Unwitting Decoy

pro tip: someone even more powerful than you coming for you? make a decoy!
TF bodyswap identity-play doll inanimate hypnosis

Knock knock knock knock knock– “Urghhh, fine, I’m up, I’m up! Who the hell pounds on a door at two in the morning?”

Lucy groaned as she got out of her comfy bed, slipped on a t-shirt and pants, and headed over to the door that was still frantically being knocked on, “Who is it??”

The knocking finally stopped, and the opossum rubbed her temples from the headache all that noise gave her. On the other side of the door, she heard a familiar voice say “It’s me, let me in, it’s urgent!”

“Wait, Lyn? Why are you all the way out here this late at night?”

“Gah, it’s a long story and I don’t have time to explain, just look through your peephole!”

Lucy was tempted to just put all the wolf’s annoyances aside and head straight back to sleep, but she obliged and took a look through the hole in her door. The moment she made eye contact with the swirling spiral on the other side, she realised her mistake, but it was already too late. She couldn’t take her eye off of its beautiful twirling patterns, and the longer she stared, the more entranced she became.

“Okay, that should be long enough. Lucy: Open the door.”

Still refusing to take her eye off the spiral, she reached a hand up to unlock the door’s various locks and open it up. The moment it opened, Lucy was flung to the floor by the force of Lyn pushing the door open, breaking the hypnosis as she hit the ground.

“Ow! What the hell, Lyn? What was that for?!” Lucy rubbed her head, the headache only growing after her sudden hypnosis and subsequent fall.

Lyn barely paid her any attention as she rushed through Lucy’s house closing every window she could see, “Like I said, I’m in trouble, and I need your help.” Once satisfied that the place was secure enough, the wolf picked the opossum off the floor and tied her to the nearest radiator. Lucy was still too dazed to fight back, and by the time she properly came to her senses, a rag was pulled through her maw silencing her.

“Mmmmh, mmph!!” Despite her struggling, Lucy couldn’t break free from the ropes bound around her hands and legs, but she did manage to spit out enough of her gag to talk, “Why are you doing this?! You know I’d try my best to help you if you just asked, Lyn!”

The wolf pulled a pair of small syringes out of her pocket, along with a bottle of glowing blue liquid that looked like it was etched with runes, “Yeah, but I doubt you’d have let me use you as bait to be turned into a sex doll, and I didn’t have the time to argue, so I had to work quick,” Leaning down to be level with Lucy, she pulled out some of the liquid into one of the syringes before injecting it into the opossum’s thigh, and then did the same with the other syringe and her own thigh.

“Wait, what? What do you mean a sex doll? And what was that stuff?!” The opossum tried her best to kick at Lyn’s legs, but didn’t manage anything more than making her step back a bit.

“That stuff was just to sorta… Loosen your identity a bit. See, I pissed off this powerful witchy kinda person who really likes turning people into things, so now she sent a small army of drones filled with dollification serum to hunt for me and turn me into a sex doll as revenge. Now, I really don’t want to be a sex doll, but they’re going to hunt me wherever I go, so I kinda have to give myself up. To be more specific, I’m giving you, Lyn, up.”

“What are you even talking about? All that sounds crazy, and I’m not Lyn, you are!” As she talked, Lucy felt a strange tingling sensation rush across her face. The more it tingled, the more it felt like her very face was becoming somehow droopy, falling with gravity as if it was a mask. Before her face entirely disconnected, she caught a look at Lyn, and watched as her face too began to detach from her head, leaving behind a shiny white blankness. “What did… you do… to mmmmmh…”

Before Lucy even had a chance to finish, Lyn simply reached down and picked her face off of her head, it simply detaching as if it were a lightly glued-down opossum mask. In one swift movement, Lyn detached her own face-mask, and replaced it with Lucy’s, putting her old face onto Lucy’s blank head.

Within seconds of Lucy’s new face making contact with her head, it merged into place, and Lucy gasped from her new lupine maw. She looked down just in time to see a wave of dark blue velvet fur replace her own, fur that looked identical to Lyn’s. As it travelled down her body, shades of pink, yellow, and cyan took their place across her chest and torso, forming stripes and belly patterning, and soon enough, all her old fur was gone. Well… Gone from her. She looked up at Lyn, and for a split second, thought she was staring at a mirror. It was her, she looked just like Lucy, Lyn was the opossum that she was just a moment ago. Looking back down at herself, it finally set in what happened.

“You stole my body!!”

Lyn giggled in Lucy’s voice, “Oh, nonsense, I didn’t steal it! I simply… Traded it. And hey, who wouldn’t want to be me? Well, many people wouldn’t right now, seeing as I’m being hunted down for a one way ticket to endless sexcapades, but still!”

“You can’t just do this!” Lucy said, accidentally matching Lyn’s mannerisms with her new voice, “You can’t just steal my identity!”

“I just did, silly, and anyway, you’ll enjoy it in a second! I can’t just have you trying to fight back or even telling them my new identity, so you’ll just have to take on the role with more conviction…” Lyn-now-Lucy leaned down to her captive and stared her in the eyes. The real Lucy tried her hardest to fight the temptation to look into them, but once again, it was already too late.

Within seconds, she was lost in the colourful swirling of what used to be her own eyes, bringing her down into the same deep hypnosis she fell into before. Her eyelids grew heavy, the endless dance of hypnotising patterns filling her entire vision, and leaving her unable to consciously process the commands seeping deep into her mind.

“You are Lyn. You are the wolf running from an army of drones. You are the one who came to Lucy’s apartment, my apartment, and asked me for help. I let you in, but I couldn’t help, so I told you to leave. You’re going to leave this apartment, go outside, and wait for the drones to find you.” As the real Lyn spoke, she untied the new Lyn’s bindings and lifted her up onto the sofa. Once in place, Lyn closed her eyes and stopped the spirals before saying “Wake.”

Lyn blinked her eyes a few times, looking around Lucy’s living room and at Lucy herself standing before her. “Where was… Oh, right, yes, I was just leaving. Thank you for trying to help, Lucy, but I know what I have to do now.” The dark blue wolf stood up and went over to the door, waving goodbye to Lucy before opening it up and leaving her apartment. Almost on autopilot, she went down the flights of stairs until she finally reached the ground floor, where she walked out into the night.

She stood beneath a lamp post, waiting for a few minutes until she heard a pair of squeaky footsteps growing ever louder. From her side, Lyn saw as two blank-faced latex drones walked up to her. She didn’t run.

“Target identified: Processing…”

The drones suddenly grabbed her arms and bent her forward, before they both pulled a hose from their shiny navels, and each pushed one into her mouth, and between her legs. Lyn groaned into the tube stuffing her maw as another pushed its way into her cunt, but the sudden pumping of bitter fluid into her body silenced her cries. The latexification serum that the two drones were filling her body with was already doing its job, as Lyn could see her arms take on a glossy sheen that only grew brighter as she went from flesh and blood to vinyl and latex.

The bizarre sensations of being turned into a sex toy were enough to snap Lucy out of her hypnotised daze, but it was already too late. She couldn’t move a single muscle in her artificial body, yet her body itself seemingly wanted to pose itself into an exact position: One with her legs spread forward and her arms to the sides. After the tube plopped out of her mouth, Lucy tried to yell out, but it was no longer a mouth. She could feel the cold night breeze rush over the rubbery ring of her maw: It was a fuck-hole. In under a minute, the drones had taken her and converted her into a perfect fuckable sex doll.

“Target processed. Bringing sex doll ‘Lyn’ to packaging facility.”