some jobs aren't what they seem at first, and might leave you in very different circumstances...
TF feral breeding

The sun was high overhead, the sky was blue, and by all appearances it was a wonderful day. One small caveat, however: This was the exact opposite of a Kobold’s preferred weather.

Garu Coldscale’s tinted goggles were strapped on tight, as even through the canopy of the forest they were currently traversing, the sunlight was far too bright for them to see unhindered. Garu wasn’t the type to go gallivanting around during the daytime, but this rush delivery job was far too lucrative for them to skip out on. Going around the mountain range, the delivery to the small bandit camp would’ve taken days, but Garu’s familiarity with the terrain made a relatively trivial shortcut obvious. Even at a height of little over 2 feet, they could still make good time, and be there within just a few hours.

The red kobold continued traversing the forest with few interruptions, until reaching an unexpected clearing. Just ahead of them, the forest thinned out into nothing, and was instead replaced by a field of freshly-cut tree stumps. Garu couldn’t fault themselves for not knowing about this sooner, and had to assume the logging was performed by the bandit camp they were headed to.

Garu wasn’t looking forward to travelling in direct sunlight, but luckily it didn’t look like they’d have to deal with it for long. The forest on the other side of the clearing was visible ahead, and not too far away. They sighed, braced themselves, and stepped forward into the light.

The sun was blazing down on them, and the kobold’s dark red scales were absorbing far too much heat to be comfortable. With no ability to sweat, they were already panting, and even through the goggles they had to squint. Despite this, they pushed forwards, and before long, reached the halfway point.

Garu felt the sensation of stepping on a dry twig, an act that would usually be pretty audible, except… nothing. They stopped, sensing something was wrong. After a few seconds of waiting, they tried to speak, only no noise came out of their mouth. They began to be concerned, tapping their gauntlets together with ever-increasing force in an attempt to make any kind of sound.

Someone, or something, had cast an aura of silence around them, and they knew that meant an ambush was not far behind. They hopped onto a nearby stump, and looked around the surrounding clearing. There was no cover for anything to hide behind, so they were confident that nothing could sneak up on them. With their clockwork-laced sword out and brandished, Garu surveyed their surroundings for any sign of their attackers.

The kobold was suddenly knocked backwards in a single powerful strike, causing them to fall back into the dirt below. Before they could make any attempt to recover, something powerful and heavy was on top of them, and pinned them to the forest floor. Whatever was doing this to them, they couldn’t see it at all. They watched as their equipment was pulled from their body, their sword going flying and landing in the dirt besides them.

Some invisible maw clamped down onto their gauntlets, and one after another they were both pulled from their body. The powerful enchantments on them that would’ve otherwise given the kobold an edge in this battle, were now lost. Soon, the invisible creatures were now working on removing their all-important goggles, much to Garu’s dismay. What the kobold did not expect, however, was that as their goggles were sliding off their face, they were suddenly able to see the creatures on top of them. They were beastial hounds, massive and bulking, and all on top of the powerless kobold. Black scales ran down their bodies, and the faint shimmering of their almost dragon-like forms revealed what they were: Dracyk hounds. For a moment, Garu was hoping that they had just stumbled across a wild pack of the demonic creatures. Remembering the spell cast on them just a moment ago, whisked that faint hope away. Garu now knew why they couldn’t see the creatures before: They were not invisible, they simply couldn’t be seen through any indirect means. Hence, being invisible through the kobold’s goggles. They didn’t want to know who was in command of these beasts, as whoever it was, they had to be powerful. No ordinary creature could command Dracyk hounds.

The ground shook around them, and the loud thumps of something heavy stomping ever closer revealed that the silence aura had been dropped. Without any goggles to protect the kobold’s sensitive eyes, they could only see the silhouette of the thing looking down at them. It was massive, easily 8 feet tall, and had two large tusks coming out of its mouth. It was not an Orc, the ears on top of its head made that obvious, and even considering its height it was huge. It pointed something down at the terrified Garu below, and it was the last thing they saw before suddenly falling asleep.

Garu slumbered into consciousness, the sleeping spell cast on them still leaving them drowsy as they woke. The first thing they noticed was that they were entirely naked, and the second was the fact that they were laying on a bed of hay. The unusual circumstances they found themselves in woke them up properly, and now they started to panic. The kobold got to their feet, stumbling a little on the uneven terrain, and examined their surroundings.

They were in a cage. It was fairly big, at least for a kobold, and on one side there was a cobblestone wall instead of iron bars. Around the top of the wall was a small window, too small for the kobold to squeeze through, but large enough to let a column of moonlight stream down into the cage. Upon realising this, and remembering the current lunar phase, they stumbled back and away from the beam of full-strength moonlight. Their gauntlets were gone, and they had no way of stopping their were-rat curse had they touched the beam.

Now that they had some time to adjust, they were feeling something they had been too numb to feel before. There was a series of painful tooth marks running down the left of their torso, circling into what looked like the bite mark of something huge. The marks were still relatively fresh, and were definitely been bleeding at some point, but had since stopped.

As the naked kobold looked down at their form, they could hear the same pounding footsteps they heard before. Now that Garu was in an environment they were more adapted to, they could see the creature in its entirety. It was a boar. A massive, humanoid boar. Dark brown fur coated its body, and its eyes were a pure, emotionless black. The ground of the dungeon shook as it approached their cage, and Garu instinctively cowered in the corner.

