Under Her Will

free will can be such a drag sometimes. it's nice to let it go for a while!
consensual hypnosis

Um… Hey, a friend of mine told me about the kind of services you provide and, I’ve been pretty stressed lately and I could do with someone who does, y’know, what you do…

This isn’t something she hadn’t heard a thousand times before. Clients of hers usually found it hard to keep quiet about her particular talents, but hey, it’s not like she minded. More business was always nice to have.

She gave the client-to-be the location of where they’d be meeting and the time, and it wasn’t long before both had arrived.

Knock knock. Well, that’s probably her. She took a moment to compose herself before getting the door, meeting the understandably timid girl outside for the first time.

“Come in,” She held the door open for her. She swear she could’ve heard an embarrassed squeak as her client entered, which amused her. The first timers were always the most fun after things got started. “Do you mind sharing your name? It’s not strictly required, but it’s definitely nice to have.”

Her client took a look around the room. Nothing fancy, apart from the large bed in the middle, “Alexandra, but my friends just call me Alex…”

“A lovely name, Alex,” She walked over to the bed and sat down, “Come sit with me.”

Alex obliged, “I hope it’s okay for me to say, but you look a lot different than I was expecting. I thought you’d look a lot more…”

“Scary? Revealing? Dominant?” She giggled, “All that is fun, yes, but it’s all foreplay. I find that I usually don’t need to add any flourishes for what I do,”

Alex nodded, “So, um, what should I…”

“Shh, don’t worry about all that, you won’t have to make any decisions,” She turned to face her client, gesturing her to lean in, “Now, are you ready?”

“Y-yes, miss,” Alex was blushing something fierce. She knew what she was getting herself into, and she was pretty eager for it.


She reached her hand up to Alex’s head, and with great purpose brought her thumb forward and placed it onto her forehead.

In a moment, Alex’s mind went blank. Her eyes drooped and her posture sagged as her brain practically turned off. A trail of drool lead from the hypnotised client’s mouth, and once she was done, she stood up to get a good look at the fully-controlled Alex. With a click of her fingers, Alex stood up in front of her and began to strip, with no time at all passing until she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties with her clothing on the floor.

She took a moment to investigate her client’s naked form. Her timidness hid it, but she now noticed that she was actually pretty hot. Alex’s mouth parted with a silent moan as she ran her fingers up her belly and across her chest, the subdued mind within still there, just with almost no control over her body’s actions.

When she learned she had the power to control people with her mind, she of course thought of all the things she could do to gain power, wealth, whatever she wanted, but nothing really intrigued her. She eventually realised that one thing she was uniquely good at was this. Controlling people who wanted to be controlled, to experience peace, calm, and release. People never stop to think about how stressful dealing with their free will all the time is, so she gives her clients a window into a life without freedom, where the only will is hers.

She grinned as she formed a tent in her skirt, knowing that her own horniness was transferring over to Alex as well. She could feel her need, and she was not one to deny such a request. With another snap of her fingers, Alex was on her knees, with her face under her skirt, and her lips around her girl-cock. She let out a moan as her client sucked her off with a powerful need. A feedback cycle of horniness was building out of control between their interlinked minds, and it didn’t take long before she came. A well-timed click caused Alex to slide back off of her cock and let all her cum spurt onto her face. She could hear her panting beneath her skirt, and let out a sigh of content. Alex cusped her mouth around the tip of her shrinking girl-cock and sucked the remaining girl-cum off of it.

She kept this a secret, but she never kept her control at 100%. As time went on, she always lowered it bit by bit, so that by the end of their session they would no longer be under her control at all. She still did some flourish to pretend she was relinquishing her control at the end so the client wouldn’t realise, but at the end all their actions were their own, and it was usually that moment when they got the most slutty with their actions. God, she loved to show people the most repressed sides of themselves, and really, that’s what her clients were here for: To just, let it all out. Understandably, she had many repeat clients.

She used a damp towel to gently wipe the cum off of Alex’s face, who just sat on her knees with a dumb blissful expression, and an obvious wet spot on her panties. The two of them got onto the bed, with the domme lying down and her client sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed.

“Unclasp your bra.”

Alex obeyed, and her surprisingly large tits bounced on her chest with their new-found freedom.

She smirked. She didn’t need to say her commands, of course, her mind was simply linked with that of her thrall, but it was just so fun to do every now and then, “Grope yourself.”

Alex moaned as she squeezed her tits, kneading them forcefully in her fingers.

“Suck them.”

Alex cupped her breasts with her hands and pushed them up to her mouth as she leaned down to reach them, struggling at first but soon managing to alternate between having her lips around one of her tits and then the other. Her muffled moans could he heard as she sucked on her own tits, and the wet spot on her panties grew larger.

“Mmm… God you’re hot,” Her girl-cock was once again hardening, and this time she just elected to take all her own clothes off as her client sucked her own tits, “Now, panties off, come up here.”

Alex gasped now that she could once again get a full breath of air, her tits now dripping with her own saliva. She crawled up the bed and took off her panties as she did so, leaving her now entirely naked. Now simply following the influence of her controller’s mind, Alex reached over to the night stand and grabbed a condom, unwrapping it and applying it to her girl-cock.

“Good girl,” She gestured her closer, until Alex was right on top of her. She could see the lust in her eyes, and it took only a mental nudge to get Alex to lower herself onto her. Their bodies rubbed together sensually, their tits smushing together and her girl-cock rubbing against Alex’s crotch as they both moaned. They wrapped their arms around each other and pulled into an embrace, their lips locking together as her girl-cock slipped into her cunt, and they started to fuck with a wild and raging need, all the horniness of the night building into this one moment with the two locked together in passion. Their tongues explored each others mouths and their bodies shivered in the pleasure of the intimate contact they were sharing. It didn’t take long until Alex was cumming, which only intensified her need and desire. Time meant nothing to the pair, and once the emotions started to settle they had no idea how much time had passed. Alex was no longer under her control, and she hadn’t been for a while. They had simply been fucking, passionately, in some random motel.

“Hah…” Alex panted, falling to the side in a sweaty heap, “That was… Huff…”

She was more acquainted to this feeling, but still took some time to recover, “So, how was that? Did you enjoy yourself?”

“God, fuck yes. That was… Freeing. In every way,”

“I’m very glad to hear that, Alex,” She gave her one last kiss as she got up to give herself a quick clean in the bathroom, “So, do you plan on enjoying my services again at some point? I might mark a reservation on my calender.”

Alex laid back, panting in the afterglow, “God yes.”