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latex dragon TF mind control

(companion piece)

“Ugh, what is it with this ad? Why won’t it go away?”

Kishi had been struggling with his computer the whole day. Even past all his ad-blocking techniques, this one advertisement had been following him around the whole internet.

Unlock the true power within! Experience strength like never before!

What bullshit,” he thought to himself, “Yet another miracle thing where they just want my money.” He was really getting sick of this now. He considered turning off for the night, or at least, he did until the advertisement suddenly changed. Instead of showing a generic muscle-y dude, it now showed something far more provocative. It looked like a beast, a huge monstrous thing covered in what looked like latex. It only had a few human-like features, the rest were animalistic, including the absolutely massive cock that was rock hard and completely visible in the picture.

“What the hell?” His interest was finally piqued. He had to see what this thing was, so against his better judgement, he clicked the advertisement.

His screen went dark and his room was plunged into darkness. The world around him vanished and was replaced with a pitch-black stage. A spotlight flashed on, pointed right at the confused Kishi where he stood. His eyes were forced to squint from the sudden brightness, and soon a voice filled the room.

“Welcome, human! You are lucky enough to have been selected for our finest conversion program yet!” Kishi looked around the large environment, trying to find some source of the voice, but finding nothing, “Gone are the days of our victims ending up as simple fucktoys and slaves! Well, of course, we still turn humans into those, but you’ll be getting something special!”

What the hell was going on? What was this place?

“Count your lucky stars, as you’ll be ending up elevated in your new status! Power will flow through your new body, and the world will be at your fingertips!” The voice slowly solidified as being in a single direction and coming towards him, “Now, what do you say Kishi, at the thought of being just like that magnificent specimen you were shown?”

Someone walked towards him, or should he say something. It was an anthropomorphic pink bird, completely naked with her breasts and cock fully visible to him. He couldn’t help but blush.

“What is this place?? Where am I?? Who are you??” Kishi was only slightly freaking out.

The bird spoke, “Hush hush now, human. The details of this place are none of your concern! But, hello anyway, I’m Anna!” She circled Kishi, looking up and down at his not-all-that-impressive human form, “You were brought here because of an interest I believe we share! We need… Volunteers, for this line of testing to work properly, so we can’t just pluck humans out of their world as we usually do.”

Kishi had only now realised he was completely nude. In a poor attempt at modesty, he tried to cover his slightly-hard cock.

The bird only giggled at that response, “Anyway, this means we need someone who secretly loves all things latex and hopes one day to experience it for themselves! That is to say, we need you!” Anna rested her hand on his shoulder, “You of course can decline at any point, but it would be such a shame to see you go. What do you say, human?”

He had no idea how she knew so much about him, but it barely phased him compared to the other bizarre events that had occured. He thought back to the monstrous latex beast he saw earlier, and realised just how much he wanted to be something like that. The bird really had picked a perfect candidate.

“I-I… Okay. Yes, I want this,”

“Good!” Anna did a little jump and clapped her hands, obviously giddy at his answer, “Let’s waste no time!” The bird snapped her fingers.

He was about to ask what he had to do before suddenly a huge amount of latex dropped from the ceiling and onto his head, in one continuous unbroken stream of shiny liquid. He dropped to his hands and knees from the force of the stuff hitting his body, but unlike what he expected for that much mass hitting him, it didn’t hurt at all. Within seconds he was entirely coated by the liquid latex, completely unable to see through the thick black substance. Any attempts at getting back on his feet were stopped by the continuous stream of latex pouring onto him. It already felt like the weight of the stuff on him was heavier than himself, but somehow it all stuck to his body instead of falling to the floor below. It was an entire minute of what felt like almost a ton of liquid latex pouring onto him before the flow stopped. He was now less covered in it and more suspended in a giant blob of latex.

He could no longer hold his breath, and unintentionally sucked in a lungful of the liquid. Instead of the sensation of drowning he expected, it just felt like a wave of cold soothing flowing into his body. He contemplated it for a second before opening his mouth and letting the latex flow down his throat and fill his belly. Again, it didn’t feel wrong at all. The latex seemed to be fully compatible with his body in every way. More and more of the substance flowed into him, soon his ass and even his urethra invaded by it, but it all felt good, and right.

What he couldn’t possibly know is that the first holes the latex invaded were his ears, and his brain was being subtly altered to enjoy the whole experience of the latex conversion.

Anna sat back on a chair that seemed to pop out of nowhere as she watched the massive blob of latex do its thing. She could see it churn and slowly change shape as the transformation within progressed.

Kishi’s body was quickly being converted into simply more latex, his mind carefully carried over to his new form and suspended within the substance that was now his body. His limbs melted into the blob, but the sensation of them persisted, being twisted and warped throughout it. He felt his form getting bigger and bigger, along with his thoughts of humanity being replaced with something far… Stronger.

Anna watched as the blob took shape. The smooth shiny surface soon turned into a large and vague humanoid form, slowly solidifying into what looked like someone in the fetal position, but far larger than any human.

Legs gained clarity, and then arms, and soon it was revealed that it was far less human than it first seemed. Instead of a human face, there was a large draconic muzzle in its place. Long latex ears sprouted from the back of its head, and the muscles of its neck were easily visible. The refinement of the blob’s form progressed, its torso now solidified and once again looking muscular and incredibly strong, with large latex wings sprouting from its back. Its limbs followed the same procedure, except now it had a new one: A massive and powerful-looking tail. Large clawed paws replaced its feet and hands, and soon it looked like a huge humanoid dragon, but still not completely solid as latex dripped from its body.

It stood, and looked down at its new body through eyes that had yet to fully form. It looked at its arms, admiring their muscular forms as the latex of its body slowly finished solidifying. Streaks of orange and lines of white revealed themselves all over its body, leaving it with a rather attractive colour scheme. Built-in bondage gear formed itself into its body, various collars positioned all over his limbs, and large straps of a different-looking latex forming straps around its torso. Each of its numerous collars were complete with metallic rings to hook things onto, and its wings were bound with their own kinky-looking BDSM straps, but none of this bothered the new dragon. In fact, it began to smirk, the corners of its mouth lifting and revealing a few of the sharp-looking teeth within.

“Hello, Tiberius.”

The powerful latex dragon let out a deep rumble in response, looking down at its owner. The thought of ripping the little bird to pieces quickly erased itself from its mind as the proper ownership programming took hold. It bowed its head to its new owner.

“Rrrr… Hello, Mistress.”

“How are you enjoying your body, pet?”

It looked down at its massive barbed latex cock, already rock-hard and leaking its lube-like pre, ready for use.

“Rrrrrr… Very much so… Thank you, Mistress…”

“You’re welcome! Now, let’s get you to work…”

The bird and her toy vanished from her pocket universe, and the place suddenly ceased to exist.