“STEP INTO LIGHT.” The deep and animalistic voice of the were-boar echoed through the dungeon, its simplistic commands clear as to their desire.

The kobold gulped, their fear of uncontrolled transformation into a were-rat overruling their fear of the beast behind the iron bars, “W-what?! No! I can’t!”

The were-boar grunted an annoyed snort, and pried apart the bars of the cage as if they were nothing. It wrapped its hand, some bizarre combination of boar hoof and human, around the kobold’s neck, and held them in the direct moonlight.

Garu barely had a chance to squirm before the familiar pain of transformation set upon them. Except, this time, something was different. The familiar first transformations of their tail turning into the long ringed tail of a mouse, were instead replaced by a painful cracking in their hands as their digits fused together. This alone concerned them enough.

The were-boar dropped the kobold back out of the moonlight after just a few seconds. It seemed that it only wanted to give the kobold a taste of its new were-form. Garu didn’t know why, they just had to guess that it was simply to… Tease them. They quickly pieced things together, connecting the large bite on their torso with the unfamiliar changing experience.

“Y-you… You made me a were-boar?!”

The beast grunted in response, before tossing a familiar box into the room. It was the very same box that the kobold had been hired to transport, and it suddenly clicked that all this had been planned for them from the beginning.


Garu dreaded to think what could be inside, and their fears were realised as they opened the box, and found a Wersil collar inside. It was encrusted with moonstone crystals, enchanted with obedience curses, and fitted with a magical latch that sealed itself shut when first worn. It was the perfect tool for anyone who wished to make themselves a new pet for life. And, just Garu’s luck, this happened to be the beast keeping them prisoner.

“I-I can’t wear this! I—”

“WEAR.” The resonating loudness of its command made it clear that the kobold would not be able to avoid their fate.

Garu’s hands trembled as they lifted the magical collar from the box, just staring at it for a few seconds before wrapping it around their neck. The moments the ends touched on the back of their neck, they sealed together in a single unbroken ring of moonstone-encrusted black leather.

The painful transformation began anew. The kobold yelped in pain, all the bones in their body twisting and cracking as the were-boar curse took hold. They fell forwards onto all fours as the balance of their legs changed. They looked down at their feet and saw that the claws that were once there were now merging together, as if pulled inwards by some arcane gravity. The same agonising process was happening to their hands, as all dexterity they were once capable of was erased. Instead of fingers and toes, they now only had cloven hooves, entirely incapable of any kind of manipulation.

They squirmed as their tail pulled back into their body, growing shorter and shorter until it was tiny and pathetic compared to what they once had. With a tuft of brown fur on the tip, and no prehensile movement to speak of, it was now very clearly the tail of a boar. In fact, all down their body it was becoming more and more evident as to what they were turning into. Soon the changes reached their face.

Their muzzle entirely changed in shape, going from its once broad and squared shape to something far thinner and pointed. Garu groaned in agony as a pair of teeth at the very front grew far more than any of their others, painfully merging into their shifting jaw and turning into a stumpy pair of tusks. Just above, their nose was warping in shape and ability, almost folding out of itself as the simple pair of nostrils that was there before reformed into a pig-like snout. Their large golden nose-piercing shifted to accommodate the changes, and moved to be a piercing in the wet boar-snout they now had.

The shift to mammal came with its own set of changes, as rows of nipples grew down Garu’s once-flat kobold torso. They were painfully sensitive as they rubbed against the hay bed they had fallen onto, but changes further down found themselves more pronounced. Their multi-purpose slit changed in form, the cock hidden within melting away as the entire configuration reformed. Warping further within their body was all the equipment they would need in order birth piglets, and a powerful lustful heat to go along with it. A none-too-subtle voice filling their head made it very clear that they were going to be bred, and a lot.

The changes had finished. As the once-kobold slowly attempted to make it to their feet, they quickly realised such a thing was no longer possible in their new form. They no longer had a setup involving both legs and arms; they now simply had hind-legs and forelegs, both with a pair of hooves capping them off.

The transformation hadn’t just turned them into some humanoid boar. Whatever they were now, they were entirely boar, and looked not unlike a wild pig covered in brown fur. They made some attempt to exclaim their protest, but only succeeded in making animalistic grunts and whines. Again, that voice filled their head:


It felt right. For a moment, they realised that it was the effects of the collar, but that worry was washed away by just how right the words of their master felt. Pigs can’t talk, obviously, and they were little more than a pig.


The voice was right, again. They needed to be bred, and bad. They felt so empty, and the desire to raise a litter of piglets filled their mind. Their slit was getting wetter at the thought of it, and a heat descended on their brain that began to quash all logical thought. They needed to be bred.


They felt an air of contentment wash over their mind as their master lifted their rear. Their master was on his knees, and his massive boar cock was already pushing against their slit. It felt so good. It felt so right. The once-kobold squealed as their cunt was stuffed to its limits, and it didn’t take long before it found itself being properly bred, stuffed to the limit with its master’s hot and plentiful cum.

The collar would make sure it would spend its life as an almost-feral boar for its whole gestation period. Five months later, they birthed almost a dozen piglets, all feeding off of their mother’s many teats until their master took them away a few weeks later. Unlike the long-gone kobold, they would grow to be hybrid boars like their father, and the cycle would repeat.

Months, years pass. Less and less of the kobold inside is evident. Being a boar for so long corrupted any higher thought they once had, and soon all they could think about was being a good mother when pregnant, and waiting for their master’s next rutting when in heat.