Tom's Birthday

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“Uh, who is it?” Tom replied to the knock through the door.

The woman on the other side spoke, “I’m here to give you your birthday gift!”

That intrigued him enough that he opened the door for the stranger, and what he saw stunned him. He instantly recognised her, not because of her face, but more because of the fact that she was an anthropomorphic pink bird somehow walking around the real world, and at his house. “Anna?!”

“Yup, that’s me! I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t come get you something myself, so sorry for dropping by unannounced!” The bird stepped past Tom and into his home, walking over to the living room, and making herself comfortable on the couch, “Nice place!”

It took a few seconds for Tom to shake how stunned he was, “But—what—how are you here?! You’re fictional! Or at least, you’re not supposed to be a bird in real life!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just felt like I had to make an exception! You’re such a delightful person that I thought I should give you something special!” Anna leaned back on the sofa and spread her arms, making no effort to hide her nudity, and knowing full-well the effect it had on Tom.

“W-well uh, um, okay, I guess I just have to deal with the fact that you’re here… Somehow… Also, uh, you’re a few days early if you’re here for my birthday.”

Anna giggled to herself, “Sorry, Tom, I just couldn’t help myself! I was so excited to bring you something! Speaking of, would you like to know what I got you?”

All this time Tom couldn’t see Anna carrying anything, and she definitely wasn’t wearing anything it could be hidden in, so he was pretty curious. “Sure, okay.”

“I got you…” Anna stood up all dramatically, “The gift of being yourself!”

“My… Self? That’s not really a gift, you know. I’m already myself.”

“Silly, I don’t mean your boring old organic human male self! I want to give you something a little more exciting than that, if just for a day or so!” Anna clapped her hands together and smiled wide, “I want to let you be the Charlotte side of yourself for a while!”

Tom’s eyes went wide, and in his shock, he desperately tried to figure out if that was even possible. If what she was offering was possible… No, it couldn’t be, you can’t just turn into rubber! But Anna herself was here, and if she had the same powers she usually did, that would mean… “Oh my god yes.”

Giggling, Anna skipped over to Tom in the middle of the room and placed her hands on his shoulders, “Well, first of all, I’m going to need you to strip!”

A blush grew across Tom’s face as he immediately went to remove the casual clothing he had on, and soon enough, he was left standing on a pile of clothes, naked, in front of Anna.

“There we go! Let’s sit back down, I think things will be a little more comfortable that way,” Anna tugged Tom along with her as she sat on the couch, and once he was sitting too, she straddled herself over him with his legs squished between hers. “Well, I think it’s time to get to work!”

Stuck beneath the bird that shouldn’t even exist, let alone be pinning him down, all Tom could do was try to manage his squirming as he blushed uncontrollably. He was tempted to look away entirely for whatever she had planned, but the sensation of her hands holding against his sides and feeling almost like ice made him too curious to not investigate further. “O-oh wow…” What Tom saw were a patch of pink latex on either side of his body, appearing wherever Anna’s hands touched. They didn’t look like liquid latex being painted onto his body, instead it looked like his skin was somehow the dirt on a latex mirror, and all she needed to do was wipe it away.

Anna continued to work her hands down Tom’s chest as he stared at his own changing body. His gasps of pleasure made it clear that his new latex skin was as sensitive if not more so than what he had before, and the fun was just getting started. The bird’s hands worked their way around his torso until latex spanned the surface of his body from loop to loop for the first time. Her progress was slow and sensual, Anna enjoying the quiet moans she heard as Tom’s belly turned to shiny pink rubber. It didn’t take long before her hands drifted upwards, sliding across his rubberising chest, and paying special attention to what would soon become his breasts.

The experience of his malleable latex chest being stretched and squeezed until a pair of sensitive rubbery orbs were formed in Anna’s hands was incredible. Tom could barely even process things at this point, all he could do was lie back and enjoy the surreal ride.

Once happy with his chest, Anna’s hands slid over Tom’s elbows, thinning them down as they turned into yet more pink latex. Her hands were just big enough that she could simply slide them down his arms, until by the time she reached his hands, they were entirely made out of rubber. To finish things off, her hands cupped with his, and they too joined the sea of glossy pink his body had become. Looking into Tom’s eyes, Anna slid her hands back down to his belly, but unlike last time, they continued flowing down until they reached his hips. Ever more of his boring humanity was erased to make way for the beautiful latex sheen he was given, and the bird made certain that his hip gained a little more mass in the process.

Tom was tempted to simply lie back and enjoy the experience of being slowly turned into a living latex creature, but something grabbed his attention. He looked down just in time to watch Anna’s hands cup around his hardening length, and despite being blocked from sight, the sensations coming from his shrinking cock gave away exactly what was happening. Tom let out a moan as he watched the bird’s hands part to reveal a smooth rubbery bulge beneath, one that wasn’t even capable of growing hard. “God, Anna, this is incredible…”

“I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your birthday gift, but we’re far from done!” Her hands were swiftly running down Tom’s thighs, the pink rubberisation following in their wake. With so much of his body already turned from its once-organic nature, it almost looked like his skin was readily giving way to the conversion, and as Anna finished her third pass down his legs, the last few non-glossy gaps of his body disappeared into the surrounding rubber, and his humanity was erased. Almost. “Stand up for a second, please.”

Tom obeyed, and stood up. The sensation of balancing on his wobbly legs was bizarre, especially seeing that he could tell the difference in density between his still-fleshy head and the rest of his body. It was almost like balancing a bowling ball, and he couldn’t wait for Anna to get to it. Looking down, he saw why she needed him to be standing, though, and as she tugged on the stretchy latex at the base of his spine, he could see his new tail forming. Anna’s steady tugging soon brought it to a length at which it began to sway all by itself, and as she pulled it further, Tom could feel the weight of it on his butt, and it felt incredible. All he could do was stare at his swishing tail as it was stretched out to its full length. If it was heavier, it would probably be dangling on the floor, but luckily it was light enough to hold up behind him with ease.

