lube left behind.