“Now… Let’s do something about your silly human head!” Anna pushed Tom back down onto the sofa and sat beside him, her hands gently sliding up from his neck. Seeing Tom smiling with his eyes closed as she began to warp his face warmed her heart, and soon she was properly getting to work. Rubberising such a relatively small part of his body was easy enough, and once that was done, she began to stretch out each and every one of the dragon-like spikes that dotted from the back of the familiar pink maid’s head. Each one was topped with a blunted tip, and being made out of rubber, they were a lot more harmless than those of a usual dragon. With them all in place, Anna’s hands cupped around Tom’s face, and began to tug his features out, elongating them to the point of giving him a prominent draconic snout, one that was once again made entirely out of pink latex.

With his new face complete, the new dragon gasped, opening their eyes to see the hefty snout that called his face home. His dainty hands rushed up to feel his new face, and the experience delighted him, “Oh my gosh, this is incredible! Thank you so much, Anna, I don’t know how to repay you!”

“Now now, Tom, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here. We’re only halfway done, you still need your outfit after all!”

“Yes, of course!” They giggled, “And um, Anna, do you mind calling me Charlotte? I… It just feels better, y’know?” Despite being made of latex, the rubbery dragon girl could still blush.

“Of course, Charlotte! I’m very glad you’re enjoying yourself, dear!” Now that the new dragon girl’s rubberisation was complete, it was time for her to fulfil the maid outfit part of the equation. She took a top down approach, starting with the dragon’s neck. As if by proximity to her hands, the colour of her latex surface shifted until it was all but drained, leaving a ring of perfect pearly white around her neck. Anna pulled up the tops of the ring, moulding it into the appearance of being an article of clothing, but with the dragon’s body slowly turning into a mixture of black and white, the truth was much more apparent. Anna was forming Charlotte’s maid outfit from her very body.

Looking down, the dragon almost squealed in delight as she watched the first of many frills being stretched from her body around her elbows, flowing into the growing appearance of her having a maid outfit that continued down her arms and torso. The arms themselves were easy enough, with their surface simply taking on the classical black glossiness of latex all the way down to her wrists, at which point Anna stretched out another pair of frilly white rings from her body. Charlotte experimentally pulled at the frills around her hands, and delighted in the wonderfully bizarre sensation of feeling her own stretched out frills as if they were still a part of her body.

Anna giggled to herself as she watched Charlotte enjoy herself, and continued the simulated clothing down her chest. A diamond of white sat above her cleavage, one that only helped to highlight the curves of her chest, but sadly her areolae had to be flattened into nothing to ensure the appearance of wearing clothing. If you paid much attention, it was still obvious that the dragon’s tits weren’t exactly covered by anything beyond their maid outfit colouration. Once done with her upper torso, Anna’s hands slid down to form a white ring that sealed around her waist, tightening it down a little and almost giving her the appearance of wearing a corset beneath the clothing, even though all she was wearing was her body.

Charlotte couldn’t help but moan from the sensations of her rubbery hips having an ever-lengthening sheet of frilly latex material stretched from them by Anna’s delicate hands. She could feel every touch, every brush, every breeze against what was now becoming her skirt, and she delighted in the sensitivity of her faux-clothing. Once the latex dress was pulled to full length, Anna made sure to finish it with a thick seam of white latex bouncing beneath. An extra stretched-out layer of white latex was gently lowered onto their lap in the form of a short apron, and Charlotte’s appearance of wearing her maid outfit was complete, even though it would never truly be coming off of her. She wondered for a second if it was finally done, but the dragon could feel Anna’s hands around her legs, making sure their surface was turned into latex stockings. The sensation of a few strips of latex pulled from just below her knees and being tied into a pair of sensitive bows filled her with joy.

Anna giggled to herself as she cupped her hands around Charlotte’s feet, reshaping them until her humanoid toes were flattened out and erased, giving her the appearance of wearing short rubbery heels, but as always, they were just another part of her body. The bird was on the final stretch now, but she couldn’t help but perfect the last few details of Charlotte’s new body, so tugging her tail out from behind her, she got to work making sure she had all the frills her latex body could fit. Seeing the latex maid blush at the sensation of Anna stretching out a long pair of frills from her tail let her know she was on the right track. She didn’t feel like rushing the experience, so with every flap of the white latex she stretched out, she made sure to give it a little stroke before continuing on down the tail. The dragon’s gasps made it obvious that they were sensitive enough to enjoy her gentle touches.

Charlotte could barely handle the silent teasing Anna was putting her through, but soon enough, the pair of frills that she formed down her tail were complete, and they neatly joined together at the end. “S-so um, is that done, then?”

“Almost!” Anna pulled the same trick again, and stretched out a pair of rubber ribbons from the tip of Charlotte’s tail before neatly tying them up into a nice big bow.

“Gosh, you really know how to tease a maid…”

Hugging Charlotte from behind, Anna snuggled herself close with the newly rubberised dragon, and idly played with her body as they held close.

Charlotte didn’t even care as she felt Anna stretch out a ruffly white headpiece onto their head, but as she tied up one last pair of ribbons into a big rubbery bow on her back, she got the feeling that she was finally done.

“Hey, Anna?”

“Mmm…” The bird lifted her beak out from the dragon’s neck, “Yes, Charlotte?”

“Thank you. I’m not quite sure if this is the best gift I’ve ever gotten, but being a rubbery maid is definitely nice!”

The two of them giggled and held each other tight.

“Don’t worry, Charlotte, I’ll make sure to bring you home and give you plenty to clean